Lightbulb Beauty Tip #2

Lots of people ask me what I use to line my lips when I’m wearing one of my favorite ‘alt’ colored lipsticks.  Reds and pinks are always easy to match.  But black?  Purple?  Grey?

Well, black used to be fairly easy.  You could sit and try a few different black eyeliners until you found one creamy and smudge proof enough to work.  What about everything else?  Typically alternative colored lipsticks require lip liner.  Just the basic nature of the depth of pigmentation calls for it.

My lightbulb solution?  Use a nude pencil to line your lips before applying your bright/dark/metallic lipsticks.

It’s very important to find the right nude for you, though.  If you’re lips are very fair, find a light nude.  If they are deeply pigmented, find a deeper nude!  Once you do you can wear your daring lipsticks with ease!  Nude liners also make a great base to many superlight glosses as well.

For the record, Avon makes a clear liner.  It’s junk – skip it.


8 Responses to “Lightbulb Beauty Tip #2”

  1. I honestly prefer Urban Decay liner in Ozone (the clear), since I can’t find a shade that matches my lip color well enough to be a “nude.” It works pretty well, too.

  2. I have the same problem as M, plus I still consider myself a MUA novice, so the clear liners work best for me. Mally Roncal’s Lip Fence is my favorite, followed by Urban Decay’s Ozone. I have one by L’Oreal that I picked up Walmart, but I haven’t properly road tested it yet. Now I kinda want to get the awful Avon one just to compare :p

  3. I CAN’T line my lips. >_<
    If I could just learn to do that… :<

  4. I have the clear Revlon colour-stay one. Haven’t reallllly tried it yet, heh.

  5. I like Too Faced’s Borderline Lipliner in Clear. I’ve been curious about Urban Decay’s clear lipliner as well.

  6. I use the UD clear lip liner 🙂

  7. I have the Revlon clear lip liner and it works great for me, I use it under everything that requires lipliner and have never had a problem!

  8. I really never bothered with lipliner. i have a clear one for when I get the urge but that’s it.