Surprise Beauty Finds

Yesterday, after getting a new prescription filled I was surprised with a nice gift card as the store’s way of saying, ‘Hey, thanks for lining our pockets with more money from the medical machine!’ or something like that.

Anyway, I used it frivolously, getting a few drugstore brand things I wouldn’t normally but had wanted to try out, spur of the moment.  I ended up with some great finds!

Have you made any surprise discoveries lately?

11 Responses to “Surprise Beauty Finds”

  1. I actually just tweeted one of my surprise finds!

  2. Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara, it is blacker than black, curls, lengthens, thickens and separates my eyelashes even better than Lancome Hypnose and L’Extreme put together. As in, both on my lashes at the same time are still beaten by the awesomeness that is this.

    Also, some obscure local brand of shampoo has transformed my hair. I washed it three days ago, and not only are my ends still soft but my scalp is NOT OILY! It’s a miracle!

  3. jenny whiskey June 16, 2010 at 9:44 am

    I actually mentioned this in your last hair products post but Naked Naturals shampoo and conditioner was one of my favorite random drug store purchases. I was on tour we stopped at a rite aid in the middle of nowhere and i found them randomly in the clearance bin. Hands down my new favorite paraben free hair products. A miracle for color treated and heat styled coarse hair.

  4. Wet n’ Wild matte lipsticks- crazy good!

  5. no 😦 The only surprise finds I’ve found lately are evil bruises and scratches from work that I don’t remember injuring myself on.
    Those aren’t fun
    My arm looks like I was attacked by a werewolf.
    hmmm, I shall tweet this scratch fail now.

  6. Sally Hansen Color Quick nail pens 🙂 I’m really bad at keeping my nails painted, and worse at painting the nails on my non-dominant hand. Even when I get a manicure, I wind up smudging my nails, because I’m so impatient. But these are easy to use and come in really pretty satiny colors. Also, they dry quick!

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever been happy with anything that I grabbed spur-of-the-moment. Haw. I have rotten luck when money is involved, so I try to do a bit of research beforehand.
    I will say that my new favorite thing is the Wet n’ Wild “black creme” nail polish. Solid black in one coat for 99 cents, for reals :3 WnW has quickly become my favorite drugstore brand. The matte lipsticks, lip liners, gel eyeliners, eye shadow palettes, and Glassy Glosses are all excellent and super cheap.

  8. Actually, Wet & Wild has an eyebrow pencil on one end and wax on the other end. The only color they had was medium ash brown, and my hair is very dark brown. I was pleasantly surprised that the color looked better, and it was simpler to use than Smashbox brow tech. I also bought Blum Naturals exfoliating pads for a travel size cleanser for a trip this last weekend. I would exactly say they are a good cleansing product/makeup removal wipe. But, I used after cleansing, and my skin felt so soft and clean. I think they even caused a slight bit of peeling on my nose. And, they only cost like $4 or so. Then, I bought an eyeliner — Cover Girl liquiline eyeliner. I was pleasantly surprised at the brightness of the color and the staying power. And, finally, I recently ordered from One Hand Washes The Other. I bought 3 solid scents and a colored lip balm. I love the formula on the lip balm. It was very creamy feeling, the color was light (more like a tint), and the formula was very moisturizing. The scents were such a good deal — $8.99 for 3 scents. I got Fresh Snow (which reminds me of the clean, fresh linen types of scents), Salty Mariner (which does remind me of the water scents), and Viva La Juicy (which was kind of floral and a bit sweet, but it had an undercurrent of something that smells like tobacco — way too much for me).