Venomous Villains – A Review

After the Rodarte debacle I thought that I was fairly resolved to stay away from MAC.  They honestly don’t sell anything you can’t get someplace else, and often better and less expensive.  That resolve turned into a giant bucket of fail when I actually saw the VV Collection in person.

As usual, I got the MAC email saying the collection was out a few days after it actually was, making everything on the website already sold out.  On a whim I stopped by the MAC counter on my way to do something else and discovered it still had EVERYTHING in stock.  On top of getting a few things for a giveaway, I bought way more then I thought I would.  Hey, in my defense it’s Disney, yo.  And villains.  And I really have no excuse.

Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Light & Truth from Dr. Facilier

A silky, feather-light powder, formulated with 70% water, dusts on to the skin as a cooling mist to set and enhance the look of any foundation. Beyond sheer: light-reflecting and translucent. A virtually invisible way to add luminosity and a soft radiant glow to the skin.

This is some super weird stuff.  I’m not sure what I was thinking it was going to be, but apparently it’s the first real ‘new’ product MAC’s come out with in a while so I wanted to at least try it.  It’s difficult to apply.  If you use to much it sort of balls up and falls off.  Lightly dusting there is an odd ‘wet’ feeling, not so much a ‘cool’ one.  Overall it’s a nice highlighter, but I doubt I’d use it all over my face.  The color is maybe a little bit of a peachy/orange duochrome that compliments my skin tone really well.

Lipglasses in Devlishly Stlyish from Cruella, Revenge is Sweet and Wrong Spell from Maleficent, and Hot House and Strange Potion from The Evil Queen

In general I like Lipglasses a lot.  Some of these colors were really close to some that were released in previous collections, but to be honest I wanted them more because of the packaging so I didn’t mind too much.  Devilishly Stylish is a really nice nude with a hint of pearl.  Revenge is Sweet was a LOT more sheer then I’d anticipated, it’s a very cool purple.  Wrong Spell is an amazing park purple, but again it’s a lot more sheer then I thought it was going to be.  Hot House is a very pretty coral.  Coral looks great on me because although it’s a cooler tone it’s got enough gold in it.  This is my surprise favorite.   Strange Potion is a rich pink with shimmer and it’s a lot like about a dozen other glosses that I have.

Amplified Lipstick in Violetta from Maleficent

I wasn’t actually going to get this since it’s a regular Pro color, but it was a comp gift.  I do like the color, but it’s very sheer for an Amplified color.  The tube is gorgeous, though.

Beauty Powder in Briar Rose from Maleficent

I’m not sure what the official definition of a Beauty Powder is, but to me it’s a very sheer blush.  I don’t think I’d wear it all over my face, so using it as a blush is fine!  Briar Rose is a light pearly pink, and it’s quite a cool shade.  I’m not sure if I’ll use it, but again, it’s more about the collection!

Blush in Darkly My Dear from Cruella

Although this is a ‘dusty’ brown plum shade it looks amazing on my skin.  It’s a very good shade for me and being a matte looks really natural.

Eyeshadow in Her Alter Image from The Evil Queen and De-Vil from Cruella

I swore I wasn’t going to get any of the regular shadows.  I’ve basically phased MAC shadows out of my collection (except for a few staples).  Her Alter Image is a lovely light violet that works really well with the fall plums shades I’ve been collecting.  De-Vil is a real good color for me, it’s a beautiful warm copper.

Mineralized Eye Shadow in My Dark Magic from Maleficent

This was actually the only thing I really wanted from this collection.  I love my Mineralize shadow from the Style Black collection, Young Punk, which is a bright pink and black.  This duo is really close, although Young Punk defiantly has more pink in it compared to these two shades.

Top to bottom, left to right : Truth & Light, Darkly My Dear, Briar Rose, Devilishly Stylish, Revenge is Sweet, Wrong Spell, Strange Potion, Hot House, Violetta, Her Alter Image, De-Vil, and My Dark Magic

All in all I’m really glad that I went broke collecting these!  Although I loved the aesthetic of the Maleficent collection the most and it’s certainly more ‘me’ then the others, the Cruella shades suited my coloring best.  The Evil Queen was actually full of very sweet and soft shades.  I was underwhelmed with what they offered for Dr. Facilier, who, being The Shadow Man, would have had GREAT potential for a more creative collection.

What did you pick up from the Venomous Villains collection?


24 Responses to “Venomous Villains – A Review”

  1. All I got was the “Hot House” lipglass but I love it..I actually don’t have any other lipglasses so I don’t have anything to compare it to but it’s really pretty. I really wanted the Maleficent eyeshadow duos but couldn’t find them anywhere. The only MAC near me is one of those that’s inside of Belk’s haha

  2. I can’t wait to try the ones I won from your contest. I’ve never used Mac before so I’m curious about all the hype.

    • Don’t tell anyone, but there is going to be a little ‘extra’ in your box. I’m still waiting on it to GET TO ME so I can mail your prize but I thought you might like it!

  3. Ooooh! Now I’m even more excited! You’re awesome Grey!

  4. Hm… I’ve only tried one lipstick from MAC that my mother gave me from her trip to the USA! ^^
    The collection has cute packaging, but I don’t know if there’s anything I’d buy.
    Besides, I’m entering a no-buy starting at January! *-*

  5. Seriously! I would have considered buying some things if Facilier had gotten a better collection. Black eyeliner? Taupe lipgloss? YAWN.

  6. This is a terrific review. I’ll stop by the MAC counter and see if there’s any lipglass available next time I’m in Vegas. ::: fingers crossed :::

  7. I agree so much with you about EVERYTHING you said, it’s slightly creepy. I think MAC is good quality, but to me, it’s usually not so stand-out in terms of color/shade selection and quality that I go nuts trying to collect everything.
    Of course, I couldn’t pass this collection up… I felt the same way; I loved Maleficent’s offerings the most, but the Cruella de Vil selections suited me best.
    I was so totally underwhelmed by Dr. Facilier’s collection; the pigments were nice and very appropriate, but they’re all permanent, if I’m not mistaken. (I even have Melon somewhere, I think.) Since I was born in and live in Louisiana, I felt personally affronted. 😛 Even my boyfriend was like, “I thought they would’ve done better for him… This is kind of boring.” We saw The Princess and the Frog out of Southern duty, but I didn’t care too much for it. He LOVED Dr. Facilier’s character, though.

    I only got one thing, the Maleficent Mineralize duo in She Who Dares. I really wanted to go back and get My Dark Magic and the Bite of an Apple blush, but I already own so many purple shadows and coral blushes that I really couldn’t justify the price, especially since I got the Devilishly Stylish lipglass and the Toxic Tale lipstick for two friends’ birthdays.

    On a side note, I really didn’t like the packaging too much. I think it would’ve looked much nicer if they’d use the sketches they used on the boxes on the actual product itself. Much classier, in my opinion, but I guess it is Disney after all. I can’t get too high and mighty about it. 😛

  8. Violetta will be mine at some point. I did pick up Wrong Spell and Hot House. Both are very ‘me’ colors and I love them. Wrong Spell applies best over a lip pencil or lipstick for me (don’t know if mine is just unusually streaky or what), but Hot House is fantastically pigmented all on its own and not streaky. Lovely haul!

  9. Maybe I’m just a Disney snot but I kinda wish they picked Madam Medusa for a villain to feature. Her crazy makeup would have been perfect to go nuts with. Ah, well! The Beauty Powder looks kind of cool, I wouldn’t mind checking it out.

  10. Rachael’s comment made me think they should have done a line for Ursula as well! The character being based on Divine I think that should have been some potential for wild makeup.

    Looks like some really pretty colors!

  11. I actually went to the Mac counter twice to swatch and see what I wanted. I was a bit disappointed in the mineralize shadows, they were mostly black on me with a tiny bit of shimmer. I bet over Pixy Epoxy they’d be amazing though! Honestly I don’t really even bother with Mac’s shadows. I feel like you do, I can get cheaper and better quality online.

    Lipglasses however are a different story. Most of the ones at my counter were sold out. But I must say I was disappointed in how sheer Revenge is Sweet was also! It could’ve been a gloss Violetta and been amazing, but instead I feel it’s just meh. I bought Wicked Ways from the Cruella line and I love it. I do wish it was a little more pigmented cause it feels like I have to layer 5 coats and that feels gross to me. I also got the Briar Rose beauty powder mostly because that’s my favorite movie ever and Maleficent’s awesome.

  12. That sort of magically cool powder thing isn’t all that new, I definitely remember when Physicians Formula did a powder like that and Prescriptives had it too!

    Somehow I just wasn’t excited about this collection at all. I think I’m meh about MAC in general now

  13. I got sucked in to this collection! I went to a MAC counter about a week after its release and everything was still in stock to my surprise. I think the only thing that was sold out was the Bad Fairy nail polish, but I got Mean Green which is the same duo-color concept just a different shade.

    I kind of lost my mind when it came to the face products…and I’m usually all about the lipsticks when it comes to MAC. I got the Truth and Light Magically Cool Powder–I think it’s great for highlighting the brow bone and the tops of cheeks. I also got Briar Rose beauty powder (I’ve always assumed that beauty powders were meant to be used on your whole face, but I’m so pale it would be silly looking). I picked up Bite of an Apple blush, too, for mimicking Snow White’s rosy cheeks.

    I think I went crazy because I haven’t bought anything from MAC in a while…and you just kind of get caught up haha. I am trying to stay away from Tartan Tale!

  14. I ended up getting mostly Maleficent stuff. I totally agree with you on the Dr. Facilier collection, such a dull color offering for such a theatrical villain. The only thing I got from his group was the French Quarter greasepaint stick but I’ve been curious about the cooling powders. Does the wet feeling stay for a bit or does it vanish pretty quick?

  15. Dang. I try my best to stay away from MAC, but that swatch in the middle, second from the right (Hot House?) is so pretty.

  16. I went to the MAC counter and most things were sold out – but I still swatched some just incase I wanted to order off the website. I was very very underwhelmed and except for the new powder didn’t really jump at anything. I kept look at the fabulous felines set up they still had!

  17. I was on a bit of a lip product kick when the collection was released, so I picked up the Toxic Tale lipstick, Strange Potion and Wicked Ways lipglasses, as well as Bad Fairy nail lacquer. I ordered online the day the collection was released, but got backorder emails about Bad Fairy and Strange Potion. They told me it was a slim chance they’d be able to fulfill the backorder, and suggested I go to a brick-and-mortar store to get them. (but I’m laazyyyyyy and live in a city with a huge amount of MAC counters and people and I ordered online specifically to avoid all that wahh) But I was at a mall outside the city a couple days later, so I decided I might as well check the MAC store, which still had those two items in stock so I was able to get them after all. I’ve only briefly swatched them, but I really like everything I bought and Strange Potion is completely gorgeous and worth hunting down (and by “hunting down” I mean “driving an hour to the mall”. *cough*). I’ve been dying to wear it but also way too busy to focus much on my makeup lately (also my boyfriend sadfaces when I wear stuff on my lips because I won’t kiss him, haha).

    I agree with you about Dr. Facilier’s collection! It seemed so half-assed to me; half the items in it were repromotes and it made me 😐 I also kinda wish they’d included Ursula and/or Jafar; I think they could have had awesome collections. They were my favorite Disney villains (along with Maleficent) though, so maybe I’m biased 😛

  18. The idea of this collection really excited me but in the end I didn’t want too many pieces from it. I love Hot House and the French Quarter Greasepaint Stick and I’m glad I got them.

    I noticed something weird in your review, I think it’s probably just a tiny mistake but here it is in case you wanted to fix it-

    “Hot House is a very pretty coral. Coral looks great on me because although it’s a cooler tone it’s got enough gold in it. This is my surprise favorite. Hot House is a rich pink with shimmer and it’s a lot like about a dozen other glosses that I have.”

    Thanks for the review!

  19. I missed VV when it came out, I was so bummed afterwards, because I’m a huge Maleficent fan (even have a Maleficent watch I still wear lol). I’ve managed to get the two lipsticks, the beauty powder, and one of the MES from blogsales/swapping. I do like some of the colors from the other villains’ lines, but it’s hard enough getting the Maleficent ones haha