Rockit Bot – A Review


I stumbled across Rockit Bot a few weeks ago searching for stuff for my Stockholm inspired Window Shopping and immediately added it my list of favorites.  They feature these amazing little wallets.

Nerd Herder Wallet- n.
1. All in one wallet designed for iPod, Droid, Blackberry, Zune, digital cameras and more.
2. Herds your electronic odds and ends into one place. Ex. earbuds, SD cards, jump drives, batteries, and all the other tiny objects in your life.

Escape Pod Wallet- n.
1. All in one wallet designed for iPod, Droid, Blackberry, Zune, digital cameras and more.
2. On the go storage for phone gadget, earbuds, and credit cards.

I ended up ordering :

Arachnid Escape Pod Wallet

Matching Wristlet


I paid 2$ for shipping.  That’s it.  I got a convo the night I ordered that my wristlet was being made to match and it would be shipped the next day.  It was and my Escape Pod arrived literally days after I ordered it.


My wallet came wrapped in tissue and packaged in a cute cello bag along with the wristlet.  Also included was a thank you note, a new business cards and a cute little matching pencil.


Let me preface all of this by saying I can sew, and I do.  A lot.  But you guys know that.  I typically don’t buy things from Etsy that I can make myself because I’m apparently incredibly frugal (ie cheep).  However, when I saw this wallet and this print I wanted it.  I had to have it.  And you know what?  I was not disappointed.

It’s very sturdy, very well made, and well designed.  It fits my iPhone (even in its case) snuggly and there is plenty of room for my IDs and my debit card, which are the only things I really have in my wallet anyway.  I added my keys to the wristlet instead of hooking it on the wallet and I’m really happy with it.  My dad used to always tell  me never to have a heavy key chain because of the way it hangs from the ignition and it could ruin your starter, so I’m always super careful about what I put on my keys.

toki doki, yo

Together it’s a really great set that fits in my new berry fall bag perfectly, keeping everything I really need organized and close at hand.


Would I purchase from Rockit Bot again?  Yes!

  • These would make amazing gifts.
  • They are really affordable, I’m thinking about more in different prints and styles.
  • They have great customer service and amazingly reasonable shipping.

They are not, however, technically vegan because the felt in them is supposedly ‘wool’ however I personally do not have an issue with using wool.  IMO growing up in farming family I know sheep need to be sheered to be comfortable.


7 Responses to “Rockit Bot – A Review”

  1. Love the bag!! It’s a gorgeous color!!

  2. That bag is so gorgeous!

    The wallet is really neat. Oooh and they have a teal one!

  3. Ooh, and they sell locally in Atlanta. Woo!

  4. I have the same Tokidoki gelaskin on my phone! We rock!