New Sugarpill

Sugarpill just released seven amazing new loose shadow shades, and they are all vegan!  Check them out!


9 Responses to “New Sugarpill”

  1. I already ordered Darling, Paperdoll, and Stella XD

  2. Paperdoll looks AMAZING. Seriously. I did a smoky purple eye tonight and was just thinking about how lighter purples never really show up against my olive-y skin…

  3. I love how she didn’t try to build up hype for weeks, and that there were only the tiniest hints if you looked closely enough at her latest blog post photos and YT guru post IMATS videos. It was just, “hey, I’ve got some new colors AND HERE THEY ARE!”

    Trying not to stare at Weekender for too long because I know I’ll wind up buying it!

  4. Amy’s making it harder and harder to save moola. That’s 9 loose shadows I want now 😦

  5. ….MORE? Wow, I only heard whispers that more shades were coming soon but I didn’t know that it would be this soon. Thank God I’m getting paid next weekend!

  6. Super excited for this, I already ordered Darling and Royal Sugar

  7. I was just going to buy Lumi and Tiara 😉 Now I can order more. LOL

  8. This is exciting! I feel so out of the loop! I love Sugarpill products!