Sweet Tooth!

As if by magic a sweet little white box with the cutest blue kitty showed up at my house the other day.  I was so excited to find the newest Sugarpill colors inside.  There wasn’t much fanfare or pomp in releasing these new shades, they seemed to appear on the site overnight, much to the delight of nearly everyone.  Twitter blew up that morning with tweets like NEW SUGARPILLS OH M GEEEEEE which was a sentiment that I agreed with.  I had actually planned on placing an order closer to the first, so this was quite a happy accident!

Shrinkle (Amy) continues to put out an amazing product, taking the criticisms her first launch received to improve things.  In her case not much could be said aside from the boxes not being labeled with shades, which has now been more then corrected.  Her production has moved to a new plant, she told me, one that doesn’t use certain dyes so there is no chance of cross contamination or any need for the ‘may contain’ list her previous shades were required to carry.  The quality hasn’t diminished one bit!  You still get an amazingly huge jar of loose shadow, 5 whole grams, for 12$.  The icing on the cake is this entire collection is vegan.

I’m really impressed with these colors, they are all so pretty and bright.  They are not quite pastels, but a much more subdued sort of collection then the deep and dramatic shades from the initial launch.  Sugarpill has impressive customer service and Amy is super thoughtful and one of the sincerest people out there.  She always sends the cutest notes with my packages (which I’m not allowed to mention 😉 ) and you can’t help but feel like you’re an important customer, which is a lesson a lot of companies need to learn.

From top to bottom, left to right : Stella, Darling, Tipsy, Weekender, Birthday Girl, Magentric, and Paperdoll

While I love all these shades, there are three that stand out that I’m totally wearing today.  Stella is actually a sort of plush matte with these amazing sparkes of glitter and foiled it makes a beautiful and unique liner.  Birthday Girl is the perfect pink.  Darling is such an amazing aqua color and even as sharp as it is, I think it’s an easy shade to wear, even for the less daring out there.

There was some discussion I caught about how Tipsy seemed really close to Absinthe, so I swatched them both together so you can see the difference.  Absinthe is a more yellow shade with quite a different finish and Tipsy is quite  bit more true green with sparks.

Absinthe on top, Tipsy on the bottom.

Do I recommend Sugarpill?  Without hesitation.

ETA: Bloggers agree – Amy is ‘effin’ sweet.


11 Responses to “Sweet Tooth!”

  1. Ahhhh! I’ve been trying so hard to hold out for 3 more weeks until my birthday, but your swatches are weakening my resistance. Must…not…click…”mine!”… And, I only really wanted Weekender before. Now I want Stella and Darling too. Blah!

  2. The colors are so beautiful 🙂

  3. I gotta place another Sugarpill order. My first included Bulletproof pressed powder, which has displaced MAC’s Carbon in my eyeshadow pantheon.

    My second order got lost by the U.S. Postal Service. Boo hiss. 😦

    Stella looks like the ultimate loose shadow for us bellydancers, along with Bulletproof. You can’t have enough black eye makeup if you’re on stage.

  4. I ♥ SUGARPILL!!! I’m in the process of finishing up my collection!!!

  5. Fabulous! Can’t wait to play with these!!!

  6. I only have one Sugarpill colour (Goldilux) but already I’m in love. Those swatches look great, I can’t wait to buy more.

  7. Sugarpill just keeps getting better and better, the siren commanding me to place an order. One day…