Killer Cosmetics – A Review


The Killer Cosmetics site is actually part of the UV Kitty store which features custom made hair and dread extension.  It took me a while to get to the cosmetics section because I played around with designing some dreads, that portion of the site is actually really fun and easy to navigate.

The cosmetics portion of the shop is nicely designed and branded as well as really easy to navigate.  Eye shadows are organized in three categories (brights, muted, and collections).  Instead of trying to narrow down which shades I wanted I ordered the Bloggers Selection and asked that they just send me their favorite shades.

Included in the selection are:

  • 1 Full-Sized Loose Eyeshadow Pot, Sealed in Packaging.
  • 4 clam-shell pots of sample product.
  • KillerCosmetics comp. cards.
  • KillerCosmetics business cards.
  • UvKITTY Business cards.
  • KillerCosmetics sticker(s).


Shipping was 3.50$ from Canada, which in my experience is very fair.  I ordered on September 2nd and it was shipped within hours.  I received it on the 8th, which was really quick.


My order arrived well packaged in a padded envelope.  Inside my collection was wrapped in a pretty cute little sealed bag with a cardboard header.  It was one of the more unique little packages I’ve gotten.  I also received a few extra samples.  Included was my invoice listing which colors had been picked for me as well as a little note from the owner and a handwritten thanks.


I ended up getting samples of Old Lace, Black The Ripper, Miss Argentina, Frog’s Breath, The Overlook, and The Bathory.  I received full sizes of Leatherface and Crystal Lake.  As well as the cards and stickers I also received a cute little button, which will go on my old denim jacket (which has the best collection of odd buttons).

The full sized shadows are in 5gram pots with sifters filled to the top.  The jars are labeled with the company name, the color, and the website info.  Each jar is also sealed with plastic.  Full sized shadows are 7.50$ which while competitive, is moderately high.

The samples are in clam shells, which I never mind, I can open/close them and use them with no problems, although I realize not many others care for them.  Each clam shell is labeled with the color’s initials and then sealed.  They are fairly well filled, so you get a good amount of product.  Samples are only available is sets of 3 for 3$ (unless you’re a guru/blogger and order the collection) but you can pick whatever three shades you want, so at 1$ it’s a great deal.

The collections are named after some pretty gory stuff, which fits the name fairly well.  Each shade has a story to explain the color’s name and history.  Shades such as Sun of Sam (a bright yellow) and White Chapel (a white) are part of the neon collection while the mutes feature shades like Black, The Ripper (black) and Frog’s Breath (from NBC), which is a really great green.  The site is very good about listing the ingredients on each shade as well whether they are lip safe or not.  They also list suggestions for complimentary shades.  All the shadows are vegan.

The colors I got where very lovely, and clear.  The formula is nice and blends fantastically, although I did find them to be a little sheer.  With a primer they last a long time, but to get them opaque they need to be applied a little heavily.  I particularly like Leatherface, which is a tarnished gold, and Bathory with is a nice deep red, and I wear a lot of red shadows.  The blues look really nice together and Old Lace is a great subtle highlight.  Surprisingly Frog’s Breath is my favorite.  The colors are not ground-breakingly unique, but they are well made.

From top to bottom, left to right : Leatherface, Crystal Lake, Old Lace, The Overlook, Miss Argentina, , Blood Bathory, Frog’s Breath, and Black The Ripper.


Would I order from Killer Cosmetics again?  I might.

  • I liked the colors I got and I’m interested in trying out the brights.
  • They are vegan, which is always a plus.
  • The shipping was very affordable and quick.
  • The shadows are definitely not repackaged.
  • I really want to order some dread extensions soon!

Overall: 3.5/5

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3 Responses to “Killer Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. Thanks for your review. I check out their website and just wasn’t real excited about any of their products. Don’t seem to carry anything special that other companies aren’t already offering. I think I’m going to pass on checking them out.

  2. Glad to see you review them! I went crazy over Crystal Lake. I need to check out their dreads 🙂

    What will you wear with Frog’s Breath?

    • I’m not sure yet. Green is more of a Fall color for me and it’s still summer out as far as SoCal is concerned!