Shiro Cosmetics – A Review

I ordered from Shiro Cosmetics before I went on vacation back in the middle of June. I ordered five mini jars and Caitlin was also kind enough to send a few little samples of some of her other colors as well.

Shiro currently has forty bright Pokemon inspired shades.

Hey Grey, you ask, are you a Pokemon fan?


I really like the formula of these shadows, although they aren’t all that complex they are bright and long wearing and blend really well.  Full sized shadows are 5$ for a full 5 gram jar (aprox 2grams of product) and samples are 1/4th of a teaspoon and average under a 1$ when you buy a sample set.  Throwing a bunch of stuff in my cart and checking shipping it’s never more then 2.50$, which is a great deal.  Each jar and sample come labeled with both the shade, the ingredient list as well as whether they are lip safe or not.

From top to bottom, left to right : Brock the Rock, Mew, Vulpix, S.S. Anne, Meowth, Bulbasaur, Lance the Dragon Trainer, Hyper Beam, Golem, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Gengar, Rattata, Team Rocket, Acid, and Charmander

I love all the shades, but my favorites that I actually wear fairly often are Meowth, S.S. Anne, Vulpix, Brock the Rock, and Mew.

Would I order from Shiro Cosmetics again? Yes.

  • I love the formula, it’s one of my favorite since it’s made with carnuba wax.
  • It seems, from the samples I have, that everything is vegan.

Normally this review would follow my usual format and I’d take you from order to delivery and everything in between. When I ordered, though, there were a few odd situations that really make it seem unfair to me to make this an ‘official review’. I was on vacation so when the package arrived I didn’t make any notes and so many other people have reviewed and used Shiro by now that it seems almost like I don’t need to anyway.


28 Responses to “Shiro Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. This company is on my list to try out, and this review is one more nudge in the direction of “sooner” rather than “later”! Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for the review, Grey! I’m so glad you like the formula and colors. Your blog was actually a huge source of help to me when I was researching various ingredients to come up with a good base, which is why I decided to try out the carnauba wax in the first place. ^_^

    I am jealous of your Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

    …I don’t suppose you want to trade friend codes? 😛

  3. S.S. Anne and Meowth look really nice! Meowth looks pretty close to AL Earthly Delights, too. I need to find a replacement for that since I only have a sample size, boo.

  4. Soooooo pretty!! I seriously need to move this shop up in my list of “people to buy from soon” (yes, I have one, don’t you?). The colors are all so clear and gorgeous. And come on- it’s Pokemon! If she’d been around 11 years ago when I was all Pokemon crazed I’d have bought out her entire stock already, based on the names alone, LOL. Even without the fun names, though, these colors look great and I’d probably try them out eventually anyway.

    (Did I mention I have 2 Pokemon tattoos? Yeah… ^__^)

  5. I LOVE Shiro cosmetics, everyone should try out these shadows. International shipping is also very reasonable and you get your order very quickly.

  6. Love this review, love Shiro Cosmetics and I love that lovely assortment of Pokemon games. =) I’m a huge Pokemon fan as well so the names as well as all the positive reviews I read prompted me to order. My favourites are Meowth, Squirtle and Seaking.

  7. I love Shiro! It’s great watching Caitlin grow and learn more about blending and colour as she releases new shadows 🙂 and she has some of the sweetest nicest CS evar.

  8. I’m happy to see you lovin’ on Shiro 🙂
    I can’t believe I fell in love with Meowth & S.S. Anne!

  9. Ugh I swear I’m gonna get around to ordering from Shiro! I just love the Pokemon theme, and it’s killing me to see everyone else reviewing them, lol.

  10. I’ve never been much for Pokemon….however I do have an unhealthy obsession with Squirtle.

    I’ve been eyeing these colors for months and now I’m totally drooling over these swatches….why did i wait so long??!?!

    Pikachu looks o-mazing

  11. I tried to guess which colors were which on your hand before I scrolled down 😀 I got most of them right! It’s awesome that you can tell the manufacturer worked hard to make sure the swatches on the site were accurate.

  12. 😀 just made my order. I can’t wait to try these. I’m such a sucker for nerdy and pretty things.

  13. I immediately put in an order for Meowth and Rapidash. I’ve been looking for shades exactly like that for months, but haven’t been able to find the right ones. I’m excited! She was super nice in the Etsy convo, which is always a plus!

  14. I am fairly new to Shiro but I love the stuff… planning to get back for more in the next few days ! Thanks for the review 🙂

  15. I caved and ordered mini sizes of Bulbasaur, Meowth, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, and Golem. I had an issue with my Debit card and she was very patient with me! Not to mention, my order was shipping out with a tracking number within the same day….can’t really beat that can you?

  16. The formula is my favorite too 😀 Just swatching my last order. LOL