Beat Black

During one of my Etsy scavenger hunts I ran across Beat Black.  I was so impressed with the necklaces they had listed I featured one in my Zombie Punk inspired Window Shopping post.  Within minutes the necklace sold from the shop, so I sent a convo asking if it was possible to have another one made for me.  After a few convos a listing appeared and I snapped it up in minutes, really excited to get my hands on my own ‘I Love Brains’ necklace.

It arrived yesterday and I love it.  It’s beautifully hand made and remarkably detailed.  It’s just so adorably creepy, I’m keeping both pieces!  The necklace was shipped quickly and carefully packaged.  Sarah is also really sweet and great to work with!


9 Responses to “Beat Black”

  1. I love this necklace! I’m tinking this would be a lovely Valentine day present for my boy and I, or maybe a cool BFF present for my BFF 😀

  2. If I don’t get the sleeping worm necklace NOW I might die.

  3. Geez I really need money. I’m going to a zombie walk for hunger next weekend and this would have been so perfect to wear.

  4. This looks so cool!

  5. I stumbled across their shop a little while ago too and I absolutely love everything they sell. I particularly like her cameos.

  6. Oh you, showing us so many creepy and pretty things. I checked out Beat Black, and got this cute little evil starfish:
    It totally reminds me of beetlejuice. I love it. Thanks for the tip off on the shop!!!