My Beauty Addiction – A Follow Up

I first discovered My Beauty Addition just about a year ago now.  To recap, I bought an loose mineral eyeshadow stack from them only to find out that the colors in the Etsy listing were not accurate at all and I was disappointed.  I was told that they use photos of the colors they get from their supplier and that in the future she would be taking the time to actually swatch the colors for the listing.  I’d been keeping my eye on the shop and in the past year, nothing has changed.  The colors available are the same as well as the way they are listed and no swatches have been made available.

What has been added is a slew of health and beauty related items that I don’t think I remember them having previously, such as face washes, lip glosses, body scrubs, facial serums, and deodorants.

This time I purchased:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream Cleanser
Shadow Poxy-Eye Shadow Primer
Advanced Lip Solutions Anti-Aging, Plumping Lip Butter sheer tints
Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Stacks
Vegan Deodorant SAMPLE

I received a free Sugar Scrub sample.

Shipping was a little high, I ended up paying a total of 7$.  The package arrived quickly and well wrapped in a large padded envelope.

The Cleanser

I sort like this.  I’m not sure how well it compares to other AHA cleansers, but I’ve been pretty happy with how it works on my skin, it doesn’t leave it all dried and tight and it doesn’t leave it oily or greasy either.  I’m pretty sure I’d have to get through the whole jar to be able to say how effective it is an an exfoliate, but as a cleanser I’m happy.  I already have incredibly photosensitive skin due to being on  prescribed retinol  (a cream based exfolliant was recommended in place of a scrubbing one) so I really cannot say how much more sensitive it is after using this.  I probably won’t get this again, it’s made with lactic acid (from milk) and I’m not crazy about that.

The Primer

Shadow Poxy is an eyeshadow base that is applied to your lids before applying your mineral eyeshadow. Just a tiny sweep of the Shadow Poxy across your lids will hold your mineral makeup in place all day long and your colors will POP. Colors become more dramatic and intense, and your makup becomes water, moisture & sweat resistant.

I really wanted to try this out because it’s fairly inexpensive at only 4$.  Wow, talk about an experience.   I was curious as to how it compared to Pixie Epoxy (a MUST HG product) and how it worked overall.  When I first applied this I thought it was thick and sort of greasy.  I was worried it wouldn’t ‘set’ and it did take a minute or so longer then I’m used to using UDPP or TFSI.  It was still a little tacky but holy smokes, did it grab the color.  As I applied my shadows the shades looked almost foiled and I was afraid they wouldn’t blend, but that was an unfounded fear.  My shadow was bright and stayed in place for quite a while.  I could still feel it on my eyes and the shadow sort of stuck together in my eyelids when I blinked.  I’ve tried it a few times, using less and applying it differently, and I still had the same issues.  I think if maybe I play around with a little bit I can find a way to get it to work.  Would I purchase this again?  I might, especially if a vegan version (without beeswax) was available.

The Shadow Stack

Last time I bought a shadow stack I was disappointed in the lack of vibrancy in the colors.  When I did a swatch test of both the loose shadow, the original pigment, and a pressed shade, I discovered the pressed shades were actually quite vibrant.  For the pressed stack I picked Driftwood, Pink Bronze, Valentine, and Blossom.  I’m actually really pleased with these!  The four shades I picked work together beautifully and the colors are nice and smooth and not flaky or dull.  I’m pretty sure that these are hand pressed, but they are done well.

From left to right : Driftwood, Pink Bronze, Valentine and Blossom

Lip Plumping Gloss

I was curious as to how this would work, and reading the listing on Etsy there was a long description of the active ingrideint, Hilurlip, which can also be found word for word here.  I was pretty confident that this was a handmade product.  I ordered it in Sheer Berry and it is really sheer.  In fact there isn’t much color in it at all.  I was hoping it compared to Buxom’s lip gloss (which I love, review coming soon).  While it’s not a substitute, it is a nice gloss.  I didn’t notice much plumping, but my lips were moisturized.

The Deodorant

Love this.  I just got a little sample sized in Gingered Peach, but it’s great.  Love the formula, love the scent.


Would I order from MBA again?  No.

  • First off I really don’t like that fact that after my initial review I was told that they would be taking steps to insure that the product colors would be swatched to be more accurate, and now over a year later it hasn’t been done.  I dislike that sort of thing.
  • The package smelled vaguely of smoke.  I didn’t even remember until I opened this order that I had the same issue last time and was told several times steps would be made to insure the packaging was smoke free.
  • Everything is most certainly repackaged wholesale.

9 Responses to “My Beauty Addiction – A Follow Up”

  1. I found the review interesting and the store looks good, but pretending they would change what you’ve complained about and not doing so bothers me. Also, I’m allergic to cigar smell (gives me horrible headaches), so I think I’ll avoid the company.

  2. Terribly sad to hear because I have been looking for another deodorant on Etsy and I am frightfully allergic to smoke. Even just a vague linger could set off my allergies for days >.<

  3. Ug the smoke smell would totally turn me off of it.

  4. Hmph. Driftwood and Pink Bronze look absolutely stunning, but I can’t justify spending money here when there are so many other indie companies that – from your review – I’d consider more deserving. Shame! Maybe I’ll have to see if I can mix up some dupes for myself. 😛

  5. I’m a smoker, and even I would hate to get something I paid for stinking of smoke. It just feels like it’s been….used. Ugh.

    Since i see people mentioning natural deodorant I hear Bunny Butt Apothecary on Etsy’s is pretty good. I order from them regularly for their Tea Tree Oil Shea butter face cream (my HG face cream in the summer.) I’ve never tried the deodorant though, since I’m finicky and like antiperspirants despite how bad they are for you….

  6. Thanks for the review! While some of the products sound really interesting, I won’t ever buy anything that has ashtray smell, particularly not when it contains things I plan to put on my face.