Hi-Fi Does Labyrinth

Hi-Fi Cosmetics recently released a line of shadows and glosses inspired by the movie Labyrinth, staring David Bowie (I’m sure other people are in it, but does it matter?)

I recently ordered a sample set of the shadows.

From top to bottom, left to right : Between the Stars, Pale Jewel, Mornings of Gold (on top), Crystal Moon, Slime & Snails, Valentine Evenings, Down in the Underground, Lost & Lonely, Magic Spell, and Land Serene

  • Between the Stars – An ethereal lilac-pink with a gentle color shift and turquoise sparkle!!
  • Pale Jewel – A soft canary yellow with a fiery reddish-orange undertone and lots of iridescent glitter.
  • Mornings of Gold – A pale, golden wonder with a warm, red sheen and blue sparks of amazingness.
  • Crystal Moon – A shimmering beige with soft violet highlight and a magnitude of golden sparkles!
  • Slime & Snails – A mesmerizing bluish green with lots and lots of aqua glitter!!!
  • Valentine Evenings – A reddened copper with magical gold sparks!
  • Down in the Underground – An interesting, black-based color shifter that transitions between shades of purple and forest green depending on the light. It also has an airy wisp of cool, iridescent glitter.
  • Lost & Lonely – A midnight blue based color-shifter packed with fuchsia glitter!
  • Magic Spell – A bright-blue on a duochrome base, loaded with deep purple glitter!
  • Land Serene – An otherworldly pinkish beige with loads of iridescent sparkle!


24 Responses to “Hi-Fi Does Labyrinth”

  1. Labryinth inspired shadows?! I am so on them next paycheck!

  2. Dance magic dance!

    Best movie ever! I’m all over Between the Stars- It’s going on my list ^__^

    I’m being lazy and not looking at her shop right now (also avoiding temptation) but do you know if these are LE or permanent additions?

  3. My favourite movie! I wan’t everything!

  4. Magic Spell looks fantastic!

    • Slime & Snail and Lost & Lonely make a great combination, too. Both have the same sort of greeny tone and one is a duochrome.

      I’m pretty excited about them!

  5. This is a dirty trick. Because now I HAVE to buy it… because it reminds me of the babe.

  6. I am so excited about these! Labyrinth is one of my very favourite films and i love Hi Fi and they look so beautiful 🙂

  7. Hey guys! It’s Veronica from Hi-Fi… YES, these colors are permanent! I was trying to narrow down which ones would be permanent vs. limited…but I love them so much, I figured I’d hang on to them all!

    This is my favorite movie of all time as well! I figured it was definitely worthy of its own collection…thing is…I may have to revisit this inspiration again soon…because there were SO many more shades I had in mind!!! But, alas…I normally keep my collections small (10 shades or so) to keep them affordable for those who want to buy the whole shabang. 🙂 And it allows me to release new collections more often.

    Anyway, glad you all are excited about these. I don’t think I’ve worn anything else since I released them! LOL.

  8. Wow these colors are really pretty!

  9. I have the whole collection on it’s way! I can’t wait to get my hands on the lip glazes, though. Probably even more stoked about that than the shadows, even though they’re all as gorgeous as I’d imagined. I think I may have too many eyeshadows now, I hardly ever decide what to wear anymore. xD

  10. Amazing collection, Veronica. This movie came out when I was about 8 and filled me with some very confusing emotions. If I was Jennifer Connelly I would have stayed there in Labyrinth-land with David Bowie 🙂

    • I second this. Doubly confused emotions because a seven year old easily-distracted me didn’t really he was a man. Obviously I was looking elsewhere at a few key shots.