Recommendations, Please!

Being out of the loop as much as I have been, I need your help!

Any new companies out there that I should check out?

Let me know!


25 Responses to “Recommendations, Please!”

  1. Paintbox Soap Works.

    Recently got a package from her, it was darling! The paint sets are cute and her fragrances are pretty unique. Beet It had to be my favorite though. It was earthy, but sweet (not too sweet) and bright and so very interestingly beet like! The Sorbettos are nice too 🙂

    • Ohhhh, I like those sets! I love beets, I make these amazing beet brownies, I’ll have to try that one.

      • D: Beet brownies!? PLZ TO HAZ. I used to work in a kitchen that used beets in their dark chocolate cake. Chocolate and beets are made to be married for sure!

        Now that I mention that, I think she (Paintbox) used to be a pastry chef, cant remember where I saw that though.

  2. Eccentric Cosmetics! They are on etsy very new company. I have tried them an they have some interesting colours. is my review and a link to Eyeconics review 🙂

  3. Not a product suggestion but I was wondering if you’ve heard/knew anything about this? This is the first I’ve heard of it. Just wondering your thoughts.

  4. Great info, thank you! I’m newish to your site so if you posted about it before I definitely missed it.
    Haven’t ordered from them yet, but have been eyeballing the goodies at:

  5. Also, they’re not “new”, but I haven’t seen you review them yet- how about The StarShine Company on Etsy? It’s more MMU and smelly stuff, and they have incense! They say they’re organic and vegan, so they sound like they’re right up your alley 🙂

    Also, let me just say I’m SOOOOOOOO glad to see you promoting and spreading the word about the TRUTH behind the SCA. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If that bill passes as written, you all can kiss us little B&B guys goodbye 😦

  6. Not new but long before I came across your site I thought that my only vegan makeup options were Beauty Without Cruelty. Then came Zuzu Luxe.

  7. I did a review of Lethal Lathers on etsy, I thought the stuff was really great. If you reviewed them I bet it would really boost the company up, it’s pretty new. I second Paintbox Soapworks and Madame Scodioli, I’ve been curious about those for a while. Killer Cosmetics has been making the rounds as well, I’d love to see your opinion 🙂

  8. What about Poison Apple Potions ( Her things remind me a little of Haus of Gloi or the Morbid the Merrier. There’s a verbena-based scent that I’m verrrry curious to try — may have to indulge on payday!

  9. Perhaps a f/u on GlitterSniffer? They move from Etsy to a new website with all new colors in sept.

  10. Jules Noctambule August 30, 2010 at 10:41 am

    I see someone’s already mentioned Scodioli (the spouse adores her shaving soaps), so I’ll go for L’Aromatica:
    While not new, I find her perfumes to be intriguing without being bash-you-over-the-head-with-scent BPAL-style stuff, and her seasonal offerings are especially delightful.

  11. Evil Shades was the first suggestion that popped into my mind, but then I realized that it’s slated for an upcoming review!

  12. Not a product reccomendation, but I was wondering if you ever bought food items from Etsy? There’s a few places that look really good that I would like to try some time this semester, one of which happens to be this places:

    • I typically don’t. I like to make stuff for myself, I’m wary of getting ‘vegan’ food from places I don’t know.