Providence and Grace Lipsticks – A Review


I ran across Providence and Grace while I was searching for pumpkin lipsticks the other day when Window Shopping.  Although I knew the image in the listing was photoshopped, I really loved the color and the seeming depth of the shade.

While browsing I did notice that most of the eyeshadows looked repackaged (in fact the two that I bought were) but I was still curious enough about the lipsticks to try them out.  This review is just for the lipstick, I don’t see any point in hashing and rehashing the eyeshadows.

I ended up ordering:

Fancy Moisturizing Lipstick


I paid 2$ for shipping, the lipstick was 1.50$ and each shadow was an additional .25$.  My order arrived in just over a week, so the shipping was rather quick.


My order was wrapped and packed in a bubble mailer and included a couple of free samples.  No invoice was included.


The lipstick comes in a chapstick type clear tube with a white label.  The label includes the shade name, the company name, and the ingredients.

It wasn’t until after I ordered that someone alerted me to the fact that Providence and Grace is the same shop as Allure by Jen.  I was dissapointed, I’m confused as to why there are two seperate shops up and running selling the exact same products, although there is an announcement on the Allure site now saying that they will be switching shops.  The only difference between them is the images they use.  For example, the top image is from the lipstick listing from P&G and the bottom is from Allure.

Fancy is a beautiful shimmery dark pink and coppery colored lipstick. This lipstick glides over your lips smooth as silk. My special formula is loaded with great ingredients that soothe, moisturize, heal, and leave a protective weather barrier on your lips.

My lipsticks feel like a lip balm but have great coverage just like a lipstick. You will never have to put lip balm over or under your lipstick again! All my lipsticks are soft, smooth, and glide over your lips like silk. Your lips will not only have the perfect color, they will be immediately soothed and moisturized. My lipsticks aren’t heavy or waxy feeling; they are light and feel almost like you are wearing nothing at all. You can’t find a better combination than that!

This was the extent of the listing, which I suppose should have been a warning, but like I always say, you never know.  Some of my favorite Etsy finds have been total surprises and some of the things I was looking forward to most have been huge let downs.

A quick look at the ingredients (sweet almond oil, beeswax, caster oil, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and carmine) and I know that not only it is not vegan, but it’s no lipstick base that I’ve run across.  Wearing it, though, it seems like it is just a base formula with mica mixed in, it’s not as nicely formulated and creamy as the lipsticks are from Morganas, for instance.  Although I can’t say for certain I’d be inclined to think this is a simple melt and pour formula.  It didn’t apply evenly at all and took some work to get to look opaque and to cover my lips so it wasn’t splotchy, but even after all that it was still funky when I tried to get a picture.  After wearing it for a while it seemed to feel dry and chunky and the mica separated out of the emulsion base and into every line in my lips.  The color was also nothing like the listing


Would I purchase from Providence & Grace / Allure by Jen again?  No.

  • The eyeshadows I received where repackaged.
  • The lipstick was very poor quality.
  • The color were nothing like I expected.


20 Responses to “Providence and Grace Lipsticks – A Review”

  1. Sigh, it seems a lot of people think the mineral makeup-business is easy bucks with no work. ><

  2. Wow, so glad I didn’t purchase any. Such a disappointment. Thank you for sharing this info with us.

  3. Wow, thanks for the info on Providence and Grace. I do like my lipsticks, but then I am not really an expert at mineral makeup. I didn’t know the eyeshadows were repackaged, but then it’s not something I look into either, but it’s good to know.
    Am quite happy to stick with my stuff, not sure I will recommend it now though 🙂

  4. Yarr….I was afraid of this, but somewhat already aware. I have a red lipstick sample from them, and it seemed to wear OK, although I didn’t have it on for more than 2 hours or so, so it’s possible it would react differently to all day wear.

  5. Mice? Really? What the…

  6. oh my, what a shame. some of them looked so tempting… but now i’m looking forward even more to receiving my evil shades order.

  7. “A quick look at the ingredients (sweet almond oil, beeswax, caster oil, mice, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and carmine)”

    I know that was a total typo there (I do it all the time!) but I had a little giggle when I read that.

    This is why I look to your blog to give me honest and thorough reviews of products. You’re not some gal who gets freebies after freebies from companies to review their products and if you do it’s few and far between.

    Real consumers (like you and me!) go through the whole process from purchasing to receiving to using. That is what I miss the most about blogs these days. It seems all of them are getting free products for review but we don’t really see what their whole experience is like with a company the way an actual consumer would experience.

    Anyway, sorry for the tangent. I’ve heard of Allure by Jen on Etsy through various blogs but never purchased. I did browse around a bit.

    You’re right, the color you got does not look remotely like the one they have pictured.

    Thank you so much for your review and thank you for having such a great blog.

    • Oh snap. Fixed it!

      Thanks so much! Every review that’s linked in my sidebar has been something that I have personally paid for. In fact I’ve removed the info from my blog regarding PR requests, as I prefer not to promote or accept anything. I’d rather just write about what I want.

  8. Thanks for letting us know! I’ve bought from allure by jen before and I was completely unimpressed with the shadow. It’s nice to know she has a different shop probably because people have stopped buying from her (maybe)

  9. Hmmm I’m actually surprised by this review. Allure By Jen is the first place I ever bought makeup that wasn’t mass produced, and I rather liked her foundation.

    The last time I shopped there (in June) I added a lipstick to my cart – Element

    I remember I was so pleased with it when I got it, it was such a pretty, metallic color. I think it’s a bit darker on my lips than on her image of it, but it did seem to cover better than the shade you received.

    I just pulled out the lipstick to check the color and noticed it seems a bit “thick” and not as easy to put on as it used to be, and has a sort of stale makeup smell. It still goes on with as much color as it did in June, though.

    All that said, I was planning to try Meow Cosmetics’ foundation the next time I need some, and have since June fallen in deeply in love with Epically Epic Soap’s lip balms and tints, so I’m not too heartbroken by your review 😉

    Thanks Grey!

  10. Thanks for this review. I just became aware of Providence and Grace. I have browsed their shop once, but hadn’t decided if I was going to order anything from them. I think you have made my decision for me, I’m not going to order from them.

  11. I never liked the online photo swatches so I’ve never bothered with this company. That and from the pictures it never looked like anything extra was in the product, whether it be some sparkle here, or shimmer there, just straight up yellow, plum etc.

  12. I’m pretty sure those two “different” pictures from the two shops are in fact edited versions of the same picture. Look at the highlighting on the lips… it’s an exact match. It looks like for the P&G photo, they just cropped out the lips and maybe altered the color.

    • That was sort of my point in posting the pictures!

    • Yeah, that was what I found the most disappointing. Granted, I wasn’t planning on buying from this shop anyhow, but photo shopping a picture of a black woman’s lips into a white woman’s lips? Tacky.

  13. If she’s putting effort into switching names with a new shop, it’s really too bad she didn’t put effort into moving away from repackaging; I see a lot of stuff that I recognize or rings a bell for me, even in the new shop.

  14. I had my eye on this shop and was considering trying these lippies but money is tight, so I’m glad you reviewed them! I have really dry lips so I’m always on the hunt for a moisturizing lipstick.
    I rely on your blog a lot when it comes to purchasing from indie companies. I actually just added yours to the blogroll on mine. Thanks for all the great info, swatches & reviews.

  15. Wow, that lipstick looks awful. The photoshopping is incredibly obvious.

  16. Wow – I have been window shopping and coming across her lipsticks and thinking they look alright. I am glad I am not really a lipstick person and didn’t bother. Also good to hear about Allure by Jen, I know where not to bother sampling.

  17. i was considering buying lipsticks and glad i found this review. i was sceptical about the overly photoshopped lip swatch too.