Lightbulb Beauty Tip #3

Recently while trying out an Etsy shop I was disappointed to discover that they are still selling straight mica (although creatively blended into unique colors) without a base.  Straight mica is not a very good eyeshadow, it’s all the same finish (shiny) and doesn’t adhere or last well.  I wanted to wear the colors, so what to do?

Mix it yourself with some pre-blended mineral base from TKB!  There are several types available, I prefer a bit of the Matte Base and a bit of C-SMax to make a creamy plush eyeshadow.

I recommend working with some cheep straight mica, perfecting your ‘formula’ before you jump into blending any shadows you might have purchased so that you don’t mess them up!


9 Responses to “Lightbulb Beauty Tip #3”

  1. Awesome tip! Too bad that there are still companies out there selling without a base. Seems just… weird.

    • It does seem weird, especially since I’d like to think the average indie consumer is more educated now.

  2. Hmmmm. Good tip. I wonder if this will work with colors that I love, but are too shimmery/sparkly for daily wear. I have several colors that I would love to be matte or plush.

  3. Great tip! Thanks for sharing!
    May I only ask – how much of these base do you add? 🙂

  4. Great tip! Some people might find this helpful – my base-to-mica ratio is generally about 20:80 to 25:75. C-SMAX doesn’t noticeably alter colors when used in this ratio, but additives like titanium dioxide (especially if it’s methicone-coated) will.

    • Thanks so much, Caitlin! This is one more reason I love indie companies like yours, you are always so quick to help and answer questions!