Picks of the Week!

Epically Epic’s Vegan Lip Balms

I’d like to think these were made with me in mind.  They are the perfect formula, smooth and very moisturizing.  As I’ve mentioned more times then I can count now, vegan balms are typically much softer then a balm made with beeswax.  With these you’d almost never know, I actually have to look at the tube sometimes I make sure I grabbed the right one.  I USED to have these in four flavors, but my mom ran off with one (it was Blueberry Lemonade, I’m still in mourning).  I checked her shop earlier and instead of replacing it I failed and ordered a vegan Shamrock Shake one instead 🙂

Haus of Gloi’s Reverie Scrub in Litchee Milk Tea

Reverie is a line from Gloi that is a series of ‘one offs’.  That is, they are scents that won’t be repeated after the initial batch sells out, rather then being part of their regular or even seasonal line.  I lurked the shop the day this scent was released just KNOWING that it was going to be amazing.  Litchee was inspired by Matt and Britton’s recent trip to Hawaii and I was following along anxiously waiting for what they’d release.  I love lychee.  I want to marry it.  This scent is no exception, it’s fruity and tart and delightful and totally vegan.  I realize you probably can’t get one of your own, now, but it’s one of my picks, none the less!

Cut to the Quick, by Kate Ross

The most esteemed Kate Ross is no longer with us, she died in 1998 at only 42, but her books are some of my very favorite.  I might rip through anywhere from 40 – 50 new books a year and probably reread a good 20 favorites when I can.  Kate Ross’s Julian Kestrel series are books I can repeat over and over.  It’s a murder and mayhem mystery set in the Regency era staying a rakish dandy who dates prostitutes and solves crime.  What is not to love?


14 Responses to “Picks of the Week!”

  1. Blueberry lemonade sounds tasty!

  2. I just picked up “Cut to the Quick” at my favorite used bookstore earlier today! Whoa!

  3. Jules Noctambule August 13, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Just a few days ago I was trying like a madwoman to remember Kate Ross and that series! The book that slipped my mind was ‘Whom the Gods Love’. Thank you!

  4. Oooh I may look up those books 😀 different from what I usually read!

  5. I actually got a couple of the lip balms after your review of them and am very happy – one of which is the blueberry lemonade! I find that they aren’t overly scented but I love the way they feel on my lips. They’ve passed my previous favorite, Smith’s Rosebud Salve. If I were to compare them to anything drugstore, I’d say they’re like Smackers old Splash ‘n Shine that was discontinued probably a good 5 years ago if not more. I haven’t been able to find anything as smooth as those since then, until Epically Epic’s 😀

    • Did you get the regular formula or the new vegan one? You really can hardly tell the difference!

      • Hmmm it looks like the Blueberry Lemonade is a vegan, but the Marshmallow and Mimosa aren’t. I didn’t even realize there was a difference when I ordered them. I really should stop ordering things on so little sleep – but I must say you’re right, I can’t really tell the difference when I put them on 🙂

  6. How would you say these lip balms compared to latherati’s and the morbid the merrier’s?

  7. How about in terms of texture/consistency and moisturising factor?