Kat Von D from Sephora

Although the Kat Von D line from Sephora has been out for a while now, a couple of new things were released recently that I was instantly interested in.  The over all branding of the line is very well thought out and designed, it’s very rock/punk/goth with a distinctive and feminine feel.  Over the past few months I’ve tried a few products, mostly the shadows and lip glosses, but I thought an overall review of my favorites was in order.

Because the line is produced by Sephora, it’s Cruelty Free, although many products are not vegan.  Many of the shadows ‘may contain’ carmine, it’s a safe bet to assume that any pink/red/purple shade does.

Momento Mori Palette

Momento Mori is a Latin expression meaning “remember you are mortal.” This artistic array of hues is inspired by the Day of the Dead also known as El Día De Los Muertos. The holiday set aside to remember the friends and family that they have lost.

It’s probably no surprise that I love this palette.  It’s full of amazing bright, clear shades.  They are very creamy and pigmented.  I had originally wanted it for the blue cream shade, but I find I use it most for the two peachy shades the most.

From top to bottom, left to right : True (c), Solitude, Meditation, Agatha Pink, Sugar Skulls, Peggy, Hard Luck, and Tijuana.

Adora (Love and Fury) Palette

The versatile shadows come three in cream and three in powder. The sleek black eyeshadow palette is stenciled with passionate red roses and speaks to a romantic soul, with an edge.

Opening a Kat Von D shadow palette is like opening a gift.  The palette is wrapped in tissue and sealed with custom foil sticker and then carefully encapsulated in an origami like box.  This palette contains five powdered shades and three cream.  Over all the pigmentation in the darker shades is amazing, but the lighter ones are very sheer and honestly look the same.  I’ve read a lot of reviews that say the cream shades dry out easily, but I haven’t found that to be the case.  If you take care of your palette and make sure you close it (snapping it shut) after each use, it should be fine.  Together with the creams the deep shades make for dramatic smokey eyes that are not for the timid.

From top to bottom, left to right : Albino, Holy Bible, Slayer (c), Glock, Crucifix (c), Bloodletting (c), Ace of Spades, and Oddfellow

High Voltage Eye Primer in Skin

This smooth-textured essential glides over the eyelid without dragging. It performs like a magnet, preventing eyeshadow from migrating and creasing. Micro-encapsulated pigments float over eye area, finessing skin texture and blurring fine lines. Use the Smoky shade to prep your lids for a smoldering smoky-eye look.

This would be my HG primer, if only it was vegan.  Although it doesn’t contain beeswax, which a lot of primers do, it does (oddly) contain honey extract.  A little goes a long way, so as long as you apply it carefully and in a thin layer it makes your shadow stick like glue as well as covers your eye area for a smooth and even canvas.  The first few times I used it I was a little heavy handed and it creased.  It’s a different consistency then TFSI or UDPP, much thicker like a concealer.

Although it’s in a tube, the doe foot applicator is bent (and the tube not a ridiculous shape) so application is easy.  I dotted it on my lids and then smoothed it evenly with my finger.  Make sure you let it set before you apply your shadow, though, or it may make them hard to blend.

Painted Love Lipgloss in Hellbent

Achieve bold color and lustrous shine in a single step with this long-lasting lip color. Wear it alone or layered onto the matching Painted Love Lipstick shade for maximum hue intensity.

I love this red.  It’s bold and shiny and very pigmented and didn’t migrate on my lips as I wore it.  It does have a bit of a flavor, but it’s actually sort of pleasant and not strong.  It’s an easy red to wear, being that its a gloss rather then a cream.  All of the Painted Love glosses I tried had the same deep pigmentation.

Adora Perfume

Adora means “Beloved One” in Latin. For Kat, Adora reflects the next chapter in her personal evolution—an introspective renaissance discovered through deep layers, stories, and scars. She’s a romantic soul with an edgy exterior. Adora is a sensual and passionate perfume journey—unexpected and provocative. This scent reveals a stirring glimpse into an enigmatic life…tortured, beautiful, and brutally honest. At the top, crushed juicy notes of lychée and boysenberry intertwine with thyme and a crisp shot of cassis. The heart fuses the distinct sweetness of hyacinth with jasmine to create floral notes, enhanced by freshly peeled mango. At the base, patchouli finds her spiritual matches with sheer musk and amber wood.

Inspired by one of Kat’s favorite art nouveau artist (Alfonso Mucha), the solid black bottle’s side panels are decorated with original sketches of whimsical features, flowers, and butterflies, in a captivating red ink.

While I don’t think this particularly smells anything like the description (I can’t smell lychee in it at ALL) I still really like it.  I have one of her other perfumes, Sinner, and although I do typically think all perfumes just smell like ‘perfume’ these are distinctive enough that I wasn’t too upset at buying this alcohol based formula.  In fact, the first one I ordered arrived broken in the box, making my whole house smell like Adora, which would have made me really mad if I hadn’t liked it.  Sephora was very nice about it, not only replacing it but giving me a few free samples as way of an apology.

What this perfume does smell like is a bit fruity and a bit spicy (I can actually smell the thyme) with a hint of a floral note, nothing overwhelming.  For some reason I think of it as a very sophisticated scent.  Like most traditional formulas, you can smell the alcohol when you first apply it, but it seems to evaporate quickly, leaving the scent well in place.

Tattoo Eraser

Let the famed and glamorous tattoo expert, Kat Von D, help you achieve the ultimate, customizable coverage, in four simple steps: prep, conceal, perfect, and set. This powerful tool uses the perfect hue and texture needed to neutralize your tattoo’s deepest blues and brightest purples.

I don’t cover my tattoos, any of them.  If I didn’t want them to show I would never have gotten then in such obvious places.  Still, I was curious as to how well this would work, since I do get a lot of questions from people about how to cover theirs.  Following the instructions on the Sephora site (as well on the Eraser box) I was surprised how well it worked.  The skin didn’t look perfect, there was enough of a layer of ‘something’ there, but if you weren’t looking for it it works well.  It doesn’t, however, cover brightly colored tattoos, like a majority of mine (which are done in American Traditional style).

In general I admire Kat.  I love her art, her creativity, and her strength.  I think she’s an amazing example of what you can achieve through sobriety.  It’s clear that a lot of time and thought were put into the line.  You really get the impression she cares about the quality of the items that she puts her name on.  I have a space on my sleeve arm that I’m saving for a portrait of my late father that I hope to one day be able to have her do.

Want to try out some Kat Von D stuff yourself? You can win a Kat Von D prize pack featuring an Adora perfume rollerball,  Rock and Roll eyeshadow duo in Sixshooter, a Lightening lipgloss in Gunshine, a deluxe sample of High Voltage primer, and a sample of TEMPTU temporary tattoos.

You may enter (comment here) only once.  Contest runs from now through September 29th, the winner will be announced September 30th.  The contest is open internationally! To enter comment with the following:

  • If you could design your own makeup line, what sort of style would it be?
  • What would your signature product be?

For an additional entry you can Tweet the following once every 48 hours!

Get Creative with @_Grey and win a @theKatVonD prize pack!!  Enter to win : http://tiny.cc/KatVonD


73 Responses to “Kat Von D from Sephora”

  1. Solitude, Peggy, Glock, and Bloodletting are gorgeous!

    I’d probably do a gothic raver makeup line.
    My signature product would be a gorgeous vivid aqua-teal eye shadow shade with a pearl finish and fuchsia iridescence.

  2. I love her hair in that picture! I’m pretty sure it’s a wig, though. haha

    • Yeah it’s probably a wig. Looks great in the photo, but on the show it looks kinda stringy and unwashed + there’s no scalp line in the part.

  3. I know a lot of YT gurus are obsessed with her tattoo liquid liner, so I’m glad the rest of her line is just as high quality 🙂

    I’d probably run over Amy and slap my name all over Sugarpill. (kidding!)

    Actually, I’d want makeup that focuses on making people look “camera ready,” and had some sort of photography theme to it (like C41 eyeshadows, E6 gel liners and F1.8 lipsticks 😀 ).

    My signature product would be a shadow palette that looked like a film strip.

  4. My makeup line would probably be very heavily inspired by gothic lolita fashion. Sweet and vintage, but with a dark edge. As for my signature product… a dark blood red lipstick.

  5. If I could design my own line, it would be full of vibrant, long-wearing colors, though my signature product would be a fabulous versatile foundation- something beneficial for the skin with a nice, natural coverage in a shade range that would cover hard-to-match tones like us super pale gals (as well as super deep tones that most lines don’t cover!)

  6. My makeup line would consist of a very woodsy/nature theme with bright vibrant duochome colors and some dark rich colors. I am a sucker for fancy packaging and my signature item would be a lipsticks with garden gnome packaging, Not just a sticker an actual garden gnome. I am not sure how practical that would be but I wouldn’t mind. They would also be very moisturizing.

  7. If I had a makeup line, the theme would be feminine and mystical, with a variety of colorful shades of eyeshadows named after mythology and such, bright pink blushes and lipsticks in pinks and reds. My signiture product would be probably the lipsticks.

  8. -Mine would probably be rococo style. Lots of flourishes and fleur de lis 🙂

    -Perfume! For whatever reason I’ve always thought of that as the classiest item in a makeup line.

  9. I’ve been drooling over those palates for a long time….way to put me over the edge!

    If i had my own cosmetic line i’d probably do a straight up music theme (instruments, treble/bass clefs the whole deal) Hardcore band geek gone punk if you will.

    Since bold black liquid liner is like life blood to me, i’d have to have an amazing, like the absolute best ever, one. And a lip product for people who hate lipstick but still like color. I play an instrument that goes in my mouth and it KILLS me that I can’t wear any colored lip products when i perform. If only one existed that could withstand an hour’s worth of sax playing….

  10. Jules Noctambule September 8, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    *If you could design your own makeup line, what sort of style would it be?

    I’d create a line that’s suitable for everyday wear in professional situations but that still has an edge of the unusual, inspired by the makeup worn in each decade of the 20th century. You could choose a sleek, spare, softly Mod look for the office and glam it up with WWII-style bold lips and eyes in the evenings! I’m descended from a long line of beautiful women (though you wouldn’t know it to look at me!), and I’d let those glamorous ladies shape the looks.

    *What would your signature product be?

    Foundation in all sorts of finishes made for multi-ethnic complexions! I don’t think my mother has ever worn foundation in her life (not that she needs it; lucky!) because nothing truly matches all the tones in her skin and whatever she tries either dulls her skin or makes her look jaundiced. Few foundations in the US seem to be suitable for Asian/South Asian complexions, and when you do find them they tend to be limited in finish and formula.

  11. If you could design your own makeup line, what sort of style would it be?
    I would make it influenced by Nancy Spungen. Strong eyes and lips but make it wearable.

    What would your signature product be?
    A nice sultry gray eyeshadow (not straight black like Nancy’s) and a shiny bright red lipstick.

  12. If I were to design my own make-up line it would probably be Fairy Based. Not the light little flower fairies of victorian times, more like the violently beautiful and frighting creatures of gothic tales. There would also be some geeky references in there for good luck. I’d probably make a whole collection based on Firefly or Doctor Who. The packaging would have have one of two design styles on it, either cute anime style girls and boys or sexy pin-up style fae. The lipstick tubes would be shaped like a sword, the lip gloss a wand with a star on the top and the eyeshadow pots like tea cups.(If there was a Doctor Who collection I’d make the perfume the shape of the TARDIS.) My signature product would be the eyeshadow which may have a weird shape but it’s full of the pigmented product.

  13. I’m going to be the odd woman out. 🙂 With my love of nature I’d have to have something neo-Victorian botanical themed. My signature item would be a light concealer that actually concealed something difficult (birthmark anyone?) and didn’t cake. Oh…maybe that’s just wishful dreaming.

  14. Oh my goodness, the swatches of Memento Mori make me lem for it, even more! 😛

    My make-up line would be based on a dark carnval (a la the novel Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, or possibly a tiny bit like Darren Shan’s Cirque Du Freak), with slight hints toward both the Victorian era and seventeenth century Versailles. It sounds odd, and like it wouldn’t match up, but in my mind it would work perfectly. Each product would be a different “act.”

    If I had said make-up line, my signature product would be a menagerie-of-colors eyeshadow palette, that would be affordable, highly-pigmented, have shades for every age/style/look/et cetera, and most notably cruelty free. 🙂

  15. My makeup line would be called Vampires and Tofu and would be goth makeup not tested on animals and free of animal products of course =)
    Signature product would a soy based vampire red lipstick.

  16. *If you could design your own makeup line, what sort of style would it be?

    I think I would definetly do mine in a japanese anime/japanese goth style. I love the way japanese goth girls dress. They’re so not afraid to be different. And I would have my fiance draw all of the packaging designs. He does amazing drawings of realistic girls with an anime twist.

    *What would your signature product be? It would be eyeshadows. I make a lot of black eyeshadows for myself. I just finished making one the other day that has a black base with a bit of a red copper glow & a red copper flakey glitter. Its gorgeous.

    Ill be tweeting. @hjgates

  17. My style for my makeup line would be.. goth-grows-up, focusing on darker lips and lighter eyes, with a signature black liquid eyeliner and shimmery nude eyeshadow combo. The packaging would be inspired by vintage medical advertising and logos (like the Bayer bottle of heroin) and the classic P.T. Barnum “freakshows.”

  18. Alyson Whiechapel September 8, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Great Review. I’ve been thinking of slurging on some of her stuff, and now it sounds like an even better idea.

    Also, if I did have my own line, I think I’d focus on “soft” punk, but have it easily translate into some hardcore awesomeness.

    I’d hope my signature item would be a gel or cream eyeliner just because I wear a cream liner almost everyday for my cateyes or wings liner. Girl’s gotta be fab, y’know.

  19. Heee! Nice idea for a contest 🙂

    If I was to design my own cosmetic line, it would be one especially for glamorous geeks. Every products would have a double duty (for example, I love makeup that also nourish… I put makeup on my face everyday; it might as well do some good while it’s there, no?) and everything would be based on real science (no claims taking customers for utter idiots).

    The signature product would be the best undereye concealer ever created; for gals who lose sight of time when in front of a computer 😉

  20. My line would have to be on the darker/goth/metal side. It would include bright, longwearing eyeshadows for sure!
    My signature product would be easy to apply, waterproof black eyeliner!

  21. Oh my gosh, I am loving the first palette! Darn my low-buy. 😦 September 18th couldn’t come fast enough!

    If I were to create a line, I think I’d do retro collection, ala Stepford Wives, with a sadistic twist. Probably lots of burgundy and greens. 😀 Sounds ridiculous just saying it but it seems like it could work.

    It would have to be the eyeliner. I don’t know why but I always find that a good eyeliner just seals the look.

  22. I have the True Love palette and I’m so in love with it. I don’t have more products of her line because Sephora is kinda far from home (thounsands of miles). 🙂
    My own makeup line would be far from neutrals. Bold, rich, deep, colors. Purples, greens, reds. The signature product would be creaseless cream shadows in the craziest colors.

  23. Hmm I’m very into the style of that retro slightly gothic-esque look but without the red lipstick

    Teal and Turquoise eyeshadow, those would definitely have to be my signature items

  24. If I had a line, it would be Victorian inspired package wise, with silver coloured filigree on the palette cases, around the bottom of lipgloss/pigment jars.

    Most of the colours would be autumn/warm colours, especially in greens/reds. Also, browns with various coloured strong shimmer/sparkle.

    It would also sell like crap, because I don’t really like blues and strong purples enough to have them included. =P

    Signature product? No idea.
    Probably the actual packaging/cases, because no one would buy it for anything else, with the complete lack of blues. ;D
    Maybe a foundation that actually went light enough (without the old regency/whatever fashion of including lead in it).

  25. Unfortunately, there’s already a clothing catalog named after the inspiration for my made-up make-up line: Isabella Bird. She was a Victorian Era travel writer, quite an odd, gender bending profession back then. To me, she represents a spirit both practical and adventuresome, down-to-earth and intensely curious. The products would be minimalist formulae without story ingredients. The colors would range from soft, period-appropriate to bold and bright (though no neons, they don’t really fit the vibe), and they’d all have some sort of hidden complexity–duochrome, interference, lots o’ sparkle, etc. I haven’t decided on what sort of idiosyncratic packaging I’d use, but it’d all be refillable & recyclable. I’d try to work in a tea-themed collection, but tea, teacups, tea parties, and the like are a little overhyped right now.

    My signature product would be a perfume based on the scent of green black walnuts. It’s one of my favorite smells, and it’s not easy to find!

  26. Hmmm i think mine would be: work makeup with spunk! And the signature product would be an amazing palette because that’s the most handy!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  27. Thanks for this review! I’m planning a trip to the USn ext year so it’s helpful to know which brands to look out for.

    If I did a brand it’d be based on sci-fi. The colours and packaging would be inspired by science fiction + astronomy.

    My signature product would be foundation. I’d want to be able to match everyone. I get frustrated with not being able to find foundation pale enough for me. I’d make sure that both ends of the scale could find foundation, no one would be too pale or too dark to find a match. Plus there would be a full selection of different undertones available.

  28. I’ve been loving her palettes recently!

    If I could design my own makeup line, I would probably release multiple collections so that I could keep coming up with new ideas for packaging! I really think a lace look on the packaging would be nice as well, but I’m also leaning towards small paint splatters on a black background. (Not a ton of them, just a few strategically placed.)

    My signature product would be eyeshadows, in a wide array of colors and finishes. I’d want to make really nice palettes as well. 🙂

  29. It would probably be androgynous with an IDGAF attitude 🙂

    And my signature product(s) would probably be bright ass matte eyeshadows – thought Sugarpill has probably cornered the market there ;]

  30. My makeup line would be inspired by STEM geeks. (In education, STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.) It would target the same audience as customers of http://www.thinkgeek.com.

    My signature product would be a sunblock powder that provides its advertised level of protection with the amount of powder that women actually apply. According to Dr. Leslie Baumann, women apply about 0.085 grams of powder while the SPF rating on the package is derived from the application of 1.2 grams of powder. In order to reach the actual SPF claimed by companies, you would have to apply enough powder that would fill a roll of quarters. That means we’d have to pile on 14 times more powder than we already do. If this breakthrough technology could be engineered, I would next formulate wet foundations (e.g. liquid, cream, etc.) incorporating this new sunblock ingredient.

  31. If I could design my own line, it would probably be a mix of bright colors and neutrals, since I’m really a fan of both and can never decide between bright shiny purples and deep swampy greens, and the names would all probably be book and/or movie references.

    My signature product would be eyeshadow, especially since I make a bunch of my own already. Which reminds me, I need to order more jars because it’s getting annoying to work with baggies.

  32. I’m so glad you reviewed her line! I love Kat Von D’s makeup (even if I do have some problems with her choices in life). I found her eyeliner to last a really long time and though I’ve only used the black, it’s a nice deep black. It’s not watery.

    For my makeup line, it would probably be focused on simple beauty. I’d make foundations and powders. I would have to include some great eyeliners though! Those would be my signature product.

  33. My signature product would be liquid mineral foundations with a slight luminosity and in varying coverages. I would have several shades of color. I would also have a great line of contouring/highlighting products formulated to match the foundation colors. I would have matching blushes depending if somebody wanted to go cool, neutral, or warm so that somebody could buy a kit. And, I would have a variety of colors for eyeshadow, lipstick, and lip gloss to satisfy the neutral ladies and the daring ladies. I would release eye palettes and single eye shadow colors. For packaging, I would choose bronze packaging with teal lettering, and I would also have custom cruelty free brushes with teal handles.

  34. Great review – I have one of her lipsticks and love it, but haven’t tried anything else. Crucifix looks particularly awesome in your swatches.

    If I had my own line, I think it would be very romantic and lush with packaging that feels expensive and luxurious in the hand, and a particular focus on foundation colors. My signature product would be a perfect red lipstick – something I am always looking for when I shop!

  35. ◦If you could design your own makeup line, what sort of style would it be?
    It would probably a mineral make up line, inspired by cats (I love them).

    ◦What would your signature product be?
    Eyeshadows & matching eyeliner.

  36. My makeup line would have a psychobilly/rockabilly theme with a touch of the campy– a la Cry Baby.

    It would have a really good line of foundations with SPF, concealers, blushes for that perfect pin-up cheek, and outrageous mascaras and liners for batting those eyes.

    The lip products would be inspired by the finishes of vintage cars: glossy cherry reds, creamy pastel pinks, even a turquoise like the fins of your favorite car.

    I’d have eye pallets with retro color combinations: one for the perfect neutral cat eye, one for innocent minty pastels, a wild neon psychobilly-themed, and a one for a smokey high-glamor Hollywood Night.

    The campy part would come into play with funky hair accessories like fake flowers, bows, and neon alien brains.

    My signature item would be a Fake Your Own Beauty Mark kit, with stencils, dark brown eyeliner, and setting powder for your very own Marilyn look.

  37. I have a want for two palettes, now you’ve added a third. I’ve, also, been wondering about the primer, dammit. Now I think I want to try it. The UDPP just isn’t cutting it with my veiny eyelids.

    If I could create my own makeup line it would be black packaging with simple lines. The names would be inspired by music I listen to and the things that interest me, serial killers and disorders. If money wasn’t an issue, I’d have Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson/Pushead create illustrations for a store front. I think the store/surroundings would the the loud part of the cosmetics. Simple packaging won’t put anyone off, the names…maybe.

    Signature items: silicone free products, non-gooey lipgloss, polish that beads off the cuticle, product names.

  38. I think the style I would go for was more of a “Twice as nice” theme. Everything I would have on my line could double as something else… like all eyeshadow would have duo-chrome properties, and the eyeliner could be used as lip liner…Basically products I would use to work all day, and then flip it and there are more choices for a night out. All vegan and organic. Also from sustainable fibers and such for the packaging- so probably really muted plain packaging.

    The signature product would be the eyeliners which would double as a base for the duo-chrome eyeshadow.

  39. Those are such fun questions!

    I am dying to try her new lipstick and gloss! That red looks amazing on your lips.

    * If you could design your own makeup line, what sort of style would it be? It would definitely be Goth-y. I’d want to cater to all the different types of goth though, like having mini collections for different sub-genres.

    * What would your signature product be? I’d have different palettes named for different subsets of goth, such as the Cyber palette with neon colors, and the Steam palette with bronze, brown and peachy-pinks, The Glam palette with dark and glittery shades, and the classic palette with blood-red lip color and matte smoky shadows. Each would have a little suggestion booklet. I think it would be cool to have eyebrow stencils for people who draw them on that are going for super thin and stylized brows too because it’s hard to get them even when you’re just starting out.

  40. Sweet, I didn’t know that Sephora’s lines are cruelty-free. I had one of Kat Von D’s lip glosses last summer, and felt guilty using it because I wasn’t sure.

    If I had my own makeup line, I would combine street style and bright colors with as many natural ingredients as I could pack in there, and try to do it as affordably as possible. Maybe even have a few different color families based on different subcultures – such as a steampunk one for all those brass/brown/peachy colors I never wear, so no one would get left out 🙂 Cruelty free, absolutely.

    Signature product would be long-lasting eyeliner in gorgeous colors, some kind of miraculous twist pencil. I think Tarte basically just released such a thing, so imagine that, but with much more bold, graphic packaging. And half the price!

  41. I sniffed Adora when I was in Sephora the other day and my boyfriend and I both agreed it smelled like whiskey! Not exactly unpleasant, but not something I’d like to wear… 😛

    If I could design my own makeup line, it’d have a very romantic and princessy design, a little Jill Stuart and a little Anna Sui. Lots of vintage and sweet imagery. This is probably incredibly impractical from a business standpoint, but I’d love to expand on the Asian cosmetics idea of interchangeable foundation cases and create two or more distinct themes. Probably a darker, more gothic theme for one, and a sleeker, more romantic and Victorian theme for the second.
    All the products would be sold in refill packs, and you could purchase the packaging of your choice to put them in, and change them out as you like.

    Going with the vintage theme, I’d like my signature product to be a powder foundation that creates a luminous, flawless and airy finish.

    I also tweeted about your giveaway here: http://twitter.com/chuchumeister/status/24070623161

  42. I hate to sound cliche but vintage, and a fantastic red lipstick that doesn’t come off, but that doesn’t make your mouth really dry.

  43. These products look lovely, I love Kat but can’t purchase these products where I live. 😦
    If I did a cosmetics line it would be Electric Lolita themed, with mini strobe lights fitted into the pastel hued gloss and neon bows on the compacts 😀
    My signature product would be a creamy, long wearing, non smudging gel liner. Colours would be: ink black, silver with cyan shimmer, rose with tiny heart shaped glitters and lilac/grey. 🙂

  44. My ‘style’ would be approachable and user friendly. I’d have something for everyone, so anyone could walk up to the counter and not feel out of place. I’d make products feel familiar – no crazy packaging or ‘what the hell is that?’ products, I’d have everything art themed. Cream/ liquid products would be in squeeze tubes like paints, eyeshadow palettes would look like paint palettes etc.

    I’d sell a book with face charts printed inside and little paints which matched popular colours in the range, so people could try out designs before they bought things up 🙂

  45. The first make-up that I fell in love with was Stargazer – I was a wee little goth kid that wanted to wear bright colours, too! So my make-up range would definitely have a hint of the gothic to it. I think because bright colours with an edge have been done, it’s be more for the ‘grown-up’ goth – lots of deep burgundies and wines for the lips, forest greens, blackened purples, steampunk-esque pewters and bronze, etc, for the eyes. I’d name my shades after literature – everything from Lovecraft, the Bronte sisters, Murakami! I’d have antique looking packaging, possible polished wood, with roses, skulls and ravens engraved in!

  46. Ooops, I forgot to say my signature product would be the lips. Opaque, opaque, opaque colours that don’t feather!

  47. My line would be extremely edgy-rocker-gothy, sort of like Urban Decay waaaaay back when they first started out – remember that ad campaign?

    My signature product would be color-shift lip colors. Plus color-shift eyeliners and nail polishes OUT THE OL’ WAZOO. Mainly because these are the items I’m obsessed with finding.

  48. My line would be full of bright colors, but mostly warm colors. No neutrals ò.o’
    I think the package would be somewhat rococo-ish. Like this wallpaper: http://www.crestock.com/images/1080000-1089999/1087283-xs.jpg
    Like simple red or black boxes covered with pretty patterns (like those in the picture)
    All products would be named after cool female characters from games and books! 🙂
    The signature product would be the lipsticks: very creamy, moisturizing and opaque. It’d have from bright to really dark reds, purples and oranges. And, from the lipsticks, the “signature” one would be a berrylike purple with green shimmer! Ha!
    I’d try to make the package pretty, but simple, so it can be affordable.
    If I could have my own make-up line, I’d surely make it high quality with fair prices, for I’d like my Brazilian friends to be able to use it as well ^^’

  49. This is a little hard to explain, and it’s very book-nerdy, but here goes…

    My makeup line would be inspired by the Black Jewels series, by Anne Bishop. There would be 14 palettes/collections/sets/w’ev, each corresponding to a Jewel rank. Each Jewel’s collection would be based on my take of a signature character who wears that Jewel, and would shade from White – very neutral, everyday pretty – to Ebony – high drama, fit for the Queen of the Black Mountain. Packaging would of course correspond to the Jewel color for each collection. The Black Jewel collection would be based on the cosmetics I imagine Daemon wore. ^_^

    The signature item would be the lippies, a stain-plus-tinted-balm combo for each Jewel collection, because I’m a lipstuff addict and my favorite way to get longwearing lip + shine is with that combo.

  50. I would design a line of makeups that would cover scars and help take the notice off of them. I have a scar across my neck and have a big scar in the middle of my neck all the way down to my pubic area. I would call my make up line “Mirror Image” because I want everyone to love what they see when they look in the mirror. Kat Von D is my idol. If I could choose who to be in life it would be her. I think she is beautiful on the outside and inside. She really cares about the people she tattoos and I would love to meet her someday and have her tattoo me. I am 47 and on oxygen due to a reaction I had to aspirin in 2007. If it were not for that I would difinitly go to LA and have Kat Tattoo me.

  51. If I could have my own makeup line, it would be in the style of a fusion of: Victorian, Steampunk, and rock/ punk. There would be lace, ravens, clockworks, studs, spikes, and the like in my themes. I would have bright and bold colors as well as dark and sultry colors.

    I think my signature product would be a dark gunmetal lipstick named after my makeup line (It’s daring!) I would like to be known for amazing eyeshadows that come in compacts shaped like pocketwatches. I also want a line of lipsticks that include some unusual colors, like true purple and blue.

  52. I think my makeup line would have lots of eyeshadows and lipsticks/glosses with “geeky” names. I think I’d love to come up with names from shows like Buffy and Firefly and video games like Final Fantasy and such.
    My signature item would be deeply pigmented yet shiny and sparkly lipglosses. I would have more natural colors like pink and coral, as well as blues and silvers.

  53. * If you could design your own makeup line, what sort of style would it be?

    If I made a makeup line it would definitely have to be based off my screen name…I’ve always used dark birds as the base for everything since I was a kid and it’s only fitting since it would be “my makeup line” most likely with visual kei kind of twist to it also…I love Jrock/VK and the gothic twist it can have as well as anime styles 🙂

    * What would your signature product be?

    I’d have to say I would probably like to see a good line of foundations for extremely pale skin…I can never find one that matches and I have to mix them all with a white base to get them to match me lol. I’d also have to have a lot of blue and black eyeshadows being that I love those shades and well the Crow/Raven kind of thing and all!

  54. Ooh awesome question! I would design a vintage pin up style line, with pretty red lip shades and matte finishes. The highlight of the line would be the face powders and lip colors for sure, it would have a fun 1940s-1950’s appeal. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  55. If i could design my own makeup line it would have to be like Kat’s. Very edgy and unique but full of life with bright colors. I would create palette’s with vivid and bold eyeshadows but also the tools to create a gorgeous smokey eye all in one. My signature product would have to be extremely pigmented creaseless cream eyeshadows. Very easy for quick and on the go looks!

  56. Ooh, that’s a really interesting question. As much as I love my brights, I think my makeup company would be all about reinventing neutrals. I’m so sick of seeing blah matte beige and meh pearly pinks and yawn mauve. What about pearly pink eyeshadow with green duochrome, or clear lip gloss with opalescent microglitter? I’m all about wearable-to-work but still striking and interesting.

    I think my “signature product” would have to be a white pearly highlighter shade of eyeshadow with a pinky-green-blue opalescent finish, kind of like moonstone.

  57. * If you could design your own makeup line, what sort of style would it be? *

    I think I’d probably go with bold, vivid and highly noticeable colors. For those who like to stand out from the crowd. 🙂

    * What would your signature product be? *

    Eyeshadow palettes – all kinds. 🙂

  58. I’d go for a line that was Arts & Crafts inspired — Mackintosh, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc.

    Signature product … hm, a cool brown nail polish with a matte finish.

  59. Great question…

    The Aromaleigh Angels program last year made me think about what colors and themes I would want in a collection, and I think I would continue what I started with “Littleflower” (My AA color) and go with a Catholic Saints theme with proceeds going back to charity.

    Kristen was surprised I didn’t go with a typeface theme for my submission… and the graphic designer in me would love that too. Eyeliners named after my favorite typefaces! For instance, I would love a deep black eyeliner with black shimmer named “Helvetica Black” or maybe a deep green-gray color named “Futura”… I could go on…

    • Littleflower was my favorite Angel shade, BTW.

      • By the way, I love the red lip product on you if those are your lips. Gorgeous!

      • Gush. 🙂

        Thanks. I love your AA shade, Georgiana! FWIW… I wore when I went to have my DMV picture redone this year. That color looked awesome and so did the picture!

        Now I think of you whenever I get out my DL. 🙂

  60. Glitter_Wings1995 September 16, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    If I designed my own makeup line, it would be sort of a masquerade collection, like Phantom of the Opera perhaps. The signature would be the lovely eyeshadow palette.

  61. I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging, so I constantly dream up brands for imaginary products/lines! For a makeup line, I’d keep my branding sleek and minimalist, using black + yellow accents. As for the makeup itself, I’d love to travel the world and create palettes and sets inspired by all the different locales.

    My signature item would be THE nude lipstick; the one everyone immediately thinks of when ‘nude lipstick’ is mentioned. Highly wearable by a spectrum of different skintones (hey, as long as I’m dreaming, right…?)

  62. The one thing that I have trouble finding is a medium-to-heavy-coverage, pale foundation that looks natural on warm-toned skin, for a reasonable price. My current drugstore foundation is the closest thing I can find, but the texture isn’t good and it wears off through the day. Lipstick is also a problem; mid-tones and dark colors look too overpowering for my skin, but most pastels are cool-toned and look wrong on me.

    Ideally, I’d start a line that caters to paler women at first, then expands as I can afford to encompass all skin types. Products would all have SPF, and a variety of coverages (some of us had acne, and would like not to advertise that fact). I’d also like an ingredient in face products that improves the health or condition of the skin.

    Eyeshadow, to start, would have three subtly shimmery lighter tones, three jewel-toned midtones, and three darker tones, and a metallic or three–nothing too overwhelming to begin. As they would be wearable as eyeliner, that leads to a variety of possible looks, both natural and dramatic.

    My signature color would be a lipstick, a warm, lighter pink with hints of gold overtones. Lipstick would have more natural tones for pale women, with a few brights designed to complement pale skin instead of overwhelm it.

    I’d like it to be feminine without being girly, classic without being boring, good quality but medium price range.

  63. Hmm. I’d probably have a line focussing on affordable, seriously bright pigmented shades that are completely unwearable outside of the house! I love playing with colour so that would be fun. It’d probably be focused on women of colour first and then later on I might branch out to other people later on. But the signature product would be a really inclusive foundation line. I hate how most drugstore products have about two shades reserved for people of colour lol, we come in more colours than that!

  64. I would do a line that was terribly sweet with a hint of sinister underneath, girly frilly top layer with macabre undertones if you look close.

    My signature item would be to go/small palettes with enough of everything to toss in your bag and not need much else for multiple looks!

    nettysgirl AT gmail.com

  65. I would do a geisha-inspired makeup line, with bold and bright reds, blacks, and white shades.

    My signature item would be palettes with cream eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadows to inspire the elegance and grace of a geisha.

  66. Ooh it all looks lovely1 I keep hearing people rave about the Kat Von D line, I’m dying to try it, wish we had it in the UK!

    If I had my own cosmetics line it would all be cruelty free and everything would be suitable for vegans. The eyeshadows would be pressed minerals in palette form, think the likes of complex colours like Fyrinnae and Armomalie but pressed and produsts that blend well so they aren’t hard to use. Lot’s of different finishes from matte to super sparkly so there’s something suitable for everyone. Palettes with colours that go together well and can be used as is, without the need for getting out lots of other eyeshadows to create a variety of looks. It would all be beautifully presented in a style that represents me, kind of rock and roll additude in bright colours, something you’d love to get out of your handbag and use and your friends would go “ooh that’s so pretty”. My logo would be an old skool Sailor Jerry style swallow over a heart.

    My sigature piece would be a multitasking pencil liner. it would be shaped at an angle and come with a special sharpener to keep it’s shape. You’d be able to easily get thick or thin lines with it and do detail work with it too due to the shape. You’d also be able to dip it in mixing medium or water and then it would turn to a liquid liner. It’s my dream product, something that I’d use every day. Even thinking about it, I need something like that in my life!

    I’d also have a nude lip palette, with 4 different tones of nude lippies, 1 white, one reddish pink and a clear to sheer out the colour to your desired opacity. There’d be a space to mix and an empty well so you could mix your perfect nude lippy, tweak it as much as you like and then add it to the well. There’d be clear instructions on the back to help with this. Then everyone would be able to buy 1 product and be able to find their ideal nude lippie shade.

  67. My line would probably be geared towards the wallflower-y girls, cos that’s what I am, so the packaging would be a little quirky. I’m thinking a neutral beige or gray, with little sketchy flowers on the packaging.

    My signature product would definitely be a totally awesome, super-hydrating tinted moisturizer. I’ve resorted to blending my own, because all the ones I’ve tried are way too greasy or dewy. Either that, or a subtle, orange cream lipstick that’s flattering without making it look like you just ate spaghetti.


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