Get Naked

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an Urban Decay Naked Palette not too long ago.  Normally pressed commercial shadows aren’t really my thing, but I’d heard so much about this set that when I saw it in my local Sephora’s I had to check it out.  I was immediately hooked.  I’ve been questing ? for the right collection of brown shades for the perfect smokey eye and this collection of shades was the perfect compliment to my Indie arsenal.  Priced around 44$ (from Sephora) it was a great price for a dozen shadows, two liners, and a primer.  Although I really do try to stick with and support Indie cosmetics, Urban Decay is a cruelty free and vegan friendly company.

THIS is how Urban Decay does neutral! Far from a group of boring beige shadows, this long, lean, seductive case is packed with TWELVE gorgeous neutrals. Shades range from delicate champagnes to dark, gritty gunmetal, and feature FIVE NEW shades with names like Darkhorse, Virgin and Buck. We’ve also included a range of textures: everything from glitter to shimmer to matte.

The chocolaty velvet case is emblazoned with the word “NAKED” in gold foil lettering. (Just wait ‘til your friends see you pull this sexy thing out of your bag. Jealous!) The mirrored case also includes our first double-ended 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, featuring Zero (our award-winning black) and Whiskey, a NEW deep brown shade. We’ve also included a travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion in our original formula.

This is a shadow palette EVERYONE can use, and a truly spectacular gift. Experiment with office-appropriate neutrals, summertime bronzy looks, or sultry smokiness. With such a diversity of neutral shades at your fingertips, you’ll show there’s more to neutral than meets the eye.

~From the Urban Decay site.

From top to bottom, left to right : Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal.

Some of Urban Decay’s shadows are a little chunky and glittery for my tastes, but the Naked kit had some nice matte and shimmery shades with none of the glitter bombs.  I was really glad to have found this in the store so I was able to see for myself the textures of the shadows or I would have been hesitant to try it out by jumping blindly into buying it online, although it seems to always be sold out.  All in all I am really very happy with the palette and really glad I picked it up!

Want to try some smokey brown shades from Urban Decay for yourself?  Enter to win their Smoke Out kit in JuJu!

Actual prize will be browns/neutrals.

You may enter (comment here) only once.  Contest runs from now through September 1st, the winner will be announced September 2nd.  The contest is open internationally! To enter comment with the following:

  • How do you follow Gothique?
  • What’s your favorite smokey eye combination?

For an additional entry you can Tweet the following once every 48 hours!

Get Naked with @_Grey and win an @UrbanDecay411 Smoke Out Kit!  Enter to win :


103 Responses to “Get Naked”

  1. I Follow Gothique through Google Reader and Twitter 🙂

    I like the classic smokey eye with gray’s but I have yet to be able to master it. I think a neutral/brown smokey eye would look pretty awesome.

  2. I follow Gothique through twitter!

    I am a big fan of a black/dark smokey eye, but my absolute favourite is a dark dark shimmery blue!

  3. I follow LeGothique via email, via BlogLovin’ and stalkin’ the webpage coz I have it bookmarked 😛
    The title of your post cracked me up!

    My favorite smoky eye combination is black + purple. Recently I did this with Meow’s Necromancer, ROFL & Skeptic.

  4. I follow Gothique through Twitter.

    My fav smoky eye involves winged liner smothered in Sugarpill Bulletpoint, with a touch of Lumi on the inside corner.

  5. I follow via email updates and Twitter! And stalking. 😀

    My favorite smokey eye combo would have to be with purples. I normally do a neutral all over the lid (loving Hi-Fi’s “Words Are the Remedy” right now) and fade it into layers of purple, darkening the color on the outer halves of my lids from lash line to crease. A combination of Fyrinnae’s “Parental Advisory” and my own “Gengar” works perfectly! 🙂

  6. I follow through bookmark-stalking and twitter. ^_^
    And I laughed at the tweet, but I’ll post it none the less. :p

  7. I love a blended gunmetal shimmer with matte black crease shadow and a pale silvery highlight. Black liquid liner on top lashes with a little white on the waterline and maybe a smudge of black or gray shadow on the lower lash. Finish with black mascara!

    I follow via bookmark.

  8. I have you bookmarked!
    I love a dark brown smokey eye.
    I’m glad you like the naked palette. Urban Decay is my favorite. 🙂

  9. I follow Le Gothique the old fashioned way (or as old fashioned is things get on the internets…) I save it in my favorites and check it daily.

    Favorite smokey eye? I change my mind like I change my socks, so right now I’m obsessed with teals and browns. I like using Concrete in Doe-Eyed, GlitterSniffer in Bobbie, an a random unlabled pale gold sample that I can’t remember where I got it from! I like to line the bottom with a shimmery teal or turquiose (right now Detrivore cosmetics in Mildew).

    But I go through phases, so tomorrow it’ll be all greens….who knows!

  10. I follow via Reader and Twitter.

    I tend to like a basic grey-black smoky eye. I’m not very good at doing them, but if I were to try again, I’d reach for AL’s Moth, Shadow Witch, and Tapestry, and maybe line with Fyrinnae’s Immortality.

  11. I follow LeGothique via bookmark and twitter 🙂

    My favorite smokey eye combo is done with purples. Although, when it’s done with a midnight blue, that has to be a close second! Midnight blue in the crease with the purple? ❤ I'm always hesitant to get brown makeup, since I don't own brown anything (except for my hair and eyes… and my lap desk). But the ones you're showing look really pretty 😀 I might have to try them!

  12. I follow through google friend connect.

    The last smokey eye i did was green and purple. It turned out way better than it sounds!

  13. I follow via bookmark.

    Favourite smokey eye? Something mossy green and darkbrownish with a bit of a golden/champagne highlight. With a tealish black waterline.

  14. I follow through Google friend connect/Blogger 🙂

    My favorite smokey eye is definitely dark purple with the blackest black black eyeliner all the way around.

    btw I’m jealous you’ve managed to get the naked palette. I don’t have a Sephora near me but it seems when I do manage to get to one they’re always sold out!

  15. I follow Gothique with…
    – RSSOwl on my notebook
    – Feed Sidebar (Firefox extension) on my desktop
    – Free RSS Reader on my iPhone

    I don’t think I look like myself in a black smoky eye, so I use purple shades, usually with AL’s Glowing Luna as a highlight. If I had more browns & neutrals in my collection, I’d like to try a more classic look.

  16. I follow via Bloglovin’.

    My favorite smokey eye combination….that’s a hard one. I probably wear smokey eyes more than I wear anything else, so my favorite combo changes constantly. It’s usually something in shades of green, though.
    Lately I’ve been wearing Fyrinnae Dokkalfar, Fyrinnae Jade Ghost, and Urban Decay’s Mildew together as my go-to smokey eye.

  17. I love doing smokey’s with purples. I occasionally add a pop of bright blue eyeliner for an interesting effect. I follow through my favorites bar. (:

  18. I follow Gothique with Google Reader.

    I wear a lot of smokey looks, I think my most loved is actually a brown and plum combo, but that would be quickly followed by a black and green.

  19. I follow through bookmarks, I guess? I just check it once per day for updates. xD

    My favorite smokey eye combination would have to be the traditional white/silver/black with a twist (the twist being that I try to use shades with glitter or shimmer, like using Fyrinnae’s Immortality and Equality for my smokey).

  20. I follow Gothique by obsessively checking your blog daily. Does that count as following?

    My favorite smokey eye combination is gold and browns. And sometimes gold and green.

  21. sweeeeet, I stalk you through blogger and twitter land

    My favourite smokey combo is black and silver so far.

  22. oh dear, now i am lusting after all those gorgeous browns!
    i follow gothique via google reader.
    i do a smoky eye several days a week. my favorite lately has been a black cream shadow base, with aromaleigh’s soul takes flight and grape matte shadows.

  23. I follow Gothique through your blog. I have it saved as a favorite and I try to visit at least once a day.

    My favorite way to do a smoky eye is with navy blue. I use Sassy’s eyeshadow in Secretive. I love the way it looks with my brown eyes. It really makes them pop!! =)

  24. I follow through my bookmarks.

    I have mid-tone green eyes, so I love doing smoky eyes in warm browns and bronzes, which make them stand out without being too bright.

    Every now and then, I do a brown smoky eye in a lighter brown and gold, and line either the upper or lower lash in purple. It brings out my eyes, and the other colors of shadow.

  25. I follow via Twitter and Netvibes.

    My fave smokey eye combo is grey and black, although being a redhead that is really difficult to pull off. I have been trying a brown and purple lately but am still perfecting it.

  26. I follow you through Twitter and have this page marked. 🙂

    My favorite smokey combination is Carbon,Humid, and Wedge.

  27. 1. You’re in my google reader!

    2. I’m a fan of charcoals and blacks, but I also like a good navy, since I have blue eyes.

  28. I follow Gothique through twitter, we’re friends on facebook and I follow it through my blog roll. I think I need a bloglovin account haha.
    My favorite smokey eye is a dark grey-ish purple on the lid paired with a bright purple in the crease. I think it’s really flattering on brown eyes as well as unique. I’m not one for using black so I try and use the darker version of the color I’m using in the crease. I also like a dark forest green paired with a bright lime green.

  29. I follow through Google Reader and my favorite smoky eye is bright silver, grey and black 🙂

  30. I follow Gothique through bloglovin, and twitter!

    I love Grey, Green and Purple smokey eyes, but I think my favourite is a dark bronzey smokey eye, I think I’ll be ordering the naked pallette asap.!

  31. I’ve bookmarked le gothique:)

    My favorite smokey eye is in different shades of turquoise!

  32. I’ve bookmarked Le Gothique which is how I follow 😀
    My favourite smokey eye is purple and black as I have green eyes. Also it just looks awesome~

  33. I follow with Twitter and a bookmark!

    My favourite smokey combination is deep shimmery green and teal with a hint of gold. My dream combination is full on Sugarpill using Magpie, Junebug and Goldilux with cool toned pink lips.
    A girl can dream (and raid her student loan).

  34. I has you bookmarked and favorited 😉

    and i likes any dark violet, blue, or turquoise smokey eyes.

  35. * How do you follow Gothique? I follow you mainly because I’ve got this website favorited. In fact, all I have to do is type “l” in the address bar and your website will pop up. 🙂

    * What’s your favorite smokey eye combination? I can’t pull off a smokey eye so I do what I call a half-smokey eye. Lighter all around the lid except for the outer crease area. That accentuates the shape of my eye which I LOOOVE.

  36. Alyson Whiechapel August 24, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    I follow Gothique through, well, this blog. I only recently discovered this site, but I love it already.

    Also, I’d have to say my favorite smoky eye shades have to be a nice, true, deep red with silver.


  37. 1. I follow via email notifications so I get an email on my phone every time you post something new.

    2. My favorite smokey eye is red & black or grey. I usually use hot mama from tkb for the lid & the black in one of my CS 88 palettes for the crease.

  38. I follow Gothique via twitter and never ending Firefox tabs… Every night I close Firefox and tell it to save what I have open. I’ve had Gothique open in a tab for probably 5 months now! I should probably give my Firefox a break one of these nights…

    As for a smokey eye, I’m still learning how to do that myself, but the combo I like so far is Aromaleigh’s Asphalt and Dulcinea. In other words, sparkly black and purple heh… I actually got a compliment on it today so I must be getting better lol 😀

  39. I follow via bookmark-stalk! But I am adding you to my blogroll now because I check your blog every day.

    My smokey eye is my perfect daytime smokey eye! Dark brown liner on both top and bottom, and then e.l.f.’s mineral eyeshadow in Confident foiled on top. It’s such a gorgeous combination and makes my eyes look bright and snapping!

  40. * How do you follow Gothique?

    I check your blog daily and now I’m subscribing by email.

    * What’s your favorite smokey eye combination?

    For now, the duo “Blade Runner” by Nars, because I just got it and I love the greyish red-brown and greyish deep green shades, together they make the perfect smokey something grey 😉 This duo are really not a chrismas tree !

    But my all time favorite is “Bastet” by Fyrinnae, with it, every shadow can become a gorgeous smokey 😉

  41. I follow through Blogger’s weird thing, even though you’re not on Blogger? Idk you show up in my subscription box 😀 and I also stalk the webpage every now and then, like a good stalker *cough*

    Going to sign up via email now though!

    Lately I’ve really been loving coppery bronze smokey eyes, specifically MAC Amber Lights on the lid, with MAC Bronze or Romp in the crease and Mulch to deepen it. I love this combo so much that I applied it on my friends the other night too when we went out XD

  42. I follow your blog via my subscription.

    My fave smokey eye- is Kryolan black aqua cake and Ben Nye Amethyst over it, which almost a dupe for Stars and Rockets. From a matte black to a super pretty purple pink duo chrome.

  43. I follow through google.

    My favorite smokey eye usually consists of black and a shimmery gray.

  44. I follow through Google Reader!

    My favorite smokey eye is a purple smokey eye. I feel like purples really compliment my skintone and eye color, and it’s a little more bold than just a normal smokey eye. 😀

  45. I follow you on Twitter and via Bloglines!

    I think my favorite smokey eye is purple. You can create an amazing smokey purple eye using the Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon palette in Lust!

  46. I follow you through Twitter and GoogleReader 😀

    My fave combination is a deep black crease and a lid filled with thousands of golden pigments. So classy!

  47. * How do you follow Gothique?

    Google’s RSS feed 😀

    * What’s your favorite smokey eye combination?

    I like to throw in navy and mix that with gray!

  48. I am an email subscriber to Gothique.
    My fave smokey eye look is a medium shade of violet on the lids, with a deep amethyst smudged out around the lashline.
    Thx for this awesome giveaway!

  49. I follow through the reader/Rss feed thing and myfav combo is grey, black, and a lighter, matte grey

  50. I follow you via Bloglovin.

    I love doing green smokey eyes cos they look amazing with my red hair and blue eyes. Lately I’ve used Aromaleigh’s Amarante with HiFi Cosmetics’ Adeste Fideles and Bad Seed a lot. Another favorite’s MAC’s Humid with Sweet & Punchy which I copied from their face chart.

  51. I came across your blog through a link to your Shiro review that was on Shiro’s facebook page.
    I follow now through google reader 🙂
    My favourite smokey combos would be silver with a very deep shimmery pine green, blended into each other so that it’s a subtler kind of smokey 🙂

  52. I follow through Google Reader.

    I prefer a nice shiny champagne color with a very dark purple and brown blended together – it’s not too extreme for everyday wear, but it really makes your eyes pop. Darken it up in the crease and around the lash lines for evening – all set!

  53. I follow through twitter and I saved this blog to my bookmarks
    My favorite smokey look would be having a light lavender on the lid with a deeper purple and some black in the outer crease.

  54. I follow Gothique through Reader. I love a shimmery purple smokey eye with a nice winged black liner.

  55. so I follow you on Google Reader and Twitter, and now that I know you’re on Facebook, I’ll stalk you there too!

    Favorite smokey eye? Kryolan silver aquacolor with black blended into both corners & all around underneath. It’s a combo smokey/cat eye, and SUPER dramatic, but also deceptively simple.

  56. Hi! I follow your blog through email (

    My favorite way to do a “smokey eye” is with my palettes from the Japanese brand KATE. Most Japanese shadows are sheer and sparkly, and they let me do the look without really overdoing it. I usually use a black/grey combo, heavier on the grey.

  57. I follow your blog with Bloglovin…
    My favorite eye combinations for smokey eye have to be dark greys with gold. Amazing ❤

  58. I follow you through google reader!

    My fave smoky eye involves dark and sparkly forest green in the crease and outer v.

  59. I follow through blogger

    I really LOVE purples, so I often do purple smokey eyes. I have some great dark purples from Fyrinnae that work beautifully, as well as a few others.

  60. Hullo 🙂 I follow you through Google reader. My fav smokey eye is with lots of black, pewter, and silver. I’m trying to experiment with brights now!

  61. I follow Gothique through the e-mail alert thingy.

    My favourite smoky eye is usually purple+grey/silver. I use dusty/grey-ish purple all over the lid and then do a smudgy sort of line with grey/silver.

  62. Hi,
    I follow you by bloglovin and twitter.

    I love smoky eye with brown or green eyeshadows. But I do it with purples, black and blue to.

    Thank you!

  63. I follow Gothique through Opera RSS
    I love doing brown smokey eyes, as i feel black is a bit too harsh on me, but i also like to mix it up by doing blues and purples and greys occasionally. 🙂

  64. I have Le Gothique bookmarked. My favorite smokey eye combo is purple! I can’t pick a favorite combo of purples but purple is great!

  65. I follow with Bloglovin’

    My fav smokey eye right at this moment consists of diff shades of shimmery grey and a touch of light pink.

    (but i love smokey eyes in every shade, especially bold colours aswell.)

  66. I follow via bookmark.

    My favorite smokey eye depends on the occasion. Usually it’s just some combo of dark greens or purples. If I need something dramatic I’ll do one with silver and black in the crease, topped with smudged black liner.

  67. This is my favorite make up blog. I follow almost every day.

    The black/purple/silver smokey eye is my favorite, or the cobalt/pearl.

  68. I follow through bookmark 🙂

    My favorite smokey eye combo is probably brown/black with MAC’s Coco Pigment and Black Tied eyeshadow

  69. I follow this blog through stalking from my favorites/ bookmarked pages on my browser! (And now I shall subscribe through email.) I check almost everyday for updates :D.

    My favorite smokey eye combination is black or gunmetal paired with a vibrant color.

  70. I follow you via Google (Blogger) reader – you can check my Blogger profile.

    My favourite smokey eyes look is either with dark brown, or black/grey combination.

    I sooo want this pallete… 😀

  71. I follow Gothique via bookmark which I check more then once a day often >_<

    I'm fond of the urban decay Goddess (lovely dark blue) and grey more often gunmetal. I'm in need of a good "naked" palette as I've run out of colours to highlight and make blending way easier.

  72. I just bookmarked this site and visited it in my “round” of sites that I check out but! Now I have subscribed to the RSS feed and twitter 🙂

    My favorite smokey eye colors are browns and purples as blacks and greys are too harsh for me. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  73. I follow through bookmark and email!

    My favourite smokey eye is purple with some silvery greys 🙂

  74. I follow through twitter!
    My fav smoky eye would prolly be Thalia’s Return, Sophie, & Circe by Aromaleigh

    I tweeted: somuchbetter88

  75. I follow on twitter, through email subscription and I also have the site bookmarked on my toolbar. =]

    It doesn’t look great with my skin tone but on other people, I love brown smokey eyes. For my eyes, I like to do charcoal greys and royal purple.

  76. 1. i follow your blog through my browsers bookmarks 🙂

    2. my (current) favourite smokey eye combo is purple and black.

    3. my tweet:

    great giveaway!

  77. Following you via google friend connect 🙂
    My fave smokey eye: purple and dark blue! 🙂

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  78. following Gothique through Twitter, pending FB and email.

    my go to smoky eye is all about gold blended atop black over milk

  79. I follow through twitter @ Silverstargirl2

    My fav smoky eye would prolly be Thalia’s Return, Sophie, & Circe by Aromaleigh

    I tweeted here:

  80. I follow your blog through live RSS on my browser, and my favourite smokey eye is soft greys and purples, makes my eyes look really green.

  81. I follow you via your RSS ffed.
    My favourite smoky eye combo is different hues of blue.
    Pale almost white blue in the inner corner and under the brow, a middle blue on the lid, a dark blue in the outer corner and an almost black blue with glitter in the crease all blend together to create smoke.

  82. I follow with google friend connect 🙂

    My favorite way to wear a smokey eye is with dark purples.

  83. I have added you in my favourites list and I check your blog from there ,actually I could not find the GFC following on your site I follow all blogs via google friend connect but I could not find that on your site so I put your site in my favourites bar and I check it from there.
    My favourite smokey eye look is using matte black eyeshade,black kohl ,mascara along with nude lipcolor it is a basic smokey eye look I learned it from Michelle Phan’s channel on Youtube

  84. I follow Gothique by clicking on it in my favorites. I was turned on to this site by Phyrra and I saved the URL to my favorites.

    I like a smokey eye done with greys and blacks with lots of black liner.

  85. I follow Gothique through my Google reader feed. The smokey eye look I normally use is a blended out silver and black because I’m a dancer and that’s what I normally need to use for my shows.

  86. I follow through twitter @lipsspeaks and your blog is added to my page of blogs I follow. My favourite smokey eye combinations are purples, silvers and blacks!

  87. I follow you via bloglovin and twitter.

    My favorite smokey eye combo is using black gel liner smudged on the upper lash line topped with black eyeshadow. I use medium/dark brown eye shadow all over the lid and crease and then I blend out my crease with a satin finish nude shadow. I don’t use a highlighter with this look so the focus is closer to my eyes and not my brow bone. I follow with a little of the gel liner smudged under the outer 1/3 of my lower lashline.

  88. I follow you through twitter as Innocent122

    My favorite smokey look would be having a light lavender on the lid with a deeper purple and some black in the outer crease.

    I tweet here:


  89. I follow you via facebook 🙂
    My favorite smoky eye is various shades of grey and black.Love it!

  90. I just came upon your site this morning while looking for reviews of a mineral company, and as a result of this post I have just added you to my feed in Google Reader.

    On myself, I like a dark green to chartreuse or gold smoky eye. I like a black to silver and a purple/plum to lilac smoky look on those who are better suited to those colors than I am.

  91. wowww awesome giveaway. u r so generous !!!

    I m ur twitter follower @Sad20ful

    I’d have to say my favorite smoky eye shades have to be a nice, true, deep red with silver. I love it 😉

    here is the tweet:

  92. I follow your blog through twitter (beautyaddicnet)

    My favorite smokey combination at the moment are Too Faced eye shadows – Milk Chocolate as a base, Glamazon and London calling at inner/middle part of the lid and Label Whore as the ‘smokey’ touch 🙂 It looks perfect! 🙂

  93. I follow via RSS and twitter.
    I suck at applying a smoky eye, but when I do try I love to use dark teal and aqua.

  94. I have you bookmarked and I also follow you on Twitter.

    I like a simple brown smokey eye. I’m not confident enough to make it very dark or vibrant, not yet anyway. I also pair if with a pale lip, like Snob from MAC.


  95. i follow you by checking on your blog everyday! {& on twitter}
    i do a neutral color all over the lid and some grey or charcoal color like gunmetal and blend it from the crease to the lid.
    p.s. i retweeted you.

    thanks for the giveaway !

  96. I follow via twitter as @invictoria.

    My favorite smokey combination at the moment is with a black matte eyeshadow (like MAC Carbon) + greenish-brown eyeshadow (Too Faced Label whore (L) ) and a vanilla eye shadow to light.

  97. I follow this site via Twitter and Facebook. My favorite smokey eye combo involves taupes (love those taupes!) blended into dark purple near the eyes. ❤

  98. I have you bookmarked as a favorite.

    My favorite smokey combo is bronze or copper with green.


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