My local PO is full of fail.  A couple of the international packages from my blog sale have been returned to me because I used the wrong customs form and they weren’t excepted.  Thankfully I checked the ‘return to sender if undeliverable’ or I have no idea where they would go.

Why did I use the wrong forms?  The man behind the counter TOLD me to, so after I go in there tomorrow to raise a ruckus, those packages will go out AGAIN, with my full apologies.


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  1. I just experienced the same thing for the first time .. a customer order was returned because of the wrong customs form. And same thing … they gave me the form to fill out too.

    The post office recently “redesigned” the small green customs label so that might be causing some confusion as well.

    • I totally WTFed, cause the mailman came at like 4, after he’d delivered his route, to put a note in my box. I just happened to be in my bedroom upstairs looking out to see it. So I had to GO to the post office to pick UP the boxes, but I’d only gotten there in time to get them, the counter was about to close. Cause the mailman knows my PO Box, so he left the notice for the PO Box in my home mailbox, since the packages had my PO Box return address on them.

      It was a mess, I tell you what.

  2. Glittermuffin June 8, 2010 at 12:08 am

    international shipping can be a pain. don’t worry, it’s fine with me 🙂

  3. thebirdofparadise June 8, 2010 at 1:18 am

    Sigh. I wish I could tell you that your experience must have been an anomaly. But I have had first hand experience with PO workers giving me a “bum steer” when I have had to ship things internationally.

    I know that people don’t do these things on purpose, but these mistakes can be very serious.

    I hope this second try works out for you.

  4. Awh I HATE it when that happens. )= They make the mistake and then it rebounds onto you. I hope they don’t try to put it on you about the customs forms.

    I was wondering though if one of the packages returned was mine? I’m going away in two weeks (summer in europe here I come! :D) and I’m not sure priority would get it here on time. If it was..would it be possible to ship it int express mail? I’ll be happy to pay the extra shipping. If it can’t be done.. i’ll just pray to the postal gods for some extra fast sorting heh.

  5. Oh yes! That has happened to me many many times. Drives me INSANE!!

    The post office “lost” dog collar orders totaling over $1,100.00 on me in a little over a year. I had to throw temper tantrums of epic proportions to get them to investigate WHY my collars were going MIA. Some postal worker somewhere has a taste for high end custom made leather dog collars. One of them was a trophy collar for a show dog that the customer paid $275.00 for that was customized with the dog’s name.

    ~ Hoyden

    • Oh god, what a nightmare! And post offices are supposed to be so secure, professional and stringently organised… that is really scary.

  6. was one of them mine, by any chance?

  7. oo oo i’m crossing my fingers one was mine that went missing in the post a few months ago? haha i think thats just wishful thinking on my part… oh well.

  8. I’m picky about who I will go to at the PO. This lady behind the counter told me the wrong amount of postage for my wedding invitations. .. so they all were returned to me. Needless to say, when I go back to that PO, if she calls me next, I tell the poor sap behind me to go ahead.