Tarina Revisited

After my last review of Tarina Tarantino’s products I’m sure you’ll all recall how my local Sephora invited me to come in for a private little ‘consultation’ featuring the products and how I was still less then impressed. Recently a couple of new products from Tarina Tarantino Cosmetics have been released and on a return visit to Sephora one of the ladies let me know that there had been some private reformulation due to feedback that the store had been giving her because of a lot of returns.  I felt a little better knowing it wasn’t just me.

This time I was sucked (or suckered) into trying a couple such new product.

Magic Hour Smudge Pen

I picked up this one in Silk, a shimmering golden peach.  First thing that happened with I opened the pen was it, quite obviously, pulled apart on me.  I wasn’t sure what was going on so I shoved it back in the tube and realized I had to UNSCREW it and when I did the tip was on a spring loaded applicator which was impossible for me to apply.  Anytime I applied pressure with it to get it just a little darker, it pushed back into the tube and just didn’t work.

In the end the color was just so sheer you couldn’t see it.  On top of not caring for the seemingly flawed product design, the actual formula and color were huge busts.

I returned it.

Victorian Punk Lip Gloss

I cannot tell you how much I wanted to love this product.  It’s both purple and punk and Victorian.  Just like the first gloss I tried (the Gemgloss) it’s very sheer, sheer to the point you couldn’t really tell I was wearing anything apart from a subtle shimmer.

On top of that it was sticky and had a really odd flavor.

I returned it.

Dollskin Eye Primer

Upon first looking at this primer it was really watery.  I wasn’t sure if it was a bad tube, so I actually went back to the store to get a new one, and well… that one was watery too.  When I applied it it was very thin and looked a little greasy, and I have normal (non-oily) lids.  My eyeshadow creased and actually migrated off my lid after about an hour and a half, almost two hours.  I was almost shocked when I looked in the mirror, and I’m glad I did, my shadow looked so bad I had to wipe it off with a tissue and just go without since I was out at the time.

Needless to say, I returned it.  Again

Would I try TT Cosmetics again?  No.

Even though Sephora claimed her products where greatly improved, I was still really disappointed in the things I tried.  I do have two products that I did get that I’m going to keep, but not exactly because they are all that great, but I’ll explain that later in the week!


23 Responses to “Tarina Revisited”

  1. Oh man, that’s ridiculous. It seems like you very, very rarely return products, so these must have been utterly terrible. I’d been eyeballing these in-store because the packaging is pretty, so thanks for saving me from trying these! ❤

    • You know, I don’t return much, and really the only thing I HAVE returned in a long time is TT stuff.

  2. That’s pathetically hilarious. Sephora hypes this line like crazy and yet the products themselves aren’t any better than the Hard Candy you could get at Walmart? Then again, they also promoted Jessica Simpson’s Dessert line a lot too.

    • I have a friend that just got hired and is is still training, and she tells me they are given ‘prompts’ about what to push and they usually over hype the Sephora exclusive stuff more then anything else. Makes sense but it’s not always honest.

  3. Wow, that’s really sad that you gave them a second chance and the products still let you down.

  4. That sucks, what a waste. It’s like they don’t even test out their products before pushing them on the customers.

  5. I really wanted to like this line because the packaging was so adorable but I couldn’t find anything in the shadows or blushes that I liked. I often overspend on makeup, so if I can’t find something to buy, then the line is in trouble.

    I eventually ended up getting a lipstick (Queen Alice) which is a nice neutral for fair skin, so I’m happy with it. The eyeliner is kind of meh. The color pops pretty well when I first put it on, but it fades and smears. I start off with bright turquoise liner and by early afternoon, I have to blend it so it looks like a sheer, blue shadow. It’s not ugly, but not exactly what I had in mind when I bought it.

  6. It’s a shame the products suck because the packaging is so cute.

    Do you think you could review the Tokidoki makeup line? I love the packaging on that, too.

  7. Oh boy. Tokidoki. I never bought any of those products. The package design is brilliant but whenever I check out the actual products, I think “I can get that for a better price elsewhere.”

  8. The last time I went in to a Sephora, they seemed pretty desperate to hawk the TT line. Someone approached me immediately and asked me if I wanted to try it, so I went over with her and swatched some of the eyeshadows and lipsticks on my hand. Yeah, not impressed. I’m not exactly the most makeup savvy person, but I felt like I had gotten better quality for less, even with bargain brands like NYC color and told the salesperson so. She kind of looked at me, and went, “oh, okay” with a look on her face that said that my reaction was the same one she had been getting from customers all day. IDGI, are Sephora staff on commission, or are they told if they don’t promote the hell out of TT they’ll get fired? Like, it’s stuff I might buy on a whim because it looks cute, but it’s not exactly priced for that.

    • I don’t think they get commission, I have never asked, though.

      I’m writing the last of my Tarina review and then I’m done. I wanted to actually sit and write more, but there isn’t all that much to say about this line.

  9. I am so envious that you guys in the US can just take makeup back if it’s rubbish. It’s virtually impossible trying to return something like that in Australia.

  10. Wow, it all sounds so awful! I really wanted to try this because of the gorgeous packaging and lots of the colours look great. In a way i’m glad it’s so rubbish because i can’t get it over here and it would cost a bomb and be a real hassle to get it sent over from the US.
    I’m so jealous of you being able to return makeup! We can’t do it unless it’s damaged or unused. So no chance i could return the lip gloss or eye primer just because i don’t like them 😦

  11. It’s really a great thing that you can return the products if you’re not satisfied with it. Unfortunately, here in Croatia we can’t return products though we should be able to do so. It really makes me angry when something is *really* pricey and it turns out it’s rubbish!