Lightbulb Beauty Tip #1

I had an incredible light bulb moment this morning.  I have a very pale complexion.  When I’m ‘heathly’ looking I’m still a little on the pale side of a MAC 15, but with a hint of peachy/yellow (Meow Inquisitive Chartreux).  For the longest time I skipped blush all together, but I’m realizing that it really does leave me looking rather washed out.  But being so pale I just never seemed to get the application right.  It seemed like no matter the blush it always looked too heavy/dark/obvious.  My favorite shade is NARS Orgasm, although I prefer it’s many dupes, such as AL’s Verve (there are countless others).  It suits my coloring very nicely and is very neutral.  I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve had to wash my whole face, though, after misapplying it, never quite sure how dark it was actually going to be once I dusted it on.

Enter my revelation this morning.

I love a nice angled brush for my cheeks, since my face is actually pretty, well… angular.  I had been using a really nice synthetic fiber one that I picked up from Eco Tools with a bamboo handle.  I had washed it last night, though, and it was still damp this afternoon when I was getting ready to go out.  So instead I dug around in my kit and found my unused MAC 168.  Looking at it I literally said to myself LIGHTBULB (imagine Steve Carell’s Gru voice from Despicable Me).  The MAC brush is WHITE so I could SEE how much blush was ACTUALLY on the brush before I applied it and for once, I got the perfect amount applied the first time!

And there you have your first Lightbulb Beauty Tip!  When in doubt, use a white brush for the perfect blush application!

Do you have a LBT to share?  Let me know!


6 Responses to “Lightbulb Beauty Tip #1”

  1. Fiber Optic brushes / white brushes do make blush a lot easier! I’ve got a few angled blush brushes, but I don’t like them too well. I think your post has convinced me I need to try the MAC one.

  2. I love the white brush idea! What’s also kind cool is when you plop some AL Parfait on the brush, the pink goes away almost because it’s a bit green.

  3. I used to have the same problem as well, but since I’ve started making my own makeup as a hobby, I simply formulate my blushes with less pigmentation. That way I never have to worry about clown cheeks.

  4. If it’s loose blush, you can also mix it with translucent powder so you don’t get as much intensity. Makes it easier to control how much color goes where!

    • Whenever I’ve applied too much blush, I go over it with powder. Any mineral makeup powder will do. It seems to diffuse the color a bit. The best blushes for me are the products that aren’t blushes. For example, Aromaleigh’s Holly was an all over face and body dusting powder — kind of reminds me of rose gold that BE sells. This ensures the color isn’t too pigmented. Orgasm would be a perfect color for you.

  5. I do the translucent powder trick too, if I put on too much blush or if I want to sheer out a certain one (like MAC’s Frankly Scarlet). But I have a blush brush with white bristles too (from Quo), and yes, it does help 🙂 Although I should be more diligent about cleaning them off so I can see how much blush is on there, ha!