A Minor Miracle

The other day I exclaimed on Twitter that I’d found a miracle product and I nearly incited a riot when I refused to say what it was.

This morning I reveal the mystery product.

DuWop Reverse Lip Liner

Imagine being able to shape your lips without creating harsh lines. This revolutionary, colorless, matte lip pencil is designed to be applied to the area just outside the lip line, to plump up fine lines and lock lip color in place. Reverse Lip Liner’s miracle ingredient is Kambuchka, which is derived from black tea and wild mushrooms from Tibet. This unique ingredient has been proven to provide a “lip filling” reaction that restores volume where needed as it imparts essential moisture. Comes with a custom sharpener.

I hadn’t planned on getting anything like this, certainly not something that wasn’t vegan, but because it listed kambuchka as an ingredient, which I assume they mean kombucha, I was curious.  Kombucha is my all time favorite drink and since they took it off the shelves at Whole Foods I’ve been freaking out trying to get some.  This was as close as I got.

I typically wear stains or glosses during the day and leave the lipsticks for ‘special occasions’.  I’m not sure if it’s just the landscape of my lips, but I was having issues with the glosses sort of going all over or bleeding.  Anything other then MAC seems to be the worst, and I really try not to rely on MAC as much as I have on the past.

Enter this little miracle product.  You line the OUTSIDE of your lips and it literally locks your gloss/stain/lipstick inside.  When you first apply it, you can sort of see where it is, but after a couple of seconds it disappears.  I was worried about it being thick and me being able to feel it, but it’s weightless.  My gloss lasted about twice as long as it normally would have locked inside my lips.  It makes your gloss look sharp and precise.

I was curious and did a little test wearing a traditional nude lip liner on one side and then this Reverse Liner on the other and yes, I looked ridiculous, but as far as glosses go, this is my new HG liner.

If you’re one of those people who can’t figure out why everyone raves about Fyrinnae’s Lip Lusters because they seem too thin or ‘travel’ this will instantly answer your questions.  Typically I don’t have any issues, except for a few of the intensely dark shades, the Reverse Liner instantly made every Luster I’ve collected (I think I have all of them) wearable.

It’s a big stick, so even at 20$ it’s worth the price and it comes with it’s own sharpener.


For those who’ve asked, yes it does indeed plump the area around your lips and basically erases those little lines that the glosses and stains bleed into in the first place!


11 Responses to “A Minor Miracle”

  1. You have created a lemming. I wants. ❤

  2. I also have the problems you described with Fyrinnae’s Lip Lusters (with the dark colors) and usually I apply them very lightly so that they don’t move from my lips. But this! This sounds awesome! Thank you so much for sharing 😀

  3. Thanks for the review, Grey!

    “If you’re one of those people who can’t figure out why everyone raves about Fyrinnae’s Lip Lusters because they seem too thin or ‘travel’ this will instantly answer your questions.”

    OMG… it’s like you read my mind!!!

  4. This may make you happy- E.L.F. Makes a version of this- I think they call it the Liplock Pencil. You actually reminded me I need to review this on my site! Anyway, it’s a whopping $3.00 and, at a glance, appears to be Vegan (uses Candelilla wax.) I’ve never tried the DuWop one to compare, but this kept my bleediest lippie in check!

    • Does it just line, or does it also plump so that the little ‘fine lines’ around your lips that actually cause a lot of the bleeding are filled?

  5. Regarding the kombucha.. there’s some other brands that have mostly hung out on the sidelines (because everyone went for GT’s stuff) that you can still find in some health food stores. I can’t remember if WF still sells these or not, but there’s another chain called Natural Grocers that has alternative kombucha brands. I really miss GT’s.. the ginger and original ones were my favorite.

    • I’ve actually found a brand that’s fairly available around here. I just have to get used to the new flavors.

  6. frack! i need this, even the damn chapstick wonders all over my face and leads to little black heads all around the edge of my lips.