IMS Update!

Hey IMS Swappers!  Yesterday was the ‘official’ last day to sign up, even though the swap has been filled for a while.  Now is the time to start gathering your swap items and getting ready to mail them to me!

There is a page linked at the top of the site, you can find it here, with all the info for the swap.  Just as a reminder head over there and refresh yourselves and then please check in here!

I will be posting my shipping address in a couple of days so you can start sending your packages in when you’re ready.


6 Responses to “IMS Update!”

  1. I cant wait ti grab the items and send them out!

  2. I’m all bout and packed, just waiting on an address!

  3. Hihi, is there a deadline by which to send out the items? I’m looking forward to sending out the items!

  4. Hi, I just wanted to check, are we supposed to send out our items soon?