Golden Girls

Someone asked me the other day after my Gold Battle if I wore a lot of gold.  Indeed!  In fact gold is one of those colors that despite my moods and the seasons and trends that I always have on hand, in an arms reach, in my bag, on the shelf, and just generally on my face.  I have dark (black/purple sometimes) hair, a wacky brown colored eye, and very fair golden skin so it always suits me.

Here are few of my ‘must haves’!

MUFE Aqua Cream in #11

Aqua Cream combines the highest-quality pigments with mother of pearl particles to give immediate rich color payoff with a luminous finish in just one application. It’s long-lasting formulation will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions and its creamy and elastic texture allows for easy blending.

A very awesome true gold (not too yellow, not too ‘old) that works well on it’s own or as a base.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I don’t like MUFE.  I don’t review much of it or talk much about their products.   IMO what I try is so hit or miss I don’t invest much in it.  So to say this is a great gold?  Yeah.

Sephora Ultra Shine Lipgloss in #03 Reflex- She Sparkles

Weird name, I know.  Took me a bit to realize that Reflex is the gloss type.

What it is:
A maximum-shine, moisturizing gloss starring a new generation of “multi-holographic” shimmers, for perfect light reflection.

What it does:
The most pigmented member of the Sephora Collection gloss family, this smoothing star comes in a profusion of gorgeous shades. Achieve a lush-lip look with full, smooth, hydrated results.

What else you need to know:
Choose your favorite way to shine:
– Reflex: ultra-opalescent effect for a jewel-like finish
– Shimmering: opalescent effect for an elegant luster
– Shiny: opalescent-free, for a wet-looking effect

I wear it over my lipstains for a beautiful depth and warmth.  I accidentally wore this gloss to bed one day last week and woke up with it STILL on my lips and they were amazingly soft.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Flush

Although technically not straight gold it’s a warm golden peachy-pink.  I use it as a blush

TKB Reflects in Gold

Basically this is just a very fine gold glitter.  You can skip all the places on Etsy selling a gold glitter and get it at what it probably their source.  You can pop it on your eyes over your shadow or to highlight your cheeks or to dab on over your gloss.

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Shadow in War Child

WAR CHILD is an amazing pale gold…almost looks like liquid metal on the skin!!!

My favorite gold eyeshadow ever is Goldilux, but when I want something a bit more subtle, this is a great alternative.  There were  a lot of amazing Aromaleigh golds that aren’t available anymore, so I really recommend this instead.

What are some of your favorite golds?


16 Responses to “Golden Girls”

  1. I tend to prefer Bronzey-golds, so my favorites would be:
    Urban Decay’s Half-Baked
    Fyrinnae Gilded Wings
    Fyrinnae Half-Elf Hottie
    Sugarpill Goldilux
    MAC Flip
    Aromaleigh Heatwave
    Meow Treasure
    Meow Ornament
    Meow Atlantis

  2. I love, love, love gold and Goldilux is my favorite. Definitely going to investigate the Reflex gloss and war child =D

  3. You just reminded me how badly I need to get GOldilux. I’m olive skinned so gold of any kind seems to suit me. Right now i loooove Griffinrider from Fyrrinae and Tell Me Lies from HiFi, a gorgeous highlight gold.

  4. Polar Bear!!! Fyrinnae = ❤

  5. I’m a fan of Sassy Minerals’ “All-Nighter”, Fyrinnae’s “Polar Bear” and Aromaleigh’s “Heat Wave”

    It’s funny, because I don’t wear a lot of gold jewelry, but makeup? I’m all over it, especially in the summer. ❤ Gold!

  6. My favorite gold? My gold pants:

    And Goldilux, of course (which, it’s hard to tell, but I’m wearing it in that photo).

  7. I LOOOVE gold! Gold eyeshadow complements every eye color, I think. My favorites are the true metallic gold shades, like the ones in Aromaleigh’s elemental lustres, and the TKB pigments.
    I really have to get Polar Bear, been wanting to try it.

    Psyched for your ‘best of Fyrinnae’ post!

  8. Hi!

    I love Fyrinnae Gilded wings. Pure gold!

    I had an eyeshadow trio by Bourjois a long time ago with 3 golden shades which was amazing, but I think they discontinued it.

    love your blog, xo

  9. I’m more of a silver person, since I’m cool toned, but I can do bold golds on my eyes or lips.

    Goldilux is the obvious favourite – I love how it sends sparkles of gold dust into the air when I open it – but for a solid metallic gold, I LOOOVE Aromaleigh Ego. BFTE Antique is nice too, although more orange and less yellow-gold.

    I have a metal look coming up, I’ll have to break out my sample binder. I love gunmetal/antique gold colours.

  10. Hi-fi On Tour, easily.

  11. I just have to say that I love the Sephora lipglosses. I use the color blushing. It is really a sparkling nude, but my lips never get dried out, and the price is right.


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