More Lip Tints!

Not too long ago I swatched the two OHWTO Lip Tints that I had (Frida and Caroline).  Since then I’ve gotten them all and a lot of people have asked to see swatches!

Arlette: A warm sheer red, but she’s not one to follow conventions. Arlette stands out from the crowd with surprising green sparkles. Arlette is lightly flavored- but not sweetened- with my Absinthe essential oil blend of anise, lemongrass, peppermint and blood orange.

Ariane: a generously pigmented silver, Ariane shifts from silver to pink in the right lighting, and an occasional flash of green may be detected as well! Wonderful worn alone, Ariane is absolutely magnificent when layered beneath liquidy lip colors- I highly recommend you try it! Ariane is very lightly flavored with spearmint flavoring oil.

Victoria: a dark queen indeed, Victoria is a mocha plum with subtle shimmer because you would not expect to see her Royal highness unadorned with sparkly things! Victoria is very lightly flavored- but not sweetened- with black tea flavoring oil. How appropriately regal!

Olivia: A warm metallic gold, Olivia’s irresistibly gorgeous and incredibly wearable. The sheer wash of shiny gold is perfect for summertime lips. Olivia is very lightly flavored with vanilla lip balm flavoring (this flavor comes to me pre-sweetened).

Lila: a sheer, shimmery lilac purple with a hint of blue, an absolutely lovely lip color from off the beaten path! Lila is very lightly flavored- but not sweetened- with a somewhat floral green tea flavoring oil.

Cerelia: A sheer chocolate brown with copper and orange shimmer, Cerelia is aptly named for the Harvest Goddess. Cerelia is very lightly flavored- but not sweetened- with pumpkin pie flavoring oil to pay homage to her season, but is perfectly wearable year-round!


17 Responses to “More Lip Tints!”

  1. Runaround Sous August 7, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Lovely swatches! Love OHWTO!

    I am a bit surprised that Victoria looks like Arlette but lighter on your lips. Is it?

    (Was thinking of ordering Victoria, but it looks very similar to Arlette, so I just wanted your take on it.)

    • They really are two totally different colors. I’m not sure why they look so different, they were taken with the same lightening and with no editing.

      Arlette in on the left, Victoria on the right.

      • Runaround Sous August 7, 2010 at 8:57 pm

        Wow! That is odd…

        Thanks for the extra swatch, Grey. This is the color difference I was expecting. This does help!

  2. I love Cerelia the best!

  3. Lovely swatches 🙂 I like Victoria the best :> I have Ariane.

  4. Lovely. I want to try Ariane, Lila and Cerelia whenever I get a chance to order.

    Thanks for doing the swatches.

  5. I am not so excited about these. Most colours look oddly similar to me, which is a pity 😦

  6. These look lovely, particularly Lila and Victoria.

  7. Grey, thank you!! They’re all lovely <3!!!

    • You’re very welcome, feel free to snag them! I didn’t put any watermark or frames on them so you can use them however you want.