Natura Cosmetics from Brazil

Natura is a Brazilian company that’s really concerned over the environment and social sustainability.  They are against animal-testing and also intent to stop using animal ingredients and some of their lipsticks, soaps and skin-care products are already vegan.  (They don’t advertise this much though, I don’t know why…).  They are avoiding the use of parabens in the production of new products, though the products they sell right now still have this ingredient.  They are also avoiding triclosan and phthalates.

Natura Ekos is one of their main collections and it’s made out of fruits, flowers and nuts that you can find in the Brazilian flora. They support 26 groups of small farmers, one of them being the Reca project, that restores cleared parts of the Rainforest while planting local species, like the cupuassu and the Brazilian nut. This collection also offers recyclable packaging and refills, to avoid unnecessary waste. Ekos counts with soaps, body lotions, perfumes, shampoos, hair conditioners and other bath&beauty products.  I love this line of products! The pitanga and cupuassu soaps have some delicious scents! I also have the cocoa perfume and it smells delicious and lasts quite a while on my skin.

This company also offers make-up collections, like Natura Aquarela, Faces and Una.

Their lipsticks and lip-glosses are quite good, though their eyeshadows could use more pigmentation. I can’t talk much about their facial products, since I’ve never used any of them, but I’ve heard good things of some of their foundations. Still, this is a company that’s worth giving a try.  They support good causes and are trying hard to become a sustainable company


For my birthday this year Cacau sent me a goodie box with a beautiful Natura lipstick and some soap.  The soap is looong since used (it was amazing and smelled like heaven), but I keep treating the lipstick like gold because it’s so special to me.  I’ve been wanting to share this company with you for a while, so I finally asked Carolina to help since I was having no luck translating the Natura website.  I’m really excited for the IMS since I got a sneak peek at the beautiful gloss that she’ll be sending!


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  1. I love Natura products. Luckly they are widely available here in Argentina (and my niece sells their products, so I’m always buying something new).
    Their bath oils are divine and they have the most moisturizing hands cream in the world. Their makeup line is great too, but their strenght resides in the skin care line.
    About the vegan aspect of their products, I’m gonna make a risky guess: down here people still see vegetarianism (see that I’m not even going until “vegan”) as an excentricity more than as a health choice. The word “natural” is more understandable and acepted, I’d say. As I’ve told you in a mail, we are still far from knowledge.

  2. Yaaay! I’m so glad I was able to help you! 😀
    I’m very happy that you like the lipstick! If you ever want something from them, let me know, okie?
    Many hugs!

  3. Looks & sounds great! Do they ship orders to the U.S. if you order on their website?

    (Been lurking for a little while, first time commenting! Really liking your blog, Grey!)

  4. How are they for longevity? I’ve read that the downside to a lipstick that contains fruit juices and oils without some sort of preservative is that it’s more susceptible to bacteria and spoiling. If, for example, I was to purchase one of their lippies to use on special occasions, would I open it up 3 months later and have a tube full of penicillin?

    • Actually, they are still looking for alternatives to the preservatives. They still use parabens. As for fruit juices and oils, most of those are used on their bath&beauty products but not on their make-up.
      They are a very big company here, so I’m sure they’d not want their products to spoil fast.

      • Sweet! Well, I hope they get an English site up soon, as my Portuguese is non-existent (short of my love for Seu Jorge on the Life Aquatic soundtrack :D).

  5. Actually, the bottom left of the site has a button where you can click and set the site to English.

  6. I’m really disappointed with Natura Cosmetics, I ordered some products on line from London. The website said that it would take around 2 to 3 days to get my products delivered from UPS. It’s almost one month and I haven’t received anything they took more than 80 euros from my credit card already I tried to contact the numbers on the website and they all speak french only, and the customer care in Brazil has no clue on how to proceed.I’m really disappointed as I’m going on honeymoon in a few days was expecting to take all products with me, won’t be able to get them while I’m away anyway if I receive them and nobody give me any explanation about what’s going on. I will never ever buy anything from them as the beauty market has hundreds of good products but as a good brazilian I used to love Natura cosmetics, their poor service put me off unfortunately.