How do YOU apply mineral foundation?

I must get at least a dozen questions a week asking me how to apply mineral foundation.

I’ll be the first to admit up until this year I didn’t even USE it, so I don’t think I’m an expert, but I know a lot of you out there are!  So how about YOU guys answering this one for me?

Me?  I apply it with a flocked sponge, I LOVE the one from Aromaleigh (I hope they still have them, I need to check).

I apply my SPF moisturizer (Oil of Olay Regernerist SPF 50) and then my ‘primer’ which is Oil of Olay Regenerist Serum, which has a nice silicone base.  I then spot on Too Faced Primed and Poreless on my cheeks and nose, basically were needed, and honestly because I’ve been using the Olay products for a while now, I’m needing less and less of the Too Faced.  I also use Olay’s Total Effects Eye Cream + Concealer under my eyes, but I usually add this after I’ve done my eye makeup.  (I prep and prime my skin, do my eyes then apply my foundation.)

Then I tap a little of my foundation (Meow’s Pampered Puss in Inquisitive Chartreux) into the lid and dip the tip of the sponge in and apply.  The sponge makes sure I don’t have a ‘powdery’ look and I can control which areas get more and where I can keep the converge sheer.

If I know I’m going to be outside more then usual, I dust on a little of the PF Healthy Wear SPF 50 powder with a giant paddle brush (I hate kabukis).

Ok, so know you know how I do it, how do YOU apply it?  Damp?  With a brush?


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  1. I apply my moisturizer with SPF after cleansing every morning. I then go and do my eye shadow and clean up any flyaway pigment. I tap my foundation (Meow’s Pampered Puss in Inquisitive Siamese) into the lid of my large foundation jar. I use a kabuki brush (ecoTools retractable kabuki to apply my foundation. I swirl the brush in the foundation, tap off the excess and apply in a circular motion to my face, first going one way and then the opposite direction in the circular motion.

    On rare occasion I’ll use a foundation sponge, and usually only if I want a heavier amount of coverage.

  2. After the whole cleanse/toner/moisturizer brouhaha in the mornings, or just a quick rub with a Yes to Cucumbers facial cleansing wipe if I’m in a hurry, I tap some of my Meow Pampered Puss (Naughty Chartreux during the summer, Frisky Chartreux or 50/50 frisky/naughty during the winter when I’m paler) into the lid of the jar. My brush is the Sonia Kashuk flat-top brush from Target – it’s technically a blush brush, but I like it for this purpose, though I only got it at first because I couldn’t afford anything else. I might pick up a ‘buki at some point soon. Swirl the brush, knock off the excess by tapping it on the side of the lid, and apply in a circular motion, LIGHTLY. I have to be really careful about how much pressure I apply at first, or else I end up with streaks wherever the brush first touched skin.

    I’ve never tried sponge application. I might have to. Is it any faster that way than with a brush? That’s my only complaint about doing it the way I do, that it feels like it takes forever.

  3. Runaround Sous July 12, 2010 at 11:24 am

    I use a moisturizer with SPF (from Trader Joes) that is tinted with my Aromaleigh 2PL foundation and Nocturne after cleansing. It helps me prime and moisturize in one step. Lately, I have been applying the PF Healthy Wear SPF 50 with a sponge after the moisturizer sinks in. I don’t like to use my jar to mix or apply makeup, so I tap some of my foundation into a watercolor mixing palette (that I bought at an art store) and buff on with a jumbo buffer brush.

    I usually use the wet application technique for finishing powders, or sometimes I do that if I need to conceal some areas with foundation.

    What I have found is that everyone has a different technique that works for them. The great thing about mineral foundations is that they are so versatile.

    • Can you explain the ‘wet application’ method? I don’t think I understand.

      • Runaround Sous July 12, 2010 at 1:56 pm

        Wet application is where you spritz the brush or dampen a sponge (or your skin) just prior to applying. When I apply powder with the wet technique, I spray my brush with a Vit. C toner or hydrosol, then swirl in the powder and apply. It gives a dewy finish.

  4. I wear a liquid mineral foundation now. But, when I used Aromaleigh Glissade 1N or Aromaleigh Voile 2N, I would use the Aromaleigh Kabuki brush to apply. I like it so much better than Bare Escentual’s kabuki brush because the bristles are softer and don’t irritate my skin. First, I would cleanse and moisturize and apply a jan marini sunscreen with microspheres. I let that absorb into my skin and do my hair. Then, I would come back and use the foundation lid. I would tap out some powder into the lid, swirl around my kabuki brush and apply in a circular motion around my face in a once over. Then, I would look at my face and see where more coverage is needed, and I swirl my brush around a bit more foundation and re-apply in those areas. When I am done applying, I pat my fingers under my eyes so that powder that settled into the fine lines doesn’t stand out so much. I have even used a bit of hydrosol to set the powder. MMU is so versatile. Some ladies mix a scoop with their moisturizer and/or sunscreen and apply the mixture as a tinted moisturizer. Another wet technique is to spritz your face with a hydrosol and then use the kabuki with foundation to swirl on your face. I never liked this method because the color would streak and wouldn’t apply evenly for me. Plus, I never found a true foundation match, and the colors always looked really wrong on me when I tried to apply wet because you need to generally go a shade lighter when applying wet.

  5. I hardly wear foundation anymore (I had to throw my BM mineral foundation out because I kept getting huge painful zits the next day). But when I did, I would first prime my face (I need to find a sunblock for my face that doesn’t cause contact dermatitis, but isn’t super goopy) and let the primer cook for a minute or two. I’d apply it with my fingers.

    Then I’d take my benefit eye brightening stick and cover up dark circles under my eyes. Then I’d take my concealer, put some on the back of my hand, and cover up any blemishes and redness around my nose using my Quo concealer brush.

    After doing my eye makeup and cleaning up where I had gotten mascara on my cheek, or eyeshadow fallout, I would tap the jar of foundation on the counter a little, open it carefully, swirl my Quo powder brush inside the lid, tap the bottom of the brush to let the foundation settle further in to the bristles (so that I wouldn’t start off with a huge mess of powder on my face and wind up inhaling it) and carefully stipple it on my face, stippling more where I needed extra coverage. Afterward I’d wipe the brush clean and then blend where necessary in a circular motion. When I didn’t use BM foundation, I used MAC Studio Fix, or L’Oreal True Match, using pretty much the same method.

    Then I take my Quo blush brush, smile wide, apply blush to the apples of my cheeks and my temples (usually MAC Dollymix or a very sheered out application of Frankly Scarlet) and set everything using my Too Faced retractable Kabuki brush and transparent setting powder.

    For a while, I was addicted to “What Not To Wear” just for the last 10 minutes of the show where Carmindy would work her magic, and then my sister got me her “Five Minute Face” book for Christmas. So my technique for foundation application is really hers 🙂 I got tired of watching her though when I realized she gave everyone her face. Strong brow, smokey eye, “peachy pink” blush, and shimmery gloss. Not a bad look, but I wanted to learn other stuff!

    • lol I know what you mean, she was all about the “natural” look and you can only have so many natural looks! I saw her toss a girls entire makeup kit one episode. I’d love to see her try to pry mine out of my hands. She may lose an arm.

    • Do you think that maybe the zits were a reaction to the bismuth oxychloride in BM foundation? My understanding is many people have bad reactions to it.

      • I can’t confirm that it was that particular ingredient causing the breakout for sure (I’m no doctor and never played one on TV 😉 ), but all I know is that whenever I used that foundation, that would happen. So then, I would put on more foundation, and then the problem would get worse! 😦

        After reading on forums that other people had the same problem with BM foundation (supposedly due to bismuth oxychloride) I threw that shit out in a hurry. It didn’t occur to me that that was what was causing the breakout, and I was actually researching a foundation that wouldn’t react to camera flashes the way BM does (the shimmer combined with a camera flash made me look like I had picked out a foundation 2 shades too light). My skin is very sensitive, and if there’s a bad reaction to be had due to some chemical, my skin will erupt in it.

    • That happened to me when I tried BM and I rarely break out.

  6. I apply it with my mini-kabuki bought at Aromaleigh! 🙂

    I apply Virtue Natural serum, then I apply oil-free sunblock, then I apply a primer (Fyrinnae Rice Powder or Meow Equilibrium), then I dip my kabuki into my foundation, swirl it in the foundation lid to get rid of the excess + get an uniform distribution of powder on the kabuki, then I apply it to my face: first my nose, then my cheeks, then my eyes, then my forehead and, at last, my chin!

    Then I do the little happy dance! (not)
    I usually apply concealer and blush before foundation and than tap a bit of my blush brush on my cheeks after I apply foundation, in case I look too washed out!

  7. Glittermuffin July 12, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    My foundation routine is super simple compared to some others… I just apply my face cream (a German natural cosmetics brand) and sunscreen, then cover the shadows under my eyes as well as blemishes in conealer and then add mineral foundation. I use a kabuki for application and find it works nice. I put a bit of powder into the container’s lid, swirl my brush in it until, hit it tenderly against the rim, swirl again to takein the excess powder and then apply in swirly motion over my face (if that makes sense). I’m not a fan of using tons of different powders, they make my sensitive skin feel clogged. Furthermore, I am not quite an expert on applying mineral foundation, but it does the job.

  8. I use the flocked sponge from Aromaleigh, too. I have found at least one other brand (can’t think of it now but I can look when I get home if anyone is interested) on Amazon. It’s not as well-made as the AL one, so I’m going to try to make that one last!

    I apply moisturizer/serum to make sure I’m primed for the foundation (I use AL as well as Meow) and I dip the sponge right into the foundation, which I have transferred into a small glass condiment bowl for ease of access. I tap off excess and press/gently smooth the foundation all over.

    The main reason I apply this way is because I need more coverage – I have vitiligo and I want to even out my skin coloration as much as possible. I have tried the damp method, and I don’t think I have experimented enough with it, but it definitely gives a heavier coverage if that’s what you need.

  9. On a casual day I cleanse and moisturize then use sunscreen. I then use a large face brush and apply a thin layer. Do my eyes and clean up any fall out. I apply blush and then another thin layer of foundation.

    On dressier days I do the usual face stuff after the sunscreen has been absorbed I then prime my face with smashbox primer. I tried fyrrinae’s velvet gel but it causes me to get huge cystic zits the next day. I then use my brush and apply a very thin layer of foundation,do my eyes and then I use the flocked sponge to apply a slightly thicker layer of foundation add blush and I’m all done.

  10. I wash my face, use witch hazel, apply my sunscreen/moisturiser and let it soak in. Then I use my Aromaleigh kabuki brush to swirl my Glissade powder and apply a thin layer all over my face and neck, swirling the brush in circles as I go. Then I use my own mix of silica and silk powder to mattify my skin using a face powder brush. Then I apply my eye makeup and use my face brush with the finishing powder to sweep away any fallout.

    I like to use the wet method if I need more coverage. For that I use a velour sponge, spritz it with a mix of glycerine/distilled water/rose hydrosol and dip it in my foundation powder. Then I layer it on my face as needed.

    Every time I tried to make tinted moisturiser with my foundation powder, it always caked up on the bridge of my nose because of my glasses.

  11. I start by washing/toning my face first, and letting it air dry for a bit. Then I apply my moisturizer, and let that sink in. I then smooth on Fyrinnae’s Velvet Gel Silica Primer with my fingers, and wait a short while for that to set. Sometimes, if I’m dealing with any blemishes for discolorations on my face, I’ll use concealer, but I’ve been using it less and less lately. And THEN, I apply my mineral foundation (Meow’s Flawless Feline in Frisky Siamese) with my ecotools mini kabuki brush. I pick up some foundation, tap it into the lid, and go from there. From what I’ve been hearing, I think I use a bit more foundation than a lot of others on here, since I like to layer for better coverage, but my mini kabuki helps me make sure that coverage is even, and not splotchy. Sometimes I finish with Fyrinnae’s Fluff, but only if I feel like it.

  12. Jenny Whiskey July 15, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    I don’t really wear any foundation since I guess I’m lucky enough to have pretty even and clear skin…

    i DO use a yellow tone correcting powder from Aromaleigh which helps brighten up an olive complexion, and GlitterSniffer Rice powder in the summer on my T-zone.

    I usually use a kabuki and dot it on my face first before lightly buffing with a baby buki.

    One tip though….

    don’t EVER buy a brush from Bare Minerals…I got a free sample with a mini kabuki brush and it sheds all over my face! The weird part is that the hairs are close in color to my skin tone, and sometimes I’ll check my face before I leave and find tiny hairs stuck to my forehead and nose. TERRIBLE!