Window Shopping


10 Responses to “Window Shopping”

  1. Waaaa! Amazing lipstick! *-*

  2. I’m drooling over that lipstick, and all the others in their Etsy shop! By the by, what do you think of their eyeshadows? I think I spot a few repacks/cake mixes… the brights look a lot like Pops.

  3. I’ve bought a lipstick sample from Province and Grace before. I think at one point they repackaged but since then it looks like the colors are original and more complex. In any case, the lipstick formula was lovely and opaque.

  4. Oh my, I wish she offered lipstick samples in her shop! They all look divine, but I’d rather test before comitting to the full size :/

    • I think she also owns the shop “AllureByJen” which is where she sells lipstick samples. I don’t think she has as many lipstick colors to choose from as the other shop, by check it out

  5. That lip color is so pretty, even though the bad photoshopping is making me cringe. Shiny pumpkin colored lipstick reminds me of my Mom’s lone orange Mary Quant lipstick that she’d put on for family photos when I was younger 🙂