The Morbid the Merrier – A Follow Up

Curious as to what some other scents The Morbid the Merrier were like, I ordered a few things to try out since I loved the ‘manly’ scents I’d gotten in my first two orders so much.  Maximo and Natali are two of my very favorite chocolate scents, and Black Jack, well, I just adore Black Jack.

I also got a few other flavors of balm, just to see and was gifted the bar soaps.

I tried :

Sweet Cream Harlot Lip Balm

Natali Harlot Lip Balm

Chai Coconut Harlot Lip Balm

Natali Solid Soap

Menagerie Solid Soap

Voix de Ville Perfume

Feejee Perfume

Cleo Perfume

Aurora Perfume

Funhouse Perfume

Organ Grinder Perfume

As usual, everything came beautifully wrapped and the package was filled with goodies.

The Balms

The balms come in the oval tubes I love, labeled with the company name, flavor, weight, and ingredients.  I mentioned before how much I liked the way the label was done, almost as if it was sealed.

Sweet Cream

Cream + Sugar + A drop of honey

As a vegan, I don’t drink milk or eat honey, but for some reason I wanted to try out this balm.  And yes I know it had beeswax in it, so it’s not really the vegan alternative to milk and honey.  But I liked it.  I was never really a fan of honey pre-vegan, some of our neighbors had their own apiary (which is coincidentally how I know I’m not allergic to bee stings) and growing up we had a LOT of honey and cherries and pears (they were big in our little ‘hood) and as an adult I figured I’d already had my share.

That was a lot of nonsense.

Anyway, I really like this balm and although I wouldn’t buy it again personally, I do recommend the flavor.


Just like a chocolate orange, like you’d imagine the perfume would taste.  Just perfect.

Chai Coconut

This one I haven’t seen in the shop, I’m not sure if it’s been released yet or not, I know at the time, L wasn’t sure about it.  I love it.  I love the sweet spiciness of it.  It’s not quite like the curry scented perfume ‘Thai Coconut’ from You Stink, it’s much sweeter and softer, more like a cool drink then a spicy meal.

The Soaps

The bars are individually wrapped and labeled with the company, the scent, the weight and the ingredients.


I think it goes without saying I loved this scent and thankfully the soap formula is vegan, so I can have as much of it as I want. The actual soap formula is really nice too, nothing crazy special, but defiantly something I’d use daily.


Again, I can’t seem to find this scent on Etsy, but it’s very mild and perfect for using on your face.  The scent is like a coffee shop, with hints of hazelnut and vanilla and chocolate but very soft.  It’s vegan, again, but this formula has oat milk, almond milk, and coconut milk as well as espresso in it.  I adore this formula and this scent.

The Perfumes

I ordered mostly samples, and they come in little vials with the name on them.  The full size came in a little roll on labeled with the company name, the scent, and the ingredients.

Voix de Ville

Succulent, juicy, ripe red apple soothed and darkened by black fruit, decadent florals and sensuous green.

I bought this in full size when it was released because I knew I was going to love it.  It’s like a dark Snow White perfume, you know, the poisoned apple.  It’s not a sweet apply smell, you know, that fake sort of cloying scent.  It’s defiantly got a green background to it.  It’s one of the more ‘feminine’ scents TMTM makes, and I really like it, it’s a nice change.


Clean ocean waves, a sweet honeysuckle breeze, and a hint of driftwood, intermingled with the tiniest bit of ripe citrus fruit and peaches.

Although not my favorite scent, I have to admit this one is pretty creative.  I’m not a fan of anything with that ‘ocean’ or ‘ozone’ scent, and it’s got a pretty big note of that right out of the bottle.  But the honeysuckle tones it down a little, and then ug, I’m not a fan of honeysuckle either.


An amazing combination of the blackest berries, sweetest spices, palest musks, and darkest woods. It’s floral, fruity and a bit sinful at the same time. It opens up very sweet and gradually the spices emerge, followed by the woods.

Actually, the firs thing I smell in this is the spice.  And I love it.  I’m a fan of spicy heady scents and Cleo is a great combination of spicy and soft, honestly I can’t smell much berry, although my cousin can.  I have no idea what’s up with that, but we both agree it’s beautiful.


The first notes out of the bottle are definitely chocolate and coconut, but soon the sweet, smoky woods and amber emerge, balancing with a delicate sugar.

This is another amazing chocolate scent.  It’s mildly coconuty, not quite to the point of being tropical, but it’s defiantly there, and then the smoke sort of starts peeking through and it just gets so dark and beautiful.  It’s oddly complex on me, maybe a little sweet.  Defiantly something I’d buy again, though.


Fresh milk spun with black amber, ripe berries, and bright, wild sunflowers… hints of pepper and incense barely concealed underneath.

For a vegan I keep trying a lot of dairy based things, but in this case the note is very mild.  The thing I smell right away is the amber.  Again, I can’t smell the berry, and I wonder if that’s just me.  There is a mild floral to this, which I’m assuming is the sunflower, it’s one of those nondescript sort of notes.  But there is also that little waft of incense in the background as well.

Organ Grinder

Spicy, dark, and seductive. A heavy base of tobacco, smoke, pepper and wood, rounded out by just a touch of sweet. A deep, masculine scent – to be worn only by the ones our mothers warned us about.

I love tobacco based scents because they remind me of my Dad who smoked a pipe.  So right off the bat I love this one.  I’m not sure my mother warned me about myself, though, because this is defiantly a scent I would wear daily.  People sometimes get confused and assume the tobacco smells like cigarette smoke, which I personally find disgusting and stale.  Tobacco itself is sort of a sweet almost woody smell that’s very hard to describe.  It’s balanced out perfectly with a soft background that makes it lovely, which I don’t think you’re supposed to say about a men’s scent.


Would I order from The Morbid the Merrier again?  Oh heck yes.

  • I hear she might be working on all VEGAN formulas, so I’m really excited to see that!
  • Her scents are complex and not floral, and yet very wearable.
  • The chocolate blends are amazing.
  • Overall the scent descriptions are very accurate.  Nothing is exaggerated or overly flowery in description.

I thought I’d share the necklace I made from an image from one of their business cards.


22 Responses to “The Morbid the Merrier – A Follow Up”

  1. Jules Noctambule June 21, 2010 at 10:08 am

    I have to admit that when it comes to bath and body products, I’d prefer having a choice between vegan and non-vegan formulations for certain products. I used to adore a particular solid perfume until the maker switched to only vegan bases with no beeswax option, and it doesn’t smell the same. The beeswax added a certain warmness to the scent that is missing with the candelilla wax, and it doesn’t work as well on my skin now. Having been vegan myself, I know a lot of vegans who will only buy from a shop if everything fits their criteria so I suppose that no non-vegan options make sense if you’re courting that market.

  2. i need enough money to buy everything in the shop!

  3. Wow – you made a necklace fom my kitty!!!! How cool is that?? Yeah, Menagerie is all out. It’s on the list for more. The closest I have is Bartola, but I think there’s like 1 bar left in the shop. 😦 I think I’m going to list the Chai Coconut, definitely. You’ve made me a believer that it’s good. ha ha.

    I hope you’re feeling well. Hope to talk to you soon. Oh, and I’m still on the formulary for the vegan stuff – I haven’t forgotten!

    • I almost made one from the clown, but frankly I’m afraid of them, and it would freak me out every livin’ day!

      I’m doing better everyday, it’s summer vacation time, so I’m doing nothing but relax!

  4. I really, really want to purchase something from their shop, if not everything. They sound wonderful, and I absolutely adore bath and body products. I have a whole mini-dresser full, and I’m a little more than addicted. haha. (:

    I understand what you were talking about with the tobacco. Cigarettes disgust me, and when I was around 5 or 6 my mom accidentally hit me in the face with hers. Swore to myself to never, ever get into the habit. Still got the red mark by my eye. But pipe tobacco smells really sweet. My great-grandfather used to smoke it, and their living room smelled like that for years.

  5. Menagerie & voix de ville sound so lovely. I think I’m going to have to get a second job just to buy everything I’ve seen on your blog that I like.

    Oh and ill be sending you a couple of emails tonight so be on the look out for them. 🙂

    • Got the emails!

      I almost think I have too many things, but you know, I use them all, so I probably should just stop over thinking things…

  6. I bought a few of their scents just before your first review, in the little 5/8 amber dram bottles.
    Amber bottles are my favourite, I love the way they look, and these ones are such a cute little size.

    The owner has great communication, and the business cards and packaging are simply awesome.

    Aurora and Kirkos are to die for.
    Natali isn’t as orange as I had hoped it would be. It’s more of a dilated orange smell rather than a fresh cut orange. Still yum, but I find myself wanting full, pulpy smelling oranges in things these days.

    I’ve been meaning to try a few more, especially the balms, but you need money to buy things. =P

    I have found however, that the oil formula (As I bought them in oil form), behaves really strangely on my skin.
    I only put a little on, and it amps up *really* strongly for an hour or two or three, then dies down really quickly to something I can’t smell, nor can others smell on me.
    But for such yummy smelling things, I have no qualms reapplying. =P

    • I have the solids in my purse, so I reapply in the parking lot, at stop lights… doesn’t bother me one bit, the actual scent blends are amazing!

  7. My TMTM wishlist:
    Harlot Jasmine Tea Lip Balm.
    Harlot Caramel Apple Lip Balm.
    Menagerie Soap.
    Bartola Soap.

    As soon as I get my order from ajoeynamedroo I’ll be ordering all of that (I needed some more Herbaphilia face cream baaaaaadly). I was so disappointed by Lush’s soaps, I’ll only be getting bath-y things from Etsy from now on.

    I also want to find a really good coffee-f lavoured lipbalm… anyone got rec’s? If it also has chocolate/vanilla/hazelnut etc. that’s good too 🙂

  8. I’m a big fan of chocolate scents, and Aurora is one of the best I’ve sniffed. It’s just gorgeous.

  9. Oh man, I am dying to order from TMTM again. I love all of L’s stuff, and my boyfriend NEEDS a full sized Black Jack, and I need … well, everything else!

  10. I got my order from TMTM yesterday. I bought Funnel cake lip balm and I love it. It smells good and feels good, too. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you like them! How does the Funnel Cake taste? I might have to get one…

      • me too. 🙂 I’m not very good with words or describing things, but I’ll try.
        I would say that it smells sweet, but not like sugary sweet. I actually don’t know how funnel cake smells, so I don’t know if the smell would be accurate with name. I wouldn’t think cake if I just smelled the lip balm and didn’t know the name.
        Sorry for the whole paragraph of pretty much nothing. Even if I can’t describe it, I’d recommend it. 🙂