After quite a bit of consternation and perusing of reviews I finally set myself on trying an epilator, just you know, to torture myself.  I had been considering getting an Emoji after reading some particularly good reviews, but honestly?  I wasn’t sure I was going to end up liking it and didn’t want to drop money on something that might not be worth the investment.  I ran across the Braun SE3170 Silk-épil SoftPerfection Epilator at Target and tossed it in my cart.  It was just about 40$ and I knew Target had a great return policy, just in case.

I must love misery because I was actually looking forward to trying this out the first time.  I decided not to shave for about a week (more torture) which is what many companies recommend to get the best results, since the growth, although in different stages (lengths) would be long enough to catch the first time.  I sat down in the kitchen in front of my balcony door (so I could have the best light) and flipped it on.  Wow, it’s loud, which trust me, makes it a little scarier then it is.

Now this is the part where I should break away and mention that I am moderately tattooed.  I’m no Kat Von D, but I have my fair share of ink in some painful places and most reviews likened the plucking of the hair to the sting of a tattoo needle.  Um, no.  It was nothing like that at all.  When I first touched the epilator to my leg of course I winced, but it was over in seconds.  There are two speeds to this model 1 (fast) and 2 (very fast) and I was just on 1 (fast) and after just a minute sting, that was it.  True, it was only one spot on my leg, but it was over so quickly I hardly had time to notice it.

After playing around with it a little bit I discovered two things that vastly improved it’s performance.

  1. The little guard on it with the roller balls is pointless.  It’s supposed to massage your skin as it plucks, but it just gets in the way and makes you have to go over the same area a few times, which isn’t ideal.  It pops off, so pop it off and toss it.
  2. Even though it has two speeds, stick to the slowest.  On the fast speed the little disks of pluckers (I’m sure there is a more technical term) go too fast making you have to go back over the same area again.  It works best on 1.

It took me about twenty minutes to get both of my legs, and I was going very gingerly the higher I got, if you know what I mean.  But it wasn’t a very long process.  I’m glad I did do it in the kitchen because after the little hairs are plucked they just sort of go all over, so being in the kitchen made it easier to clean up.

After the first time you might notice that you have a few strays, which is normal.  You should sit and spot over the places you missed rather then razor them.  If you can’t seem to get spots just leave them and let them grow out a bit more so you can pluck them, rather then shaving, since it will totally throw off your growth.  After a while your overall growth will thin considerably, shaving inhibits this.  Leaving everything to be plucked will eventually even out your growth making you need to pluck less often.

In one sitting I did my legs, arms (I usually shave my arms, again because of my tattoos) and my under arms.  Of all the places the legs hurt the most, especially over the back of my knees and up my thighs.  My arms were really easy, although maneuvering my elbows was tricky (like my knees).  I was certain my under arms would kill, but it was over relatively quickly since it’s such a small area, and it was probably the most stunning of results.

After the initial plucking it took over a week before I had to go back over spots in all areas, although my skin was still very smooth.  Even now, after about a month of use, I’ve only had to spot about three times and my skin is still really soft and bare.  It really helped very much to suffer through letting the growth grow longer before the first use.

As far as epilators go, this is a rather lower end product, although I can’t imagine anything more expensive would work better.  Many have a larger (or smaller) area of plucking disks, but I found this length was best, it easily fit into my angles (I’m also a cyclist, so I have sort of muscular and angular legs) and wasn’t cumbersome.  Some are cordless, but the cord on this model is plenty long enough to maneuver.

I cannot recommend this epilator enough!  If you’ve been considering trying an one out, this is totally for you!


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  1. Amazing. I never really considered using one, but now I think I’m going to have to give it a go. I hate, hate, hate shaving and waxing is just too messy.

    Target time!

  2. I’ve never heard of these things until now. I am definitely going hunting for one. Otherwise, it’s just threading for me. 🙂 I found a pretty reasonably priced lady who does it around where I live but I’m sure one of these babies will save me oodles of money.

  3. Thanks so much for the review! I have thought about trying one of these from time to time, but never did because of the price. Maybe next time I’m at Target, I’ll have to check them out!

  4. I tried one in the past… but OUCH! And I had a bunch of strays, on top of that. I was bummed that I would have to pluck *and* shave to get bare legs.

    But… I like your advice about waiting to pluck the stray hairs rather than shave them… so maybe that is where I went wrong in my experiment. I should have tried again. My friends told me to keep trying, but I couldn’t get myself to go there another time. Maybe I will give it another go.

    • There is a lot of trial and error to working it out, but once you get the speed and all that down, it’s so easy and effective.

  5. I’m getting the Braun Silk-Epil Xpressive 7. I can’t wait! 😀

  6. Uh, wow. I always though epilators were just electric razors for ladies! Because of that, I never bothered to look any further into them- I mean, an electric razor? Why bother? Just take care of it in the shower with a manual one! Apparently I was mistaken, and for years have been missing out on something that would save me having to shave every other day. Thanks for this review, I’m off to shop for an epilator now! ❤

    • Noo, silly 🙂

      I honestly am so happy about this thing it’s sad. Living in So Cal it’s bare skin weather for just about three seasons, so this is just a god send.

  7. I have really heinous memories of my grandma chasing me with her Epilady from the 60’s. That thing sounded like a belt sander! The last and only time i tried it (ie: was held down and forced) was when I was 12 and I remember how bad it hurt. Nowadays though, I think I can probably handle it. I wonder if my Grammy still has that thing and how different it does/doesn’t work from the new models…

    • My one aunt (my Mom’s youngest sister) had one when I was in high school. I remember wanting to use it and my aunt showing me how. The modern epilator is WAY WAY different then the old ones. They are built totally different and have a much better design to them that make them less painful and more effective!

      • That sounds really promising! I just looked at the Target website, they all look lightyears away from my grandma’s (however a lot of them are still pink like hers!). They actually look 10x less scary. I may be trying this out since Nair/Veet burns my skin off and shaving is a pain

  8. I’ve been wanting to get something like this for a long time, but I wasn’t sure it’d be worth the investment. I’ve seen those No No’s on TV, but they cost like over $200. Maybe I’ll try one of these things first. I’m glad you reviewed this product because I trust your opinion. I would love to be able to stop shaving. Thanks for the review!! =)

  9. *adds yet another thing to my must-buy list*

    You’re a terrible financial influence, y’know. At least I’ll be pretty while I’m broke. XD

  10. Thanks so much for this. I’ve been looking into getting one lately because nair leaves me with chemical burns & shaving leaves me with razor burns & still stubbly legs no matter what razor or soap I use. I’m glad you reviewed a cheaper one cause the only reviews I’ve been finding are for the expensive ones. I need one of these asap! Haha

  11. I didn’t know these existed either. I’m also one of the peoples who just thought they were electric razors for women lol. I do want one now. We don’t have Target so imma have to stalk my wal-mart or something.

  12. I have one of these! Just wondering (and feel free to skip this answer if you feel uncomfortable), have you tried epilating down there, and if so, do you have any tips? Every time I’ve tried it hurt like a mofo 😦

    • I’m waiting, cause I typically wax, for everything to ehem, grow out.

    • Actually, I’ve tried using the epilator for the area below the waist… Hurts like hell when you first try it.

      So I just epilated a bit at a time. Like a couple of square centimeters one day, then the next day I go over a bit over the area I had just epilated and add another two or three square centimeters to the area. And just sort of slowly add up until I am able to fully epilate.

      The main thing to remember is not to skip epilating over the parts you’ve already had. You might’ve missed a hair or two, or a couple might’ve already grown enough to be epilated, but since it’s no longer the hundreds you’ve plucked just a day ago, it doesn’t hurt in comparision.

      Also, since you’re doing bit by bit, the going over previous areas helps even out the growth later. And once you have your whole zone clear, the upkeep is pretty easy and painless.

  13. I totally wonder how this compares to waxing, since I love having that done.

    • I hate waxing, although until recently I’d still get it done every couple of weeks (see the above comment). This is so much nicer and easier, IMO.

  14. Thanks for the review! I have been thinking about getting one lately because shaving is just a pain and it doesn’t last long. I might just have to go for it!

  15. Jules Noctambule September 7, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    This is all I remember anyone using when I lived in France, but I always stuck to a razor because I have very little body hair and it’s very fine as well. Besides, the cat likes to hang out while I shower — the fewer electric devices I have in the bath, the less likely I am to freak out the cat!

  16. Ok, after my no buy is over I might need to get this. I hate shaving with a flaming passion. I will do anything to not shave.

  17. I am thinking I couldn’t handle the pain. I had an epilady about 25 years ago, and it was unbearable for me. I remember paying like $150 for it, which was a lot of money. They have tria laser hair removal devices that have come down in price from $995 to $495. Has anyone tried one of those?

  18. I like the idea of the wet/dry one (so I can use it in the shower). I may just have to drop by Myer over the next few days and see how much it is. I too hate shaving and waxing!

  19. Ooh. I’ll have to try it 🙂 I’ve tried everything short of laser and electrolysis for hair removal, since unnecessary body hair grosses me out. I tried an epilator once when I was 12, but it was some mystery Japanese contraption that my Aunt bought from the Philippines that had instructions in every language except English. That thing hurt! Since I moisturize so much, my leg hairs and arms hairs are relatively fine, so I can get away with a razor/hair conditioner; but an epilator would be cost and time efficient.

    P.S. I’m not sure about the entire body, but I have tried threading my legs and forearms before 🙂 It works! It’s just time consuming and I’m just lazy + asian, so I only need to shave twice a month anyway.

  20. I’ve been wanting an epilator for a while! I’ve just been trying to convince myself it was worth all the money, so it’s good to know they sell a cheaper version at Target. I wear skirts a lot, even in the winter, so I need smooth legs and shaving just doesn’t get that nice smoothness that plucking would.

  21. I’ve had a Braun epilator for about 5 years now, and while I do vastly prefer it to shaving, I’m thinking about upgrading to home laser treatment. While I know my skin can be obnoxiously hypersensitive, I still haven’t gotten over the reddening (which lasts a few days) and occasional bleeding. Also, as the hair grows back (much sparser, thank god), I get these weird, black, gooey dots, as if the melanin in the follicle is getting trapped under the stratum corneum. (I don’t think that’s what’s actually happening, that’s just what it looks like.) Exfoliation helps those a little, but with sensitive skin, I can’t do too much without rubbing myself raw. Nonetheless, it’s an improvement over shaving, which pushes me to tears. If the laser thing works, by this time next year I should barely have any leg hair left to worry about! *crosses fingers*

    • Actually, I just found out my leg problems are related to rheumatism–just got the diagnosis an hour ago… Didn’t think people in their twenties got it–not the epilator. I’ll give it another go once I’ve gotten used to the medication. Darn, I really wanted an excuse to buy a laser!

  22. I just went out and bought an epilator after reading this. It’s not the same model as yours, but it looks pretty similar. I need to let my hair grow a little more before I can get a really proper use out of it, but I’m really pleased by the small scale test I was able to do with it. I’m used to waxing, so the pain doesn’t bother me, and I was very surprised by how little it hurt! This is going to be a godsend for my bikini and underarms- I have yet to find a waxer I like, and my home attempts haven’t worked out so well.