Nars Orgasm Blush

Walk into nearly any Sephora and ask for a blush recommendation and if the consultant is on her game she’ll recommend NARS Orgasm.  A quick search across the MU community and you’ll discover it’s the HG blush for millions.  It certainly is for me, it suits my complexion and is incredibly natural looking.  It also suits my cousins who are part Hispanic and my cousins who are part Arabic.  There is something about the peachy-pink shade that magically looks like you’re basking in the afterglow.  The NARS formula is honestly one of the best blushes I’ve run across, even though the 26$ price tag is hard to swallow.

The company has turned the iconic color, and lets be honest the cheeky name, into quite a franchise, making the shade available in many formats.  You can get it as the basic blush, a gloss, a multiuse stick (called The Multiple), a nail polish, and as an Illuminator.

NARS is also a cruelty free company, although many products contain beeswax and carmine.  Orgasm is not vegan.

Formula : 5/5

Color : 5/5

Versatility : 5/5

Price : 2/5

Overall : 3.4/5

Silk Naturals Climax and Afterglow Blushes

This is a light to medium pink shade with hints of peach, plum- and just the slightest hint of gold shimmer. The shimmer is very subtle- just enough to keep it from looking too matte.  It’s the perfect shade for light to medium toned women- no matter your undertones- it just works.  It’s natural, and pretty with a nice pop of color without being over the top.
The Silk Naturals’ site.

There are a few companies out there that make Orgasm ‘dupes’ and frankly I’ve tried a few.  For a while I was using Aromaleigh’s Verve, but since it’s no longer available I was sent into a panic to try to find a replacement.  I was ecstatic to find out that Silk Naturals actually created a vegan version that was formulated without silk or carmine.  Silk Natural’s also makes a gloss clone called Foreplay.  Karen from SN is really great and when I asked her a few questions she told me that all of the current blushes they carry are lip safe, so even if you wanted to make your own vegan version of the lip gloss you could easily do that with the blush, mixing a little into your favorite clear gloss.  You can also use the blush to mix into clear polish or into a primer to make your own illuminator.

The Silk Natural’s blush is another great formula and contains far less ingredients then the NARS.  In the past I’ve mentioned wearing both colors and at the end of the day both of them were still clear and neither had faded or disappeared.

How do they compare color wise?

Top row from NARS : Orgasm, The Multiple, Illuminator, and gloss

Bottom row from Silk Naturals : Climax, Afterglow, and Foreplay

To be honest, they are a little different when swatched, but when you wear them they are virtually the same.  The glosses are different, the NARS being a liquid with an applicator and the SN being a tube, but on the lips they are the same. The tones of the shades, the incredible neutral peachy-pink is the same, even if the intensity of the swatches are different.

Formula : 5/5

Color : 4/5

Versatility : 5/5

Price : 5/5

Overall : 4.75/5

The clear winner of The Orgasm Battle?  Silk Naturals.


7 Responses to “O!”

  1. Yay! I love Verve :>

  2. I think as soon as I find my foundation shade, I might try out Orgasm. I know a friend of mine really wants it, so maybe I’ll get it for her as a present 🙂

  3. If you ever want a solid powder form that looks just like Orgasm, hit up your avon lady for Mark Afterglow. It’s only $7 I think and the only blush I’ve hit pan on and bought a second. I ❤ it muchly.

  4. I loved Verve too. I’m soo glad you posted this! And Silk Naturals has a vegan version, so wonderful!

  5. Has anyone compared this to Nergasm? ( http://www.geekchiccosmetics.com/blush-nerdgasm.html ) by Geek Chic? I was going through some of their stuff the other day and found it. I was wonder how close of a dupe it was.