Wiggle Perfume – A Review

I ordered from Wiggle (via Etsy) back in April, meaning to do a review.  As soon as the perfumes arrived I started using them and totally forgot about the review, even though I think I used them once a week.

While I do feel like it’s too late to write a ‘proper’ review I thought I’d post a little something about them anyway, since I do really had meant to do it earlier.  The shipping cost was under 3$ and my order arrived in a week or so and they included a perfume sample extra, which is always a nice surprise!

The full sized perfumes are 11$ and the bottles are 5ml each.  Samples are (now) 2$ each in the usual little vial.


My olfactory translation of the ancient myth is dark and juicy. It opens with the requisite note of pomegranate, but instead of being fresh and fruity, I’ve given it a shady edge with frankincense, black amber, and red musk. Olive blossom adds femininity, and a touch of smoke really brings home the whole underworld vibe.

I’m not sure why I chose this scent when they have about two dozen at any one time to chose from.  It’s not my ‘normal’ sort of scent.  It’s quite ‘perfumey’, meaning that I like the way it smells but I can’t really pick out any one note.

Prudence Payne

This is the first in my Burlesque line of scents, inspired by one of the sweetest broads with whom I’ve ever had the priveledge to peel publicly. Prudence Payne (the person) is all sugar and spice. Every Betty Page lookalike would rip out her carefully blunted bangs if she caught a glimpse of our Prudence, who exudes spun-sugar joy and still rocks a virginal halo in thigh high boots. I’m sure my tribute to her falls far short of the real thing, but I’ve used innocent sweet pea and provocative cherry for her pink sunshine sweetness. Soft red musk provides a delicate but stable base, and the tiniest bite of sharp black pepper and dark earth give a dirty little kick to balance all that girliness.

I have a fascination with burlesque.  I eventually plan to dance on stage someplace, someday.  I actually already have a stage name (Duchess) and persona and everything   The imagery of the name alone was enough for me to order this scent.

I love it.  I wear this a lot, my little bottle is almost empty.  It’s a very girly scent with a definite hint of cherry and a mysterious lightness.  Oh, it’s hard to describe, but I love it, considering I don’t normally go for ‘girly’ scents.

Frida Fondle

Frida Fondle is exceedingly bright and fresh. Summery, modern, floral, and slightly latin, this scent defies the notion that rose is an old lady perfume. To shatter that stigma once and for all, I’ve blended two different gorgeous rose notes with healthy doses of lime, cilantro, and coriander. A splash of sangria and a bite of ginger give it a fiesty kick.

Frida is another of the burlesque inspired scents.  Rose is my all time favorite single note scent.  It goes against everything else I love (leather, tobacco, etc etc) but it’s one of my strongest memory smells, right up there with Lily of the Valley and Lilac, it reminds me of amazing things.  I always say this smells like a bouquet of roses on the bar at Margaritaville, there is such an amazing kick of lime behind it that it’s really very stunning.

Speakeasy Vanilla

I’m not usually a vanilla person. It’s such a classic, feminine, and decadently sexy scent, I’ve always really wanted to like it…but just couldn’t. Well, I’ve fixed that problem! My Speakeasy Vanilla is another thing altogether, not cloying or overly precious. This vanilla does not wear pigtails. It does not have a “daddy’s little girl” license plate holder. This vanilla is a grown ass woman who spent a hot, tipsy day in the kitchen, rocking out to Etta James in heels, perfecting her creme brulee. Or something like that…

This fragrance opens up with a bright, intoxicating bourbon vanilla scent then mellows into a softer, creamy vanilla. To balance the sweetness, I’ve added sultry amber and smokey frankincense. On the very bottom is a delicately floral white musk, and if you’re very sharp you may catch the tiny hint of bay rum lurking in the mix.

Despite the spelling errors in the descriptions (which I just corrected), the stories just pull you in.  One of my favorite features in Indie shops are their vivid descriptions.  Speakeasy is a sexy vanilla scent.  It’s not cloying or syrupy, it’s heady and lovely.


For all my Southern nostalgia, I am truly a West Coast girl (just a rather mobile one). Years ago, my husband and I drove cross country together. Some of my favorite memories are from the stretch of highway between San Diego and Seattle. Monterrey, Half Moon Bay, Cannon Beach…and a little sunlit hanky panky in the redwoods (oops, I didn’t just say that, did I? ;-), it just doesn’t get any better in the late summer!

This fragrance is a super-fresh, feminine blend of pink grapefruit, peony, cherry blossom, tuberose, and a hint of mint. It’s all cool Pacific breezes and fresh pink florals. If you like my Jasmine Verbena, this may be right up your alley.

I don’t see this on Etsy anymore, which is a shame, I really liked it.  It’s got a strong base of grapefruit with a minty chaser.  It’s very West Coast, that’s for sure.

Anna May

This one has the peony and green tea notes, but I’ve also added a generous dose of wisteria layered over white musk, a touch of orchid, a kick of ginger, and the slightest hint of soft incense. Instead of kumquat (which, bless its heart, takes over everything I put it in), I’ve used lychee for a top note. Overall, this fragrance is soft, floral, and fruity, though somehow still a little dark.

Can you tell why I ordered this one?  Yup, lychee.  Although this isn’t as simple (and frankly perfect) as I Love Lychee, Anna May is still a gorgeous perfume.  The lychee isn’t all that obvious mixed in with the definite scent of wisteria, but it wafts in at the oddest times.  It’s a little strong and floral, but it’s very lovely if you prefer floral perfumes.

Would I order from Wiggle Perfume again? I am right now.

  • They currently have a wonderful selection of Fall scents and some intriguing pumpkin based ones.
  • They are very creatively blended and the shop as an amazing feel that I really love.

14 Responses to “Wiggle Perfume – A Review”

  1. Sounds like some lovely scents. I need to order I love Lychee.

  2. Dang, the one that seemed the most interesting is gone. Of all the lychee perfumes you’ve tried lately, which one is your favorite?

    Also, aren’t cilantro and coriander the same thing?

    • Cilantro is the leaf, coriander is the seed and they smell different. Taste different too!

      I Love Lychee is hands down the best.

      • In Australia we call the leaf coriander too. It took me years of watching US cooking shows to figure out that when they said cilantro they meant coriander!

  3. These all sound lovely, I shall go check them out (again) now! Wiggle’s another one of those shops I look at every now and then but I still haven’t managed to pull the trigger on ordering from them. I’ve always been intrigued by the sound of the Speakeasy Vanilla scent, it sounds wonderful and yummy. Thanks for the review!!

  4. Jules Noctambule October 13, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    I love Wiggle! I don’t know if you’ve tried her Djuna yet, but if you haven’t I have a full bottle that needs a new home (it was a gift; didn’t work on me) if you’d like it.

  5. what does frankincense smell like? I like pomegranate, amber and musk. Never smelled olive blossom. The sweet pea and cherry sounds yum!

  6. My reader suggestion (wish it counted for the contest!): a style diary post on Duchess! Daywear and nightwear! If you’re ever in the Midwest, you can dance with my burlesque troupe!

  7. Have you ever considered doing a “top 10 favorites” list of perfumes?

  8. Wiggle Perfume is one of my favourite Etsy shops – I have a load of her perfumes and I love them all. My favourite at the moment is Buxom – a gorgeous, creamy white floral.

  9. Wiggle is a beautiful shop that I have always admired. She has inspired me to work a lot harder on a new line of unique perfumes for my shop when I reopen (I Love Lychee is staying as-is, though!!)

  10. I’ve been watching this shop for a while! Glad to hear that they’ve got some pretty awesome stuff, even if the prices are slightly higher than the comperition.

    And funny you should mention typos… on the IMS page (as well as elsewhere here) you keep speling “cheap” as “cheep” and I keep thinking of those marshmallow chicken peeps… lol.

    • I’m sure you don’t realize this, but the ‘cheep’ is actually an inside joke from the original IMS chats.