Sinful Swatches

Hanna was awesome enough to swatch her collection of Sinful Colors Nail Polishes!

Big Daddy- pumpkin orange.

Lets Talk- in real life this is much more of a royal purple. It is an absolutely gorgeous color. I just couldn’t get it to photograph good.

Black on Black- standard black but totally opaque in one coat.

Midnight Blue- true to the name it is a dark blue but with a slightly lighter reflect in it.

Gogo Girl- standard red.

Aqua- aqua blue with a goldish green reflect.

What’s Your Name- this color is stunning in real life. It is black with blue glitter. If you catch the light the blue glitter turns purple. All of the glitter shows up perfectly through the black.

Rich in Heart- on the nails this color has a slight brown tint with red reflects.

Dream On- matte purple. Its a fabulous color with a clear top coat on top.

24/7-neon pink matte.

Boom Boom- medium pink.


Serene and Chloe- sunset orange with gold & orange reflects.

Nail Junkie- turquoise blue green with silver, blue, and green glitter. Anyone who likes blue green colors should pick this up. Its stunning! Opaque in 3 coats.

Hottie- medium blue with multicolored glitter. Another stunning color. Opaque in 3 coats.

All About You- clear polish with gold and copper glitter. Opaque in 3 coats.

Pinky Glitter- baby pink with multicolored glitter. Opaque in 3 coats.

Call You Later- clear polish with green and gold glitter. This is another must have. Opaque in 3 coats.

Frenzy- Clear polish with dark purple and blue glitter. Once again another stunning color. Opaque in 3 coats.


Queen of Beauty- silver Glitter in clear polish. Opaque in 3 coats.

I Miss You- clear purple with mostly purple glitter but it has multicolored glitter mixed in as well.

Smoking Hot- this swatch was done over black polish so it would show. This is a clear nail polish with white, copper, and green glitter. It has a grainy texture when dry.

Opal Glitter- swatched over black nail polish. This is a clear polish with blue, green, copper, and purple glitter.

Pearl Harbor- swatched over black polish. This is a clear polish with blue and green glitter.


Do you have any Sinful Colors swatches to share?  Link them in the comments!

You can see a full list of their colors here.


10 Responses to “Sinful Swatches”

  1. Thank you so much for cropping them! I wish the photos were better but I have to take them from my phone because its the only internet I have.

    • I think they are great! I’m so motivated now to swatch some of my collection 🙂

      Thanks for your guest post!

  2. I want Big Daddy for fall!

  3. Big daddy is a great color. It really is a true pumpkin orange color & it looks great on all different skin tones.

  4. Oh I just bought two colors from Sinful today, Mint Apple and Happy Ending.I have Mint Apple on and its so pretty somewhat subdued but not dull. This post makes we want to go get some more. I have my eye on 24/7, Big Daddy, Dream on, and Frenzy.

  5. Definetly pick up frenzy its one of my favorites. Its stunning. I get nothing but compliments when I wear & its gorgeous to layer over other colors as well. Dream on & 24/7 apply super good. They’re not streaky like most mattes.

  6. I wish I had seen this post before swinging by the store! I quickly grabbed Dream On because it was too bright not too! Although after a few coats its not as bright as in the bottle. I wonder if the hot pink is the same way? I was tempted to grab that as well.

  7. 24/7 is not the same way. On the nails it is the exact same color as in the bottle. And the way I got dream on to be a bit closer to the bottle color is by using only one coat & than putting a clear top coat on.

  8. By the way I went to Rite Aid today and they had Sinful Colors buy one get one 50% off with your Rite Aid card(its free). I live in the LA area so I am not sure if its only in my area I suggest you guys check them out. I bought Frenzy and Big Daddy for only 3 dollars plus tax. Timbleberry is next for me.

  9. They’re also on sale at walgreens right now for $1.49.