New Gurus?

After a loooong break from YouTube, I started watching a few gurus lately.ย  Since it’s been so long my old list is pretty obsolete and I thought I’d ask you guys who your favorite gurus are and who I should add to my subscriptions.

Right now I have:

  • Pertrilude
  • Pixiwoo

I really don’t care for:

  • Michelle Phan
  • MizzChevious
  • TiffanyB
  • Enkore
  • Zoffe*
  • Myeyeshadowisodd*

Let me know!

* Recently updated


72 Responses to “New Gurus?”

  1. I really like myeyeshadowisodd
    She’s got a bit of a ‘tude but at least you know she’s not fake ๐Ÿ˜€
    Her carnival series is fantastic!

  2. I follow Zoffe a bit…. but I think it’s been a while since her last update and I’m not sure if she’s a guru.
    I’m not sure what a make-up guru is, actually! ^^’

    Sorry, I can’t help much x.x’

  3. That’s a good question! Depends on what you like to watch, of course.
    For hauls and reviews, I love Lollipop26. Other nice Brits are Gemsmaquillage and MizzWorthy.
    Pro makeupartists: Pixi2woo (she’s pixiwoo’s sister in law), Gossmakeupartist, Lisa Eldridge, Kelleyrie, Keyeve1985 and Zoffen.
    For makeup and sarcasm, I love Lauren Stanick aka TheCurrentCustom.

    Hope you like some of them!

  4. Hmmmn, those two are ones I predominantly watch too.

    I sometimes like Xsparkage, she can do some pretty looks.

    I also love jazziebabycakes, MACNC40 and vintageortacky on occasion.

    I’ve watched myeyeshadowisodd just the once, but the attitude stinks, so I haven’t given her another shot.

    I hear Alejandra, QueenBmakeup has got a youtube too.

    I prefer to watch particularly techniques that can be applied to a look rather than the same look in 400 different colours, but those kinda guys are hard to come by.

    • I read the whole mess about BSlap and Alejandra and she’s just… ug. Don’t really care for her.

      I know exactly what you mean. Some people do the EXACT same thing but in purple, then brown, and then purple again.

      • Exactly! I prefer to see things I might never wear, but then think, ‘Hmmm, I’ll try popping my liner on that way tomorrow’ or something.

        Yes, Alejandra used to fully advocate Bslap, don’t know if she does now though. I’m not a huge fan, although she does have a talent.

        I find EnKore irritating, but he can be helpful.

        I forgot to mention Zoffe! She’s great! And another vote for GossMakeupArtist!

  5. I have to recommend Wayne Goss (aka gossmakeupartist). I’ve just recently found him and I’m already in love. He’s got a very soothing voice and seems to have a lot of knowledge as well.

  6. I really love LetzMakeup, she’s an Irish MUA who does everything from runway to cyber and steampunk. I also love goldiestarling, who does great masks/costume makeup but also beautiful looks. Cora from vintageortacky is adorable and I love hollywoodnoirmakeup for retro and pinup stuff.

  7. Another vote for Zoffe! She’s been really busy and hasn’t posted a video in a while but I still love her bold looks.

    I also love Jangsara’s looks ( but I’m not sure if she’s stopped doing videos. She’s been a lot more active on her blog ( than on Youtube. She’s amazingly talented though.

  8. I adore GossMakeupArtist, he’s the kind of rebel-esque guru who doesn’t play with kissing up to makeup companies.

    I do like FrmHeadtoToe, she’s adorable and has amazing makeup looks

    MakeupbyRisa is amazing although she hasn’t updated in a while. I’m not too fond of her set up in terms of lighting but I enjoy her tutorials

    SayAnythingBr00ke, she tends to do lots of hauls and the occasional makeup tutorial but I like listening to her voice

    AskMeMakeup was one of the first ones I ever watched. She doesn’t update quite that frequently but all of her tutorials are aesthetically pleasing and you can tell she put a lot of work into them.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people don’t play favorites or push products that they either sell or who sponsor them.

      I used to watch Risa, but she moved and didn’t update for a while and then it was all about her sisters dog… I might add her again.

      • Goss is fantastic for that, he talks a lot about theatrical makeup brands and how underrated they are in terms of quality and cost.

        It’s quite enjoyable to hear him say that he doesn’t get many free products because companies are afraid of getting bad publicity from him which just speaks volumes about his honesty.

        Off topic but I know you’re fond of Lychee so I just wanted to say that my backyard tree is starting to sprout with them ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I have a huge case of the JEALOUS ๐Ÿ™‚

          I appreciate an honest reviewer SO MUCH. I’m watching him right now!

  9. Asma has some really nice looks, and she’s good at doing things step-by-step, but a lot of her looks are more “special occasion” than bright and colorful.

  10. I watch Petrilude and sometimes Xsparkage. QueenofBlending has some lulzy videos (I like her “Christmas” makeup the best). Michelle Phan is kinda meh for me too, mostly because she said in one video that she doesn’t have pimples because she prevents them (o, rly? That’s the secret? WAO!) – and – I get told sometimes that I look like her so my automatic reflex is “ew, no” even though she’s pretty, haha. I guess that’s weird.

    I like Jazziebabycakes because our eye shape is similar, so I feel like I can adapt her looks better, as much as I love Josh’s videos.

    Side note, that accent that Myeyeshadowisodd has, my ~*soon to be*~ brother-in-law has it too. He grew up in Saskatchewan, and there’s this guy that has a cooking show called “The Main” that has that accent too. I told my sister that her fiancรฉ talks like his tongue’s too big for his mouth, and she explained that it’s a Central Canadian accent. Very muddled with harsh vowels. Here’s a video of the guy from the Main: he comes in about 0:34.

    • See, I don’t’ even notice any accent in that guy’s video, he’s not very waddy although he does sound Midwestish. That girl sounds like she’s got a pieced tongue with a barbell three sizes too big. I hate the way people with pierced tongues talk, they are have the same overly opened weird mouth thing going on.

      • Yeah, you’re right, hers is more pronounced. I do tease my sister’s fiancรฉ all the time because when he says mouth it sounds like “moath,” all his words sound squished together, and he doesn’t have any tongue piercings. If my grandpa heard that girl talk, he would have been saying, “ENUNCIATE! ENUNCIATE! EVERY WORD IS SEPARATE!”

  11. Vintageortacky, Xsparkage, MakeupbyRisa, Nymphette415, Zoffen, brilliantbrnette81

    I like watching some of their vids ๐Ÿ™‚

    You already have Pertrilude and he’s great.

    • I don’t really care for Vintageortacky. She was pimping Calypso Minerals out HARD even after people told her that Jen was scamming people and stealing money. Her response was basically ‘it wasn’t her she wasn’t responsible for people losing their money’ even though she was pushing her stuff SO HARD.

      • Ahh, that’s too bad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • But she apologized and removed all the videos pertaining to them. EVERYONE makes mistakes at times. I’ve learned a lot from Cora over the years and watched her grow. She has a great attitude and lets face it she is one of the thicker girls on youtube but she’s always smiling and comes back week after week. Maybe give her a second chance?

  12. My favorite is Monroemisfit! She hasn’t updated in foreverrrrr, but she is so fierce.

  13. GAH, there are so many gurus I adore. These are just a few of the ones I love and am particularly into at the moment:

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE dustyohunter. He’s pretty MAC-centric, which often turns me off from gurus, because I’ve always got a bad vibe from the “I only/mainly use MAC” crowd, but he comes up with such unique looks, not to mention he has some of the BEST editing I’ve ever seen for makeup videos. He’s also insanely entertaining and hilarious.

    I also like Glitterdollz7 / HerStyleFile (she has two different channels). She is stunning and so talented. She makes makeup application seem so effortless and relaxed, but the results don’t look rushed whatsoever.

    jeanfrancoiscdโ€ฌโ€Ž is really skilled, he’s also pretty MAC centric, but his looks are always so flawless and well blended. He has the most adorable accent.

    KyonDimble isn’t a conventional makeup guru in the slightest, and her looks are not wearable whatsoever. She occasionally puts out a non-makeup related tutorial, but I just find her so pleasant to watch.

    MUASPENCERLOPEZ does mostly time lapse makeup videos, but her skills amaze me. She hasn’t been posting a lot lately, and when she does, they haven’t been makeup related. However, I do like her a lot. She does mainly neutral looks, which normally I find yawn worthy, but she always manages to make them fresh and exciting to look at.

  14. I like xsparkage, myeyeshadowisodd, and Zoffe. I agree with you about Michelle Phan, she gets on my nerves. I like her DIY videos but she seems so snobby to me.
    I like jazziebabycakes too, she does really briiiight colorful crazy stuff.

  15. Hmm I’m probably not much help because I subscribe to a lot of people I hate but can’t stop watching XD

    But I do like:

    All the other ones people have said or I won’t list them because I hate them but keep watching XD

    Can I just say that I loathe vintageortacky? The whole Calypso thing annoyed me so much, and I also hate her fake ‘hey guys and dolls’ thing.

  16. Dr. Roxxette makes me pee my freaking pants:

    She and Dusty Hunter are my two favourite channels to watch. So entertaining and so much fun! Dusty Hunter has more helpful tips and tricks than anyone I’ve ever come across (except for the Pixiwoo sisters).

  17. Another good way to find good/bad guru’s is this place it’s where people go to love or trash a guru. I stumbled on it because of Michelle Phan and some link and some fo this is hilarious. But also i went to ones with much on them and found good guru’s.

  18. I don’t really watch Gurus on a regular basis but one I really enjoyed was MakeupGeek. I’m sure she is on youtube but I’ve only watched her videos on her webpage. She clearly has great technique. I also like the fact that she takes the time to have her hair done and her nails looking good…i guess it makes me uh…trust her more? She clearly has the skills. She mostly does MAC and NYX looks but i found it helpful.

    • I love Marlena! She’s so sweet and nice and have really great videos. And I like how she talks and makes things easy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think she’s also one of those that’s really honest with her reviews.

      I also wanted to mention Killer Colours, a Swedish girl which is indeed lovely and has excellent looks! I don’t think she had video tutorials, but she does have many picture tutorials, which is also nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, she’s somewhere about 18 years old and is really talented and a bit different. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I had made a long comment but it didn’t go through.

    anyway, i really like candycabaret. she is not the best at make up, but she just seems so friendly and she is fun to watch. she also has vids about burlesque, and she writes music.

    I’m looking forward to checking all these people out ๐Ÿ™‚

    also Grey, could you put the reason you don’t people channels, I’m just wondering ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have specific reasons for each, but I don’t subscribe to starting drama or bad mouthing people, so no, I won’t be explaining!

  20. Thats fine, I’m sorry for asking.

    I didn’t mean it in a if you had dirt on who is sleeping with various politicians kind of way. I am sorry if I came off that way. I meant more like if you didn’t find their methods were helpful, or if they pushed a certain product all the time kind of way. But that could cause drama too, so i can see why you wouldn’t want to say.

    I’m probably just being silly, (its so hard to tell over the interwebs) but are you angry at me for asking? explanation points make me a little nervous.

    I try to stay from drama as well. (and i know you’ve had more then enough of it on your blog)

    I do really love your blog, even though i don’t comment very often, i check it every day.


    • Not at all!

      While I do have some background reasons for disliking certain gurus (many of which aren’t on the list) some are basically personl reasons, like I don’t like how they talk or they don’t have any actual skill/knowledge that I can personally see.

      It’s also a big no-no to me to blatently push bad product for publicity or gain will knowing others are being cheated or ripped off. I also don’t like gurus who insist you rate them OMGTHUMBSUPFORCOOLWHATEVER or who brag about being partners. That also takes them off my list.

  21. I just wanted to mention that I’ve a tongue piercing (two, actually) and still enunciate.

  22. Gotta love Petrilude ๐Ÿ˜€ !

    Youtube monikers: MakeupByRisa, cl2425, vintageortacky.

    I like Risa more for her take on things than for her looks.
    Catalina (Cl2425) has a good blog, so I might like her based on that (pixiewoo and Cl have a bit too long videos to my liking, even though I like the things in those videos themselves).
    Vintageortacky has colorful looks and I really like that. I like both her videos and her blog, in her case I’m sure it isn’t ‘one because of the other’.

    goldiestarling doesn’t talk much (I like things explained – I’m a newbie + I like theory), but has some amazing looks and you see that she knows her colours, light and shade.

    Panacea81’s a cutie, though I’d like a bit… more of something, I don’t know what.

  23. I don’t think anyone anyone has mentioned “kelleyrie” (on YouTube) of the blog Makeup Musings (on Blogger). I like that she has a broad repertoire of looks from basic to glamorous and uses a wide variety of product brands and tools. I love that her videos are very low key, but very explanatory and well-executed. She’s pretty to look at and lovely to listen to!

  24. Hey ๐Ÿ™‚

    I found your site through a recommendation from a friend. I was wondering if you have tried & reviewed Glittersniffer Cosmetics? If you have, is there a post to it? I want to know what you think… I started a blog and have been testing some mineral make-up, so your site encourages me to do more…:) I have come across some shitty companies & have found some great ones.

    Your reviews and comments are down-to-earth and I can tell you’re just telling it like it is. I appreciate that & will be following ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I’ve just started a channel at
    More colourful looks will be coming but the overall look will be dark and sometimes playful, not really into natural makeup. Hope you’ll like it.

  26. I personally enjoy, fleurdeforce, missglamorazzi, bubzbeauty, macbarbie07 and juicystar07, hope this helps!