Huge Halloween Happenings!

With a blog called Gothique I HAVE to host some sort of Halloween Giveaway, right?

This year I’m proud to announce that together with Becca from OHWTO we’ve created Gothique’s own signature perfume.  Walking around the Mexican neighborhoods here in So Cal around Halloween all you smell is roses and Pan de Muertos, the traditional and simple offerings left for those you wish to remember and celebrate on Dia de los Muertos.  I wanted to mimic that scent in Sugar Skulls, a light blend of a scattering of roses haunted by the mysterious scent of anise.

To enter put together your fantasy Halloween costume.  Tell me your inspiration and what sort of things you’d use to put it together.

You have from now until October 20th to enter.

You may enter (comment) only once.

On the 25th Becca and I will begin to pick our favorites to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in our Virtual Halloween Costume Contest.

1st place will win an 8 ounce jar of whipped bathing creme, a tube of solid perfume, a sweet cream emulsifying sugar scrub, and a brain soap bar all in the amazing Sugar Skulls scent.

2nd place will win a 2 ounce jar of whipped bathing creme, a tube of solid perfume, a sweet cream emulsifying sugar scrub, and a brain soap bar all in the amazing Sugar Skulls scent.

3rd place will win a tube of solid perfume, a sweet cream emulsifying sugar scrub, and a brain soap bar all in the amazing Sugar Skulls scent.


42 Responses to “Huge Halloween Happenings!”

  1. Halloween is pretty much my biggest holiday, and I always try to make my costumes and be more creative than popping on a witch’s hat or a monster mask. I did my favorite costume five years ago, but I would love to be able to do it better someday (perhaps at a convention)!

    I always loved Delirium of the Endless from The Sandman. She is basically the embodiment of madness and always looks different. When I did this before I colored my hair with different markers to get the multicolor crazy look, and had green eyeshadow on one eye and blue eyeshadow on the other to mimic her differently colored eyes. I wore fishnets with a knee high sock on one leg, and different shoes. I wore a fishnet shirt and borrowed my boyfriend’s leather jacket so I looked smaller and vulnerable.

    If I did it again (and better) I’d shave parts of my head as well as dye my hair different colors because that’s a frequent look that she does. I would probably find a specific look that I wanted to duplicate from the comics, and buy fabric to make a dress or outfit, and a fishnet bodysuit. Because I’d be going all out, I’d get colored contacts so I really did have one green eye and one blue eye. I would wear whatever makeup best accents the differently colored eyes (in one book she had a bright blue fish over half her face on the blue eye side).

  2. My dream Halloween costume: Steampunk Mary Poppins!

    I love Mary Poppins, and my friends always tease me I’m just like her (I work with kids and I’m usually very cheerful), and I loooove steampunk.

    -small black hat, with the brim adorned with a mix of “real” silk flowers and cherries, and those made of small brass gears and such
    -a mechanical parasol, that would “operate” somewhat like a hot air balloon (with a “gas burner”)
    -brass-rimmed goggles! for flying. very ladylike
    -high-necked white/off-white blouse, 1/2 length sleeves
    -tailored dark brown vest
    -full, tea-length burgundy skirt, with adjustable suspenders to raise/lower hemline as the situation calls for
    -black knee-high lace-up boots, with a flat or short heel
    -petticoat for under skirt (probably 1/2 length)
    -carpet bag! full of odds and ends and various bits of technology
    -pocket-watch style necklace (at throat)
    -vertically striped stockings
    -brown suede gloves, longer length

    -thin, natural looking black eyeliner, enough mascara to make eyelashes look long and thick
    -shimmery nude eyeshadow (to look bright-eyed and busy tailed)
    -pretty rosy cheeks and lips
    -small random bits of “ashy” black smudges (tip of nose, jawline, etc.) from “going down the chimney”
    -hair pulled into proper ladylike bun, with little bits of hair pulled down to frame face/be just a touch on the messy side

  3. I would be a male pimp. I would wear a man’s large purple suit if I could find one — I’d have to hit up the thrift stores in the ghetto areas to see if they had any bright colored old men’s suits. I would also get some pointy-toed men’s shoes in a small size — if they were a mis-match in color to the suite then that would be even better. I would want a cane for sure, and definitely a top hat –I’d probably just get one from a Halloween store that was glittery gold or something obscene. And, I can’t forget the afro wig. Because I would be modeling myself a bit like huggy bear from starsky and hutch. Then, I would put some gold tin foil on a couple of my side teeth and even do a little start or heart cut-out. My friend Dwayne taught me how to walk like a pimp complete with the knee dip, crotch grab, and nose check a long time ago, so I would totally do the pimp walk. I probably wouldn’t do much for makeup, but I might have a gold moneyclip if I could find one and possibly one long pinky nail using a press on nail. This totally makes me want to throw a Halloween costume party. lol

  4. I would love, love, LOVE to dress as Catwoman for Halloween. And not Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, or (God forbid!) the abominable Halle Berry version – no, I’m talking the original Catwoman.

    I’d get a skin-tight dark purple (or black) catsuit, one that completely covered my arms and legs. I’d then accessorize with knee-high black heeled boots, a low-slung black belt, and a whip. I’d top it off with a cat mask in the same color as my catsuit (and possibly a black wig, as my hair’s too short for classic Catwoman).

    As for makeup, I’d leave most of my face very pale, with only a tiny amount of pale pink lip-gloss and maybe a hint of blush. My eyes would get a dark gray, smokey look, topped off by black eyeliner in a cats-eye shape.

  5. My Halloween costume would be inspired by my favorite kooky horror movie ‘Slither’ by James Gunn, who I love because he wrote the Dawn of the Dead remake and is responsible for the new, ‘fast zombie’ phenomenon. My costume would be of the character ‘Brenda’. Brenda is attacked by the main character ‘Grant Grant’ after he becomes infected with an alien parasite. He implants her with eggs and man fertilizer (if I am not mistaken) and she become a gigantic womb for lots of slugs that will grow until she herself becomes almost the size of a barn! Ultimately she bursts- exploding the slugs everywhere so that they can take over the bodies of unsuspecting citizens. My dream costume would be Brenda when she is at the point where she is about to burst. It would be like the hugest Halloween costume ever, so I would build it in the front yard. That way I could be in the costume to scare and freak out parents and children while they trick or treat!! It would be a huge undertaking… I think I would construct it like a float, out of chicken wire and maybe paper mache… and it would have a little door in the back or something so I could get in. And then it would have a hole for me to stick my head through. I think I would also make some slugs to lay on the ground around my costume! Maybe also a fake dead animal or two so I could tell the kids how hungry I am and ask them to pass me the possum!!! hahaha That would be so amazing!!

    • OMG I LOVE SLITHER. Nathan Fillion, yum.

    • Also- I saw your review of Beautiful Twists- it thrilled me to DEATH because I made those little voodoo dolls for Ella’s shop!! I loved seeing it in your pictures!! That was the highlight of my day!! You rock! Great reviews by the way- I am a loyal customer to several of the Etsians you reviewed, I LOVE OHWTO- I LOVE Latherati, I LOVE Solstice Scents, I LOVE Epically Epic, and of course Beautiful Twists!!

  6. I want to be a fish! Maybe a stylized version of a Battle Fish, not mermaid looking but still recognizable. It would have individual scales and the colors would be red, orange, yellow, and some purple. I could attach fins to the back of my arms and legs. Maybe have flotsom like bubble beads clumped together in places.
    The main peice with the scales would be mostly red. But fins and the floaty parts would be mostly orange with distressed bits and holes.
    Battle Fish are originally from Thailand, so I supposed I’d incorporate the style of Thai dress into the design.

  7. The costume I’m trying to put together this year is *drum roll* KARL LAGERFELD!!! I’ve got the little (faux) fingerless glovies, the sunglasses, and the suit…all I need now is a white powdered wig (value village here I come), which I will probably have to tie into a ponytail myself and puff out the top a bit, some tacky intentionally over sized Chanel logo cutouts to glue to the sides of the sunglasses, and a teddybear in my likeness. Oh, and some obnoxious quotes and a arrogant scowl.

    And for all who are wondering, this is the teddybear I want:

  8. I would love to do a fantasty Vampire Princess Miyu costume with someone to be Larva for me. I’d need the gold eye contacts. perfectly shaped brown wig with red ribbons decorating it. I would want to wear her typical short white kimono with the gorgeous purple obi. she also has a cute little red flute or red fan accent.

    I would look look for a short white kimono and add in red ribbon trim along the inside of the collar. I would find a royal purple satin to make into the large purple obi. I wouldbe able to find a lustrous long brown wig online and cut it into the shorter style except on the left side, which I would leave long and swirl into a bun and hold that into place with some spin pins and hair spray. Then I would decorate the hair with red ribbon that matched the red trim. Often, Miyu is pictured barefoot, but I would wind a red ribbon around my foot. I would also have a red fan tucked into my obi.

    I would choose this because I’ve always loved Vampires and I absolutely adored the manga, OVA and tv series about Vampire Princess Miyu.

  9. My halloween costume would be based on this one incident where I was at a gay bar during drag night, and a drunk older man came up to me demanding to know how I did it. I was the most convincing drag queen he had ever seen! I’ll be a very fancy man, inspired heavily by the emcee from Cabaret… although not shirtless. By Halloween, it’s already snowing where I am 🙂

    I’d pin up all my hair underneath my light grey fedora with the black band. Then, I would draw on thicker brows and do a smokey eye with lots of gold and silver. For my mustache, I’d use black rhinestones and I’d do some contouring to minimize the feminine roundness of my face.

    Then, I’d bind up the girls with ace bandages, put on a white dress shirt and put the collar up Victorian style and pair it with a navy blue cravat. I’d wear black pleather gloves and walk around with a dancing cane. Black suspenders, black pinstripe trousers, argyle socks held up with sock suspenders and my black creepers with the white stars would complete the look. Oh, and I’ll probably steal my 11 year old nephew’s suit jacket for the evening 🙂

    • If I could pull it off, I’d dress like that every day. I happen to think men’s clothes (shirt, slacks, suspenders etc) look freaking HOT on women.

  10. Being Mexican American I grew up listening to my mothers fascinating stories she claimed true while growing up on a ranch in Mexico. One story stuck with me in particular. Apparently in Mexico witches would turn in crows at night and cause mischief. One day my great uncle was in his house and a crow attacked him. He managed to strike it down and injured its foot. The next day he saw his mother in law with a cane and a limp she had an injury on the same foot as the crow he had injured the night before. It became apparent that his mother in law was a witch. And you thought your mother in law was evil! Haha

    I would make myself look haggish and old with contouring of my face and under eyes. I would wear a black dress with a stick as my cane and some sandals and scar up my leg. Of course adding a limp is a must. I would also add one yellow contact to one eye and put feathers in my disheveled hair. This is meant to look like as if I just transformed from injured crow to a human.

  11. Oh, this prompt is perfect because as soon as October rolls around, I begin scheming and planning my Halloween costume. My current fantasy Halloween costume is inspired by Disney’s version of the Cheshire Cat. I love how mischievous and whimsical he is. My costume colors will be recognizably pink/purple — it’s funny because I have absolutely zero pink or purple clothing right now, somehow those colors never make it into my wardrobe! Halloween in the NW is usually pretty chilly so I’d keep things warm with a purple top, purple shorts, striped tights, and boots.

    The accessories and little touches are what I’m really excited about: I haven’t been able to find costume cat ears or a costume cat tail that really fit my vision — they have to be pink & purple and extremely fluffy. I’m on a hunt for suitable furry fabric to make my own ears and tail. Of course, I’m also giddy about getting to go all-out with my makeup — Halloween is one of the only times I really get to show off the playful colors in my shadows collection in public. I’ll be heavily playing up the cat-eye look with vivid pink and purple eyeshadow and dramatic eyeliner. Cat-eye contacts shouldn’t be too hard to hunt down. I’m trying to decide if I should go for the Cheshire smile and draw it onto my lips/cheeks.

  12. I don’t have a very creative dream costume, I guess! I love platypuses and used to draw them all the time when I was younger, and then I’d make up personas for them. So my dream costume is a full suit platypus costume–pretty typical “character” costume-esque, brown fur, baggy bottom; my flippers would just be some sort of slip-on to go over my shoes, and sort of gloves for my hands. The head would be a hood like bunny jammies and I’d make some sort of foam or rubber bill to lie on my forehead, so basically my face would be where the mouth is. The fun part: Every year I would dress up my platypus to be a different kind of platypus. Like one year I would be karate platypus (belt, nunchaku, head band), another year I would be pirate platypus (head handkerchief, swashbuckling sash! And maybe a scimitar), and the most awesome would be…DRAGON PLATYPUS! I’d put fin ridges down the back plus bat wings, and attach teeth on the underside of the bill. So every year I would be a platypus…dressed up in a different Halloween costume. I just have to make the platypus costume first before I can realize such awesomeness. 😦

  13. For a while now, I’ve been into in the aesthetics of Dia de los Muertos skulls, so your post has spurred me to think about a costume in that direction…I’m also interested in historical costuming and have a fashion degree that I don’t use often enough, so I’d love to do a “La Calavera Catrina”-inspired costume.

    I’d have to do some research to make sure that it was more or less accurate, but I’m envisioning a white blouse with hand embroidery and a full skirt with multicolored layers and ribbon detailing. My hair would be put up, curled, and adorned with a headpiece made from flowers and Spanish lace. As an accessory, I would carry a bouquet of dried and wilted flowers.

    I would use black and white stage makeup with some colored accents to recreate typical stylized skull features…I’d also use something, probably liquid eyeliner, to outline the intricate flower designs that are featured in my favorite calavera designs.

  14. I put an outfit together in polyvore, I hope that is okay.

    I Germany we actually don’t celebrate Halloween so I wanted to put together an outfit that wasn’t too costumey (save for the wig maybe). My inspiration was a sort of dead Marie Antoinette in black. The red ribbon is supposed to be worn around the neck as it was in fashion after the French Revolution. It used to symbolize the cut of the guillotine and was worn by those who had lost their loved ones to this method of execution.
    My outfit has quite a lot of lolita inspiration as that is what I usually wear. I’d pair the outfit with taupe eyeshadow and bright red lipstick.

  15. If I had unlimited money and resources, I would go as a suffragist. I don’t know if I’d be able to pick out a specific one I’d go as, because of the respect I have for all of them, so probably a generic suffragist.

    Basically this would entail me enlisting the help of a tailor and a cobbler and a milliner to recreate the fashions of the time from scratch (I can’t sew well enough to trust myself). I’d get clothes to match one of these old fashion prints:
    or photograph

    with a long skirt, a long suit jacket, and all the unnecessary under garments, and a hat with a wide or medium brim, with very very minimal decoration (maybe velvet berries or something). Everything would be in a practical color, like gray, with a white collared and ruffled shirtwaist and maybe a black jacket. I have an antique pin I’d wear at the neck and maybe use this as an opportunity to buy a old hatpin or two. I’d also have practical every day boots made.

    I’d have to grow out my hair rather significantly to pull off a period hairstyle (There’s a site that gives great instructions on how to do hair, that I can’t seem to find at the moment). No make-up or maybe very minimal powder, unless I was doing one of the older activists, which would involve powdering my hair gray and using that fake skin stuff to make wrinkles and then a bit of makeup to cover up the fake skin.

    I’d also have a fabric banner and a sash. To complete the effect, I’d probably go picket somewhere, because we still have a long way to go.

    Or, alternately, I’d go as Henriette Heichel of Dschinghis Khan (which would involve having to find 5 other people to go as the other members) and get her outfit from the Dschinghis Khan video remade to the t.

  16. My dream costume would have to be Inara from Firefly [Best TV show EVER!!] I would make a dress like hers in purple and make my date dress up like Mal. My makeup would feature a very strong red lip and a neutral smokey eye.

  17. I LOVE costuming/cosplay and Halloween is my biggest production of the year. This year, I’m going as Chun-Li but it’s a relatively easy costume, as far as they go.

    My dream costume? I don’t know if I can choose just one… One that I’ve always wanted to do but that I don’t think I ever will, for a lot of reasons, is Lulu from FFX. I’d probably make the corset myself, and not with real boning (cause I’m a wuss xD), and just construct it as part of the actual dress instead of a stand-alone piece. For the belts, I’d raid Goodwill. 😛 I’d have the most fun making her hair sticks, just paint up some regular hair sticks or even chopsticks and attach sculpted Fimo or polymer clay charms.
    Of course, I’d go to town with her makeup. I’m naturally tan, and since Lulu doesn’t show much skin, I’d use a much lighter powder on my face and maybe even a lighter foundation on my hands and legs to match.
    I already have the perfect purple lipstick. It’s a Shiseido Perfect Rouge shade (although the label’s scratched off now so I’m not sure which number it is…) that’s a very wearable dark plum, but still noticeably purple. A great big dramatic smokey eye to match, and a Moogle doll, and I’m set. 😀

  18. Well, this year I am dressing up as Giselle from Enchanted. Two years ago I made the turquoise dress she makes from the curtains, and it’s my favourite costume I’ve ever made. Unfortunately, when I moved from Minnesota to California, I left it in a storage unit, so I can’t wear it this year.

    However, I’m making the second dress she makes from the bedspread. So my fantasy Halloween costume would be to have the old dress, cuz it was pretty doggone lovely. See it here:

  19. Wow.. everyone’s answers are so creative.. and mine will be so, so lame.

    I’ve always just wanted to be a fairy with some amazingly sparkly, glittery wings and lots of pretty sparkly makeup. Not too over the top.. and work appropriate. 🙂

  20. I am strolling down the street in search of treats dressed in head to toe green except for a halo of golden yellow flower petals that encircle my face. But if you look at me closely, you will noticed that my eyes are blacked with dark cream shadow and it looks like someone punched me in the face.

    “But what could she be?” you wonder. “A daisy?” No— a daisy is too demure. “A sunflower?” No— a sunflower is too majestic for little ol’ me.

    Here— look at my name tag: “Hello. My Name is Susan”

    I am a Black-eyed Susan!

  21. I’ve always wanted to dress as an Edward Gorey illustration. My absolutely favorite lady of his is the woman with the bat hat and the changing fan ~ as seen on the opening of PBS’s MYSTERY!

    The outfit is fairly simple to find in places that sell vintage gowns, but the hat I would have to have commissioned ~ the recognition will all be in the hat, the fan and the make up 🙂

    Any of ladies will do, though as I love all Edward Gorey illustrations.

  22. When I was a kid, there was an absolutely awful movie called “The Bluebird” ( It’s an adaptation of a Russian fairytale that included characters who were personifications of various concepts/things. I loved the costuming in it, particularly Jane Fonda’s, who played “Night”. I would love to redo this one in deep, multi-hued taffetta. Blacks shot with violet for the main dress with black chiffon overlay and black velvet lined with black crepe satin shot with silver for the overcape and headdress. I’d line the sleeves with charcoal sateen. Lots of silver, gunmetal and black metallic trims and sparkles and faux black pearls. Silver lipstick and silver and black eye makeup with silvery plum highlights and blush. If I had unlimited time and skills I’d embroider the skirt with astrological symbols in black threads so they’d only show up at certain angles. I’d probably just wear comfy black Chuck Taylor’s underneath cause nobody’d see my feet anyway.

  23. My fantasy costume would be an elaborate Steam Punk lady scientist. I would have a bright ginger colored wig that fell down my back in lady like curls. The costume would be a plum colored colored shirt tucked into a metallic copper like corset that would double as a bullet proof vest. I would have several different lengths of white and brown skirts that implied the proper amount of modesty but when ripped off would reveal a pair of scandal inducing bloomers. My shoes would be heeled victorian style boots with tiny buttons that would be used as bullets. Yes bullets, they come in handy when you’re in a dual and have run out of ammunition.
    My make-up would be simple and elegant. A touch of red colored rouge at the cheeks, pink painted lips and a brown smokey eye with plum liner. I’d probably be wearing glasses so no false lashes here.
    My copper and ruby locket would open up to reveal a small bottle of universal antidote for when my enemies poison by soup. The large ring on my finger would actually be a very small pen knife I could flip out and use to threaten loud manly men with. No one sexually accost me, especially not smelly old Lords who are to high and mighty. I would have a steam trunk that folded out to reveal a work bench complete with a working, bubbling chemistry set. I am after all a scientist who loves to work.
    If I were delft in sewing I’d make all of these things my self. But since I am deadly with a sewing needle I’d have to scour the internet, good will and home depos to find this stuff. I highly doubt I’d ever find a steam trunk that can do that unless it’s from a Hollywood movie set.
    I love the idea of a prime and proper lady being a woman of science. Though romance novels like to make their women characters sassy I’m pretty sure that was rare during the Victorian Ages. Most women were forced to stay polite or risk being shunned.

  24. I LOVE Halloween. Bring 18 this year, I probably won’t get to trick or treat (unless I wear a mask and ties my chest tighter so people think I’m a kid…).

    Though simple, for Halloween I’d love to dress up as River Tam. Though simple and mismatched, I loved her outfits. She always looked co cool, even in fits of psychosis. I’d wear her outfit from the movie. That long blue/purple dress, with the combat boots. I’ve always thought the normal softness of her personality (except in said fits of psychosis) always contrasted with the rigidity of her boots, like showing the duality of her nature. I’d also carry around an axe like she had in the movie after she fought the Reavers. A fake axe, of course. And top it all off with the robey thing she wore before the scene in the bar where she beat up everyone. And I’d totally splatter myself with a litle fake blood like after she fought the Reavers.

  25. This is a fantastic idea for a contest!! I love reading all the entries.. I’m sorry I’ve never commented on your blog before, I’m a shy one. I don’t even care about winning, I just like having an excuse to go on and on about Halloween and costumes!
    This was the Big Idea for this year (unfortunately I thought of it too late to get started on it, maybe next year):
    Ever watch Blackadder? If not, that’s okay, I’m used to getting no for an answer. 😛 I was re-watching the first season after a Halloween brainstorming session, when one of my favourite characters came on. It hit me.
    The Witchsmeller Pursuivant.
    Over the top, original, perfectly appropriate for the season, kinda sinister, AND it would be warm!

    episode is here:

    Basically, The Witchsmeller Pursuivant is a quasi-religious (and probably sadistic) quack who accuses innocent people of being witches and burns them at the stake, chops their heads off, etc. I think he’s a great character, with hilarious dialogue and an amazing outfit. His costume would be fairly straightforward to recreate, but time-consuming. It would involve:
    – A stitched, patchwork leather cowl with a hood (not shown: hood is very long, and trails down his back). Trimmed entirely with rooster feathers. I do wear leather but I always make sure it is second-hand (never fur, and only feathers if a bird has shed them naturally and I happen to pick them up). I know where to get lots of second-hand leather/suede scraps, but obtaining the feathers pose a problem…. I guess I’ll just have to follow some roosters around for a few years.
    – A floor-length, long sleeved robe of red and gold brocade. As you can see in the screenshot, there’s additional sleeves, also trimmed in rooster feathers, that end at the elbow and go down to the floor. I personally would end them around the hip, and taper them to a point, sort of like a bell sleeve.
    – Accessories like fingerless gloves, belt with a pouch and various witch-smelling items attached, and fangs. I’d add a few more rings and necklaces with religious icons (rosaries, etc).
    – Makeup is a white line over a black line across the face, a black dot on the forehead, ‘good’ and ‘evil’ on the knuckles. I would add a bit of dark, spooky eyeshadow to that. For hair, well, I hate wigs and I don’t dye my hair anymore, but I would definitely tease it.
    – I thought a little nametag written in a sort of Olde English font stating who I was would be amusing- “Thee Witchsmeller Pursuivant” -hidden under the cowl.

    I wouldn’t expect anyone to know who I was, but if someone did recognize me it would be loads of fun for the both of us. Also, lots of witches come out this time of year, I would have a blast chasing after poor ladies in pointy hats who have no idea what I’m on about, with a crucifix shouting, “BURN THE WITCH! BURN THE WITCH!” After all, Halloween is about getting up to a little mischief!

  26. I would go all obscure(ish)-geek and dress as a character from Babylon 5 (mid-90’s scifi show, for those who don’t know). My first choice would be Cmdr Susan Ivanova, second-in-command of the station and awesome badass (in this uniform, not this one). Plain black pants would do fine, but I’d have to make the jacket and vest, and…I can’t sew. 😦 But my hair is already almost the right color and length, although I’d have to *really* fill in my brows for that 90’s-natural-brows look.

    If not Ivanova, then Delenn, because she is also badass. A badass who looks like a princess. And I love the Minbari. Again with the sewing, though. Many layers of sweeping robes and trim and all kinds of stuff. And I’d have no idea how to make/wear the head-bone.

    Or maybe a Psi Cop. All in black and scary. That would be easiest, just black pants, jacket, and gloves, throw together some straps to make the belt/bandolier-thing, and make a Psi Corps badge out of cardboard painted metallic.

  27. I’m a hobby costumer, and at this point a pretty good seamstress. Not too long ago I found a .pdf version of an 1887 book of fancy dress costumes- if you know about Victorian fancy dress parties, you’ll know they had some crazy, elaborate costumes, many of which bore only a slight resemblance to their supposed inspiration. The book is mostly text descriptions, with just a few plates. I can’t get enough of this book, and I’m determined to make something out of it in the next few years. But which one? Carrier Pigeon (“…tunic in the shape of wings, composed of white feathers; pigeon in the hair and on shoulder….”)? The Suez Canal (“Long flowing robe of cloth of gold, with waves of blue satin embroidered with pearls…. girdle of roses and lilies”), not to be confused with the Isthmus of Suez?

    Any page of this thing is a gold mine (Weirdly, I’ve already made something similiar to the “Universe” design from the book). But no, I believe the more abstract ones are the most outlandish of the bunch, and so my dream project from this book is the pleasantly gothic-sounding:

    TWILIGHT. “May be carried out in four shades of grey tulle, dotted with silver stars, or in dark blue, the tunic caught up with a silver moon on one side; a pink and grey scarf, attached to shoulders by a crescent, to the skirt by a silver bat; the bodice, a la Vierge, is made in two shades of satin or plush, with stars and dewdrops, opening in front to show a pink vest with crescents; a light pink tulle veil, with moths and insects forming a coronet.”

    I’d start of course with a Victorian corset, and then build up from there. I love the idea of “darkening” shades of tulle for the skirt, and I’d use the same materials for an asymmetrical bustle overskirt. I’d dye the pink and grey silk scarf and probably the different shades of tulle as well. It’s been difficult for me to figure out what a bodice “a la Vierge” means during the bustle era, but it appears to have a low square neck and pleats or gathers drawing into a point at the waist, so I can work with that. I love shiny things, so I’d put lots of rhinestones and little glass beads for dewdrops, maybe concentrated at the shoulders and then sort of sprinkling downward. The only thing that gives me pause is where I’d find insects suitable for making a coronet.

    If only I had a reason to dress my sister up and then we could be “Sovereign and Shilling…” Or if I had two more sisters I could dress up as the Four Seasons… I love this book. Check it out here:

  28. I’m having a peppermint stripes circus/burlesque obsession lately so if I could pull it off I’d SO love to do that. My great uncle was a magician and I have a top hat that he wore and a huge funky hypnotist necklace from some of his stuff. I’d love to do a big red rose and maybe a half veil off the hat. A dark, dark smoky eye and shiny red lips (in real life I could never wear red lipstick it looks terrible on me). I am being seriously influenced by this:

  29. I would be a demented doctor! 😀 Here’s a small story to go with it based on a longer story I’m writing right now.

    Nobody can quite figure out why the patients keep coming up missing and turn up near the hospital missing limbs and organs. But her? She knows why. As a doctor she knows all about keeping things clean. They’d never find out it was her. She feigns surprise as another patient is pulled from a ditch missing an eye, a leg and most of their fingers.

    She drives to a small shed with a plastic bag full of organs in the backseat of her car. As she approaches the shed, she hesitates for a moment. “This one HAS to work. It’s a perfect match.” she thought to herself. She unlocked several locks and entered. The shed was a cheap replica of a real hospital room. Most of it anyway. Minus the random limbs hanging from hooks and scattered on the floor around the room. The freezer too.

    She pulls out a pair of gloves and carefully slides them on. There can be no mistakes. Opening the freezer takes a few moments. More locks. Trembling, she pulls out the mangled body of a man from the freezer and places him on an operating table located in the middle of the room. She sits down next to him and lovingly caresses his frozen face. “I promise it will work this time, sweetheart. I’ll bring you back. Just like you were before the accident.” she says softly with a smile as she starts to get up. There was work to be done.

    This outfit would require:
    – A doctor coat
    – Fake blood
    – A plastic bag
    – Some makeup for an extremely pale and tired look. Very dark circles under the eyes.
    – A small medical kit (Can be purchased online. I would need it just for show. Honest!)
    – Surgical mask
    – A stethoscope to throw around my neck
    – A person willing to let me dress them up as my mangled love ❤

  30. Vincent price from theatre of blood. He is my favorite actor ever, and this is his best movie, in my opinion.
    I would wear the outfit in the picture and this is what his hair and mustache looks like
    And I’d have a very realistic wig and mustache, not a cheesy cheap one. And I’d be able to do the makeup to make myself look like him.
    That’d be my favorite halloween costume ever.

  31. I would dress up as La Llorona!

    I’d start off with a tattered white peasant skirt and blouse that I’d stain here and there with tea water, then splatter with red for blood, not too much, just enough to get the point across. For shoes, I’d pick up some white flats and paint them as close to my skin color as possible, maybe even draw some toes on top to make it look like I was walking around barefoot.

    For my hair, I’d really gel it up and partition it in pieces to make it look like it was soaking wet, just let it straggle down around my shoulders. Make-up wise, I’d go for a sallow sunken look but also use an all over silvery shimmer to look otherworldly. I’d have liner and mascara running down my cheeks to make it appear as though I’d been crying. For my nails, I’d put a clear coat then dab the edges of my nails with brown, black and red, as if crusted with blood and dirt.

    I’d carry a bloody knife and a brown sack for the body parts.

    And since this is fantasy, I’d be followed by a pack of baying dogs. 😉

    • Oh! and I thought of something else. I would wear a really ocean smelling perfume which may not technically be accurate since La Llorona is more associated with fresh water but I haven’t come across any river smelling perfumes so there you go. They’re probably out there, I just don’t know where. 😛

      Also, I realized that different areas have different versions of La Llorona so I thought I’d share the one I was told as a child.

      The story goes that in life, La Llorona was a very selfish woman who grew tired of her children and decided to be rid of them. She killed them and cut them up into little pieces, throwing them into the river to feed the fish. God saw her evil act and decided to punish her, telling her that until she gathered up all the pieces of her children she could never rest or enter heaven.

      So now, La Llorona haunts the waterways, searching in vain for her dead children. They say that she pulls other children into the water to drown them, taking their bodies to God in the hope of somehow tricking her way to heaven.

      Of course it never works and so she wanders the earth still and late at night when the dogs howl, if you listen carefully, you can hear La Llorona weeping, crying for herself and her lost children.

      My dad says that it was a good way to keep him and his siblings from going to the river alone. Heh.

  32. I started reading up on Greek mythology as a hobby within the third grade & because the names of Greek gods/goddesses were used to name some planets of the solar system, I soon became interested in the marvels within outer space. Add that to my fondness for all things iridescent & my costume would definitely be inspired by Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night.

    If I could, I would grow my hair out to a long length, dye it black and wear it loose and wavy while razoring off choice portions of my hair along one of my ears and part of the scalp close to the nape of my neck into buzz-cut length and bring the rest to the side and have it flow off the opposite shoulder. I’d pin small bone colored skulls throughout the hair above this ear. The hairstyle would hint of barrenness and chaos, representing Nyx’s offspring Strife (Nemesis) & Death (Thanatos). I would wear black sclera contact lenses to blacken the entire eye area and apply a cool toned blackened plum eyeshadow from crease to browbone, fanning the color out slightly to the temples (the dusky hues of night). I would transition to the eyelid and apply a sheer, eerie color like Fyrinnae’s Otherworld and a opalescent cream highlight to cheekbones (the moon). I would fill in eyebrows with a metallic silver eyeshadow and wear one color shifting lip color over another (I’m thinking Fyrinnae’s Ultra Phantom over Candy Decadence). On the ears I would wear a holographic ear wrap ( and a round dragon’s breath gem dangling from a silver chain a few inches from my earlobe (
    I would collect several layers of semi-sheer fabric in colors ranging from charcoal to slate grey and make an off-shoulder, sort of fitted gown that flows down to knee length with one curved slit on the side from hem to about mid-thigh. To the exposed skin, I would add the opalescent cream highlight and dust over it with a teal glow powder (like Meow Cosmetics Spectre Powder) & wear black holo nail polish on my fingertips. Under the bust and along the rib cage area, I would add discrete fiber optic cables that I could activate to emit travelling turquoise, amber, magenta, and coral light (nebula hues).
    I would take a good sized antique round clock and an antique round barometer and bash and warp their shape to wear one of each centered at mid-calf over both of two black high heeled thigh-high boots secured into place with gunmetal colored antique-finish chains to represent that feeling of voidness of time (clock) and space (barometer) one gets when observing views of outer space.

  33. I’d go as Dr. Frank N. Further from Rocky Horror Picture Show (
    Since I work in a hospital, getting the “operation” outfit would be easy, (
    Pink rubber gloves, but ofc!
    And then… very very white foundation, Milk from Make Up Store, but make a real apparent line at my jawline and take a darker foundation from that line and down my neck. Add some really fabulous shading under cheekbones, around the nose and the temples.
    I’d probably not get a perm, but I’d curl my hair and make a black and grey smokey eye with dark ruby lips. Oh, wouldn’t forget the majestic eyebrows!

    oh, and I’d take a 10ml plastic syringe, fill it with destilled water and put a luer lock plug on it, wouldn’t want to risk anyones life or health by bringing an actual needle ( I’d carry it with me, in my hand, it would have a label on it “Saturday Night Fever”, to make a reference to Meatloafs solo “Whatever happened to saturday night?” and ofc the medical reference… fever…

    Of course I’d top it off with a nice pearl necklace that my granny left me.

  34. NOTE: If the HTML doesn’t work (i.e. the a href tags for image links etc) please tell me so I can change & resubmit.

    Man, this contest made me feel like a complete dork. A happy dork, though.
    In my household, my parents, who are extremely right-wing extremist Christian, decided that Halloween was evil, worshipping the Devil, and we would be allowed no part in it. We had signs up on the house every year telling trick-or-treaters this, and were never allowed to celebrate.

    It’s been a really long-time ambition of mine to take part, but I feel like now I’m too old, since in England it’s not as big or celebrated as it is in the US, and dressing up at 23 feels like pushing my luck. I still hope to though, I know in some places they do adult Halloween parties, so perhaps one day I’ll get invited to one of those and be able to go all out.

    Because of that, I kinda really ran with this idea, since Halloween is already a fantasy for me, so designing my perfect, fantasy costume, was awesome. I spent the last 5 days working on something to post, I’m an RPer (i.e. huger dork) so creating characters and getting into their head and designing tiny details about them is something I enjoy. There aren’t any existing characters that I feel strongly enough about, but rather ideas of ones, styles, and stories that inspired me to create my own original character based on who I would most want to be for an evening.

    My fantasy Halloween costume is~ Quinn von Heltz, sky-pirate and badass extraordinaire!

    Quinn, simply referred to in the media by her first name, out of respect for her family’s reputation, is a baroness, descended from an infamous line of German aristocracy, the von Heltz. She quickly rejected the customary female traits of the day and rebelled in excellent form; ditching her primping and petticoats for tailored rough-hewn pants, her piano-lessons for marksmanship, and her stifling existence being moulded into a proper young lady, by hi-jacking one of her Father’s airships and taking off with it, determined to seek her own adventures. After news of her exploits spread across the globe, her family distanced themselves from her both publicly and politically, and Quinn went from rogue daughter and runaway, to notorious sky pirate. Her ship, Our Mutual Friend, has become a symbol of terror and panic looming out of the clouds, and a symbol of power and status for all who sail under her.

    Quinn exists in an alternate reality, similar but with a differing world history to ours. This way, I neither have to know anything about history, and am unencumbered by pesky reality in design.


    My imaginary anti-hero has an a-symmetric bob in a striking combination of natural platinum-blonde, sun-bleached to almost-white, striped with bright and dark blue chunky streaks. Her makeup features simple, clear pale skin, deep burgundy lips which lean a matte brown hue, and eyes a carefully blended mixture of metals; burnished copper, antiqued golds and silvers. The eyeshadow is inspired by this gorgeous mixture by Jangsara, just sans false lashes.

    Her outfit is all business. The jaunty tri-cornered hat, a new take on an eye-patch which combines elements of the traditional highwayman’s mask, with an eye-patch and gives it a steampunk twist. The lens is perforated to allow vision, whilst protecting the wearer from airborne debris or insects. A spyglass hangs from a chain around her neck, lest it be dropped overboard, and able to compress and be squirrelled away into an inner jacket pocket.

    The jacket itself, like much of her ensemble, is a worn brown leather, weather-tested and warm, and with many pockets and hidey-holes lacing its interior. Beneath it, a soft cotton waistcoat, a brown so dark it’s almost black, and attached is an ageing, tarnished silver pocket-watch; which, while it no longer gleams, still keeps perfect time.
    Hidden below this layer is a leather harness, holstering a secondary pistol, and small collection of blades, lockpicks, and various other knick-knacks generally associated with persons who are up to no good. This network of straps rests against a soft cotton shirt, a grubby ivory, with ruffles spilling from the neckline.

    Below that; although accounts vary on this hazy subject, a cream and black panelled bustier, laced tight but unboned, provides ‘support’ for the woman of action. Long-line, it flares over rough-hewn, figure-hugging pants, faded and spotted tan, and overlapped by the primary holster. This one immediately apparent to onlookers, it holds her favourite side-arm, a modified revolver with an unusually large barrel, altered to accommodate more rounds (reloading on a moving surface is a bitch) and with a few tinkers added to minimise recoil.
    She wears sensible boots; to the knee, brown leather with black panelling secured by buckled straps, and a low, flat heel. Stilettos might look glamorous in films, but are utterly impractical for dashing about on deck, or landing from swinging rigging without tripping and going headlong overboard. Infinitely practical, she shuns jewellery and accessorises with what appears to be a set of bangles; in actuality a thin leather cord wrapped around itself into a coil, which has come in handy more than once when some crucial line broke.


    Quinn likes to keep things minimal, aside from the utterly necessary weapons and various tools of the trade, she also carried a leather-bound journal, used for charting destinations and laying out villainous plans. In addition, her final accoutrement of note is a small compass, encased in a little brass tin, its purpose obvious.
    If it can to be grouped into anything, Our Mutual Friend falls under this category. The huge airship is based on a traditional rigid model, elongated and using a metal framework, its ‘balloon’ filled with hydrogen gas. Our Mutual Friend, however, rather than using an internal combustion engine, relies on a miniature nuclear reactor* designed and patented by Heltz Industries. The sails and rigging surrounding the rigid airship provide a greater manoeuvrability as well as a way to continue travelling in the event of loss of power.

    Since this is a fantasy costume, I would have a scale model of Our Mutual Friend constructed, designed to fit over a bicycle and obscure both it and rider, who would be employed to follow me around looking impressive and airshippy.


    The image I’ve created began from this simple Polyvore, but I didn’t want to leave it at that or be satisfied with what reality provided for me, since this was a fantasy project, and kinda encompassing 20 years’ of watching other kids troop down the street getting free candy without me. I took a screenshot of the polyvore items and dumped them into Photoshop, where I edited the living hell out of them until I could get everything exactly how I imagined it and construct an outfit in layers to give a better idea of what I wanted. The finished Photoshop document has 33 layers and took about 5 days to finish. It included a lot of zooming in to 1300x and just editing pixel-by-pixel to get stuff right.
    You can see all the original items in the polyvore, except for (I think) the mask, which was custom made and I found here and cut out manually to use. The fonts were downloaded from some free font site, the photo of the woman was from a quick google search to find someone with the haircut I wanted, and the cool parchment thing and all its effects I made myself (I’m quite proud of that, too – I learned what layer masks do!).

    It probably seems like an insane amount of time to spend on an online contest, but as I’ve never celebrated Halloween and am big into fantasy, I just got so excited about the idea of being an airship pirate that I wanted to make it all perfect, fit what I imagined and be able to explain it properly.

    *Totally a shout-out to the Songs To Wear Pants To song “Robot pirates”.

  35. My fantasy Halloween costume is nerdily copied from The Big Bang Theory television show. One of the main characters of the show dressed up as a visual representation of the Doppler Effect, which is the change in frequency of a wave relative to your distance from the source of the frequency.

    I would dress up in a nice unitard with varying wavelengths printed on it but just to mess with people, I’d like to carry some sort of portable music player and play sounds as I walk by to better demonstrate said Doppler effect!

    I’ve been recently getting into The Big Bang Theory and I’m currently taking a Physics class in college so they’re my main inspirations!

  36. WOW so many creative ideas! I probably can’t even compare to all of these but it never hurts to try. 🙂
    In the past year or so, I’ve become quite interested in the history of the royals of England. I absolutely love Philippa Gregory’s novels and I’m working my way through The Tudors television show. I know they’re both fiction but I still find the subject fascinating. If I had unlimited resources, I’d love to dress as Anne Boleyn. She is my favorite of Henry’s wives.
    I’m thinking jewel tone colors, probably Tudor green in velvet or silk. I think this one is lovely.

    I would like to lower the neckline to show a bit more cleavage. 😉
    The broach in the front would be the Tudor rose, something similar to this.

    And maybe a small cross necklace and these earrings.

    I think this hairstyle is beautiful if my hair were long enough.

    Makeup should be kept simple and pretty. A light taupe color on the eyes and perhaps some black mascara to give a wide-eyed look. I think a sheer, peachy pink color for the lips and cheeks.
    Now I’m really wishing I had this costume. 🙂 Maybe some day!