Mini Spree – Picks of the Week

The Falsies

I’ve blogged about this mascara before, I love it so much I bought a new tube already, just in case I can’t find it later.  This time I grabbed it in a waterproof formula.  Amazing amazing stuff.

The Ciao Italia Collection from Aromaleigh

Another simply stunning shadow collection from AL based on all the beautiful things that remind you of Italy.  My favorites are Mela, Puffo, Pistacchio, Fragola, Biscotti, and Fior de Latte.  I’m not sure when it’ll be released, or where, but it’s going to be worth waiting for.

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Quad in Tropical Fusion

I realize these colors will never be as vivid or as gorgeous on my lids, but I love the coral and the lime.  I figured it was worth picking it up, just because it was pretty.

Hot Topic Glitter Pallet in Pink Glitter

Don’t let the amazing glitter you see fool you, it’s only on the top of the shadows, one swipe and it’s gone.  Although I didn’t expect much pigmentation from these shadows, they were pretty nice, however being dye based they STAIN.  It was worth 4$ to learn I didn’t need to by a second palette.

Black Eyeglasses Necklace

I saw this at Hot Topic and flipped out, but no one noticed because everyone in that place the other day was a little wacky.  It’s so adorably cute and just about the perfect length for me to wear.  Curiously enough I had just bought this necklace from Etsy, so I think it’s a growing obsession.

Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast in Bronze Fire

I would never wear this as a shadow itself, but as a base, used thin enough and over a good primer, it’s pretty nifty the effects and depth you can achieve.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Corrector in Soft Green

I can’t find this on the website, but just like everything I’ve gotten from PF it’s an amazing little product.  I’ve been spotting it on over my moisturizer before my mineral foundation and it disappears and so does my redness.  I don’t use it everyday, but it works really nicely and I prefer it to a powder corrector.

MAC Eye Shadow in Sushi Flower

I suddenly had a need for this coraly pink shade.  I’ve been wearing a lot of pinks and oranges and corals this summer, it seemed like a great choice although I’ve been trying to stay away from MAC.

Revlon Nail Polish in Minted

I’m pretty sure this is a really good Chanel Jade dupe.  For some reason I just thought I needed it.  I have never worn Revlon polish before, so I’m not sure how the formula wears, though.

Three Ring Binder Pouch from Staples

Walking past the back to school supplies getting shipping supplies I saw these pouches and thought they’d make great little cosmetic bags!

Captive Queen, A Novel of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir

Love Alison Weir, love love Eleanor of Aquitaine.  Normally, quite honestly, I’ll wait until something is is paperback before I’ll get it, but I was so excited for this book I got it in hardcover.  I’m almost half way through and it’s enthralling.


27 Responses to “Mini Spree – Picks of the Week”

  1. I love Sushi Flower! I don’t know if MAC changed the formula on it, or if the simple fact that I now use eye shadow primer is enough, but it seems way more pigmented than the first Sushi Flower I owned. Yes, I hit pan on my first one. 😛

    • I think I might have seen you wear it a few times 🙂

      • What sort of colors do you like to pair it with?

        • I haven’t worn it yet (too sick) but I was thinking my new Sugar Skulls or Brazen and Bitter, which I just ordered a full size of. Mosty I was thinking coraly oranges.

          • I bet it will look awesome with Sugar Skulls! I’ve been trying to figure out what to wear with SS, was thinking of trying Princess of Darkness.

            • I’ve been wearing Sugar Skulls with everything. It’s defiantly the PERFECT shadow for me. I pair it with just about anything pink and cool, OH, it looks great with Evil Shades Neritic and Panic!

  2. I do love the hot topic eyeshadows. I’ve always had luck with them. I have the one with pink, green, blue, etc. Just so you know though. Check dollar general for those exact same eyeshadows. They have all the ones hot topic has. But they are packaged as L.A. Colors. I have both & the packaging is the exact same & the colors are the exact same. Only half the price!

    • I don’t know if we have a Dollar General around here, but I sometimes pop into the one Dollar Tree to see if they have cute holiday stuff, so I might try them!

  3. Hopefully you can get Minted to work for you. Revlon nail polishes are out to get me I think. It’s pretty in the bottle but needs 4 or 5 coats to get even but then it never dries 😦

    • ahh! I wasn’t done yet! Stupid finger of mine hitting buttons.
      I bought the CG blast quad for the same reason, the lime looked sooo pretty in the package 😀

      • I tried the Minted last night, you’re right, ONE COAT never seemed to want to dry. It’s going to take some patience and probably some Seche Vite, but I’m going to conquer it.

        I’m also very sad about the lime, it was a total impulse buy.

        • I gotta try out that seche vite stuff. I have a bottle of rimmel polish I bought 8 years ago and it’s half empty just from my attempts of wearing it. That one needed lots of coats, I’d get impatient, wreck it and have to remove it. Not once has it ever turned out nice but I kept thinking, “maybe this time!” and 5 more coats later, nada.
          So it looks like it’s well loved when it reality, it’s the most evil polish of them all. Super pretty, super EVIL!

  4. Awwww Ciao Italia! I’m sad! If she releases it and I find something I want, I won’t be able to order. She decided to stop shipping to Brazil ;__; – I hope no one from Brazil stole her, I’d be really sad…
    This mascara sounds so great! I almost never use mascara (I’m too lazy :P) but if I decide to use it more often, I’ll keep an eye on this one!

    • I love this mascara. I keep reading reviews about how people don’t really care for it, but I’m bumping it up to my HG mascara.

      I’m sure you’ll be able to order! I mean… it’s YOU!

  5. I have that Covergirl eyeshadow quad as well…sadly, the lime and orange don’t show up as prettily as they look. They’re the worst out of the four. ): The blue and green, however, are gorgeous.

    • I don’t normally wear blue, but I’m thinking I might try it on my lower lash line. Might be interesting!

      • The quad in Drama Eyes is actually pretty good.
        A lot better than the coral and lime, anyway.

  6. First of all…WOAH, a new Aromaleigh eyeshadow collection?!?! I’ve heard Hot Topic eyeshadow palettes are good but staining? I’d rather not bother. I love mint colored nail polishes & will probably pick up Hot Topic’s take on the fad. Great haul overall!

    • The one shade I wore, the reddish shade on the far right stained my hand for a day, even after I showered and did dishes and all that…

  7. Why have you been trying to stay away from MAC?

    • I’m just trying to stay Indie, support smaller companies that I know where the money is going.

  8. I just noticed I submitted my last comment before I was done. I have that CG quad as well & it really doesn’t look the same on. The blue & green are pretty good but sadly the lime & coral are horrible.

  9. I want to thank you for reviewing The Falsies previously, you convinced me to go try it and it is love! I’m forever looking for a great mascara with a low price tag and I think that search has stopped. (I’m also glad Maybelline released it here in the USA finally, I’d heard of it months ago but it was only in the UK at the time.)

    The new AL collection is intriguing but I’d be surprised if she did release it, because the other new collection was made available only on her blog. Or maybe she’ll do the same with this one.

  10. With the Falsies, is the waterproof version just as good as the non-waterproof version? I can’t ever wear nonwaterproof mascara 😦

    • I (accidentally) purchased the waterproof version without realizing it until just the other day and I love the formula. I can’t compare it to the non-waterproof since I haven’t tried that one.

  11. Oh god I realyl love MAC Sushi Flower…It’s one of the first shadows i bought when I got into bright eye makeup. I always wore it with Rule, a matte orange. I still have those but i rarely wear them anymore due to my ever growing indie mmu collection…

    But I agree, one of the best pinks of all time….ever

    Especially for Brunettes w/ brown eyes.