Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish!

The other day while I was out, I discovered Del Sol, color changing  nail polish.

Color change nail polish is a new dimension in nail art. Del Sol’s color-changing nail polish turns a different color when you step into the sun. Colors to match your mood including classic red or pink, all of which change color in sunlight!

I picked up:

  • Heartbreaker – A red sparkle that turns purple in the sun.
  • Sun Kissed – An iridescent peach that turns a deep orange.
  • Spike – A mint green that turns violet.

I was honestly really surprised that they ACTUALLY change color, I have no idea why I was skeptical.  It’s been so nice and bright out that I was having fun walking from the shade into the sun.  I picked a few of the more obvious color changing ones.  They make a few pinks that turn a darker pink, and there was an amazing light pink that turns a bright yellow called Surfer Girl, but sadly it was sold out.  Be warned though, they don’t work nearly as nicely with a top coat, and they don’t wear all that very long or well, but for a couple of days at least they are amazing!


5 Responses to “Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish!”

  1. I saw these when we were on vacation, at the Del Sol store!! Wish I’d have known then that their formula was halfway decent, cos I might have picked some up (they were on sale, too!!) It’s ok tho, we had fun making everything in the store change colors with their little UV lights ^__^ Color-changing= perfect polish for summer.

  2. I saw these lil guys too but I wasn’t sure about them. I didn’t really like the bottle (yeah I’m kinda picky) and the colour changing Claires ones I had flaked off pronto so I assumed it was something with the changey-bit (like how most mattes will fall off, any brand)

  3. Oh wow these sound amazing! I’m so jealous, you keep getting so many amazing colour-changing polishes! When will they come over to us?

  4. Sunkissed is my favorite.

    They don’t wear well at all though. And sunscreen also kinda kills it, which defeats the purpose of having it on the beach or in the sun. It was a big bummer, last time I wore the polishes, I wore Sassy (some weird purple/gold color that shifts a pink/red), but the sunscreen made it so it didn’t shift colors. Which sucked because the color it is in the sun is gorgeous and I don’t like the normal shade. If i had the pink/red one all the time, I’d be happier, though that would defeat the purpose. =/

  5. I saw those yesterday on the fairgrounds 😀 I should have bought some 😡