BB Creams – A Review

Doing research on these companies wasn’t easy.  The Dr. Jart website is basically non-existent, and everything else I found was in Korean.  Skin 79, although an Asian company, has both a Canadian and US websites and the products. I was able to ascertain that these products are approved by the KFDA, which is the Korean equivalent of the FDA, so I’m confident they are all safe to use.  All of the Balms I tried contain beeswax (or even caviar), which means they are not vegan.

Dr. Jart + – Silver Label Rejuvenating BB Cream

For skin tone : Fair and very fair
For skin type: Combination or oily or sensitive
Whitening: Yes
SPF: 35
Oil Control: High
Coverage: High
Finish: Natural matte
Size: 50g
Price: approximately 30$

My thoughts:

After wearing this every day for a week, I couldn’t stand to wear it another day.  It was think and even though my skin didn’t always look greasy, it felt greasy.

SKIN79 – Super+ VIP Gold

For skin tone: Light to Medium
For skin type: Combination or dry
Whitening: Yes
SPF: 25
Oil Control: High
Coverage: Light/Medium
Finish: Natural matte
Size: 40g
Price: approximately 30-40$

My thoughts:

Of all the Balms I tried, I think this one ended up being my favorite, it was certainly the lightest feeling, although it didn’t match my skin at all.

Missha M – Original BB Cream

For skin tone: Light to Medium
For skin type: All
Whitening: Yes
SPF: None
Oil Control: Light
Coverage: Light to Sheer
Finish: Natural
Price: approximately 20$

My thoughts:

I didn’t care for this one at all.  It has no SPF so in order to be protected I needed to wear one under this Balm and it was unpleasant to have SO much on my face.  My face also looked greasy.

Skinfood – Aloe Sun BB Cream

For skin tone: Light
For skin type: Dry to Normal
Whitening: No
SPF: 20
Oil Control: Light
Coverage: Light to Medium
Finish: Natural
Size: 50g
Price: approximately 40$

My thoughts:

This was possibly the cheapest and the thickest feeling balm.  I don’t have normally sensitive skin but my skin was really irritated after just a day of wearing this Balm.

SKIN79 – The Premium BB Cream Intense Classic

For skin tone: Light to Medium
For skin type: Normal/Oily/Combination
Whitening: Yes
SPF: 35
Oil Control: High
Coverage: Light to Medium
Finish: Natural
Size: 43.5g
Price: approximately 20$

My thoughts:

Again, after wearing this a few days it was to thick and greasy feeling to wear more often.

L’egere –  BB Cream

For skin tone: Light to Medium
For skin type: Normal to Oily
Whitening: Yes
SPF: 34
Oil Control: Medium
Coverage: Medium to Full
Finish: Natural
Size: 35g
Price: approximately 30$

My thoughts:

This Balm was mask like and greasy and after half of a day, I just couldn’t bring myself to wear it the rest of the day.

It would be easiest to sum the whole post up by just stating that I didn’t care for any of these.  I found that they were all heavy, thick, and really mask like.  You can see on the swatches above that even though they are supposed to be either ‘colorless’ or ‘self adjusting’ they were all very dark on my skin.  I couldn’t stand to wear them long enough to notice if any of them provided any of the benefits they claimed, such as oil control or if they did indeed lighten my skin.

I found them all very hard to remove, most needed a lot of scrubbing and strong make up remover rather then the mild cleanser I use to get them off of my skin.

Being that they all felt as thick as they did, it was difficult for me to add much to my skin on top of them, such as blush or a finishing powder.  Since none of them matched my skin I couldn’t actually wear them OUT anyplace, so I couldn’t get the typical opinions from my MUA friends or other Stylists.  I was so disappointing that they were such a let down, they really seemed to be too good to be true, though.

Would I try another BB Cream again? No.

  • They’re just not vegan, so honestly I probably wouldn’t use them if they had been the superstars I hoped them to be.
  • I don’t think being as pale as I am that I can realistically expect anything to match my skin tone.
  • I just don’t like the fact that many (if not most) of the ones I tried are waterproof and don’t just wash off.
  • I didn’t care for the mask like and thick feeling they gave me.

One random commenter on this post will be chosen to win a selection of BB Cream samples.


40 Responses to “BB Creams – A Review”

  1. Awwww it sucks that you didn’t like any of the ones you got. I’m just going to stay away from anything liquid and stick to Meow Cosmetics

    • I go through phases with the seasons as to what I prefer (liquid or powder) but I never like anything heavy.

  2. Wow. Someone I know was looking all over for these at one time, and once we spent an entire afternoon looking for them at the asian mall. I was going to ask you if you noticed any “whitening” with the ones that contained whitening ingredients, then I remembered whose blog this is! Durrr 😀

  3. Sounds like an interesting concept.. but I hate the feeling of something “heavy” on my skin. It’s one of the reasons I really don’t like SPF moisturizers.. have you found any that you like personally that don’t feel greasy on your skin??

    • Olay makes a few of great SPF moisturizers, so does PF, Garnier, Ole Henriksen, Philosophy, Shiseido, Boscia, Clinique, Lancome, Murad… there are a ton of them out there.

    • Shiseido’s White Lucent goes on feather light. 🙂 Problem is, I think it’s only SPF 15. I used all of mine up a long time ago and haven’t been back to the store to purchase any.

  4. Originally I hated the BB creams as well, but I found that if you use less and mix it with a moisturizer with sunsceen it lightens the consistency a lot, and really makes it less heavy. The SKIN79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ is actually one of HG foundations. That really sucks that you didn’t like any of them!

  5. I’m so glad that you did the review – I found out about BB creams recently and wondered if they were real 😀 , I was so excited by the hype.

    I thought by their name (I associate ‘blemish’ with ‘pimple’) they would be more suited for the combination/oily skins… more on the light, non-masky side.

  6. Chuckled a bit at the “One random commenter will win…”. Based on that review, I think that’s more of an incentive *not* to comment, huh? XD

  7. Funny how most Asian reviews I’ve read about bb creams complain about them being too light for their skin. I’ve found that the self-adjusting thing doesn’t work as much either, especially if you use a bb cream that doesn’t match your natural skin undertones. It’s hard to find one that’s just right so you end up trying a lot, and spending 😦 For the most part I think bb creams are just liquid foundations with extra properties, but you’d have to road-test them for quite awhile just to find those out.

  8. Gosh, it’s sad that you didn’t like any of the BB creams that you tried! They’re my HG foundation, I finally decided on Dr Jart’s Silver BB cream as my HG after trying many other brands. I apply a very thin layer then blend it out because its coverage is quite opaque. It gives me a natural, “no makeup look”. This video may help some people to find their ideal method to apply BB cream?

    L’egere’s BB creams are a bit too (strangely?) orange-colored for me. And oh, it’s interesting that you think that Skin79’s Super + VIP Gold has high oil control, because it’s supposed to be for mature skin and has ingredients to treat wrinkles (supposedly)?

    I do know many people around me who love their BB creams, some of them think the color “settles in” and match their skin color after a while (does this sounds strange…?).

  9. i keep hearing great things about bb creams, it’s disappointing to find out they don’t favor the incredibly pale.

  10. I’d love to just try them on for size from hearing all the hype about them. I’m ssooo sorry they didn’t work for you at all, such a bummer. I love and cherish your reviews!

  11. It’s funny. Out of all the containers I see up there, I only recognize two of them from my local stores. I’ve never tried any BB’s just because they’re for fair skinned people, and I’m obviously not that. I’ve been told to mix it into my foundation or tinted moisturizer, but that just seems like too much trouble when I already have a good routine working for me. If I did find one that was dark enough for me, I would rarely wear it alone since BB’s usually are such light coverage. I guess I just don’t get the hype.

  12. After reading I still don’t really understand what it does or what it is. Probably would match my skin though and would be interesting to see any other brands.

  13. Wow, you had me at the greasy texture. I switched to mineral makeup because I needed to start wearing makeup but couldn’t stand the feel of liquid stuff. Now, it’s all minerals, powders, and whatnot. Lol, I think I’ll stick with them.

  14. lol.. I can’t see any of those matching my skintone.. and I AM asian..looks like too much beige in one.. pink in another. I don’t really get colour changing foundations.. to me if they’ve changed colour it’s because it’s reacted weirdly with my skin ph and I need a new match D:.

  15. I’ve tried a couple of BB creams as well and was similarly unimpressed. I don’t think it’s just you being pale, I think the colors are just not very well formulated. I’m Asian and medium-fair in skin tone; out of all the creams I tried most of them were either too pale, too dark, too orange. They were also too thick and goopy feeling for my taste, too.

  16. Well, it looks like I’m going to stick to plain old foundation and use my skincare separately. Too bad, it seems like a great idea to have a three in one product that has coverage, sun protection and some skin care attributes.

  17. wow… interesting review. I love the Skin79 Gold version that I have. Found that one pump is enuh to cover the whole face and to make it slightly easier to blend I make sure my face is still slightly damp from my toner when applying. Its really taken over the function of my day moisturizer/sunscreen and I only need a light dusting of mmu powder on top to set everything. Love it! Didn’t find any issues with taking it off. I use a regular cream cleanser then double cleanse with a foam. No residue left at all after that.

  18. These sound quite bizarre, I can imagine them being like thick cream with a medicinal smell for some reason! They don’t sound like they’d be great for oily skin.

  19. Great review!

    But I have to agree that when I read “Blemish Balm”… I at first thought it was a pimple cream LOL

  20. I know I probably can’t wear those. I can’t wear most liquid foundations because they cause me to break out. My skin is super sensitive and kind of dry. Plus, I am a little afraid of lightening foundations.

  21. Phew! I was afraid it was another one of those post that makes me want to buy buy BUY! 😉 Thanks a lot for this little study of yours. I had never heard of BB cream, but from the initial description, it is definitely something I would have liked to try. Not so much anymore.

    I was wondering if you had ever tried Sobe Botanicals’ foundation. There’s not much hype about it in the beauty blog community, but I find it very impressive. Of all the powder foundation I’ve tried (Meow, Lauress, Lucy, Sassy), this one has the less powdery look and I’m always surprised at how clear it leaves my skin.

  22. i really enjoy your honesty in this post. It doesn’t sound like something I want to own but I just had to give my kudos for your review ❤

  23. I love bb creams 😀 Even though I agree with you that a lot of them feel greasy. I just add a layer of setting powder, and usually it helps. jsyk, MAC also has a BB cream, though it’s only marketed in Asia, if you ever want to try it out.

  24. I’m surprised you’re too light for BB creams! I personally have trouble with BB creams being too pale for me, and considering how Asians are obsessed with whitening and brightening, I’d figure they’d be perfect for those with porcelain and fair skin. 😛
    I currently only use one BB cream, Missha M Watery, although not often because the color match isn’t great.

    I know you said you probably wouldn’t use one again, if only for the fact it’s not vegan, but I really liked the texture of this one! Like the name says, it goes on really smoothly and glides on like liquid, then dries down to a satin finish. The oil control is fantastic, too.

    But, different strokes for different folks. I myself am not attracted to mineral foundations anymore, although I went through a huge Everyday Minerals kick a few years ago.

  25. I got into knowing about these in a roundabout way – being as I am a complete K-Pop fan, apparantly all my favourite celebrities use these to look as effortlessly hawt as they do 😛 The fact that most are only one or two tone variants really puts me off though. Self correcting my but – I doubt any of those would match me (I’m black). Interesting to find you didn’t get on with any of them. Most look seriously dark against your skin lol 😛

  26. I have recently read many bb cream reviews and i have been wondering if i should buy one. After this review i’m still interested in them, but i’m not sure if i want spend a lot money to them 😛

  27. It’s a pity to hear that you don’t like the BB Creams. I only just heard of them a few days ago and they sound fantastic. I’m very glad you shared your opinion, I’ll definately take what you said on board when i go to buy one.

  28. What a shame none of the creams really suited you 😦
    I’ve heard so many girls rave about BB Creams and their magical properties so I thought they would be a winner for sure.

  29. Thanks for the review. I am disappointed too after hearing all the buzz. I am already very pale too so I just won’t waste my money.

  30. I’m still pretty curious about these despite the review. I’m pretty pale though so I’m not sure that any of these would be light enough for me so I’d never go waste the money on them.

  31. I too, was more curious after reading your review. I am also very pale, but in addition, I have vitiligo and am always seeking a good covering foundation to even me out. I read a lot of reviews on various BB creams on a number of other sites, and concluded that I might really like them. I decided to try the Dr. Jart + Silver label, based on everything I read, and have just ordered from a US seller on eBay. The price seemed very reasonable ($21, free shipping) so hopefully it will turn out to be something that will work for me.


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