The Perfect Red?

Has anyone used Milani’s The Perfect Red lipstick?

  • What are your thoughts on the color?
  • The wear?
  • Can you link a picture of how it looks on you?


14 Responses to “The Perfect Red?”

  1. I’ve been so interested in this! *grabs popcorn and waits…..*

  2. All the pics of the in-store displays I’ve seen so far look like they were taken in the 70’s; somehow, that just makes me more excited to try it! I was thinking of picking it up tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Yup, I’ve read all those. I’m looking for swatches on actual lips, though.

      • Oh, I see! I have been looking through all of the local CVS’s trying to find one, and can’t seem to find it at any. Boo.

        • I’m trying to determine if it actually WORKS. LOL 🙂

          I can’t find it on the Milani website at all now, either.

          • I did a little research and it looks like it can work as long as it contains D&C Red No. 21. That is the dye that A) Causes it to stain so badly and B) Reacts to certain aminos in the proteins of the lip. Obviously, everyone has different amounts of that sort of protein and I’d need to know more to know whether or not that protein is affected by the skin’s pigmentation (and thus whether the lipstick “knows” what color to be) but it would be different colors on different people.
            I can’t find an ingredient list for it, though, so I couldn’t tell you whether this particular product works.

            • I know in the few times I’ve worn it it’s been different colors on me, and I didn’t notice that it stained.

              I was hoping that some more people would comment as to what it did on them.

              I personally think I actually like it…

              But we’ll see!

  3. UGH. i am so sick of cosmetic companies and their “this will change color to your pH” bull. the pH of the skin on your lips has little to do with color any way; the color of our skin and lips are genetic and it’s caused by melanin. if it was pH based we’d change color because our pH can sway slightly. plus, if this lipstick really did work how it says it does licking your lips and exposing it to the different pH of your saliva would make it change color.

    even if this does turn out to be the best red lipstick ever i wouldn’t dare toss milani a dime. beauty industry marketing LIES and bogus “science” piss me off. i can’t dare encourage it.

  4. I tried it, but I haven’t got any pics because I disliked it so much. It turned an alarming shade of orange on me – a noticeable change from the tube color, so maybe I’m just excessively acidic, lol – and the texture was thin and greasy.