Pink Quartz Minerals – A Follow Up

I first reviewed Pink Quartz from Etsy back in March.  I had been meaning to go back and try some more things out, but never managed to remember.  While searching for something I ran across the shop again and was really interested in their Halloween Kits.

I placed an order Thursday night and sent a convo asking if it was possible to have the products shipped that Friday (since according to the shipping schedule it wouldn’t have gone out until early the next week).  Doree got back to me right away and said she’d try to do her best and my order went out that weekend.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to try the products to get them reviewed before Halloween.

The package was well wrapped and arrived quickly.  Each kit was wrapped in a cute little spiderweb back and packaged inside bubble wrap.  I also asked for a sample of a particular shade of foundation and it was kindly included.

Vegan Stage and Halloween Costume Makeup Base and 4 Colors

The kit included:

  • 2 sponge applicators
  • 4 foam tipped applicators
  • 1 large pot of matte base white
  • 4 pots of your choice of colors makeup, I chose Camo, Falcon, Golden Gate, and Hollyberry.

How does the ‘kids safe’ makeup would differ from the regular type of eyeshadows?  All I needed to do was send a convo and I got a quick reply.

There is not a lot of difference, as my minerals are safe as is but for the Halloween colors I reduce the titanium dioxide and up the clay, or use more mica and reduce the TD. I also don’t use any Ultramarines unless I absolutely have to, and if I do I discuss it beforehand with the customer as Ultramarines are not lip safe and I want my makeup to be safe for children.

The biggest draw to this kit was the base.  I was curious as to how well it would work and not because I regularly paint my face like a clown (excuse me while I shudder).  You can’t actually ‘paint’ on many foundation formula’s because of their clay content, they do normally crack and get hard.  In the past my experience with products with a lot of kaolin in them was that they got muddy and caked.  This is not the case with this white base.  I got a foundation brush damp and dipped it into the base and it smoothed on my skin like paint.  When it dried it wasn’t dusty or thick and it didn’t crack.  It stayed on ALL NIGHT until I washed it off.  I’m sure that if I messed around with it I could figure out how to add color to it to make a tinted base, but Pink Quartz already sells several colored versions such as blue and green for aliens and witches respectfully, or you can order it custom.

The shadows worked the same way, I dipped a damp bush in and painted them on (just like foiling, I suppose) and they worked just like paint.  Since the formula is different the shades aren’t metallic or shiny, but nice and smooth and clear.  I’m sure you could easily do the same thing with many other shadows, but I do like the idea that her formula is lips safe, etc etc and doesn’t cake or crack.  I also really like the shades I got, Camo, although camo green, has the prettiest little sparkle to it and Golden Gate was already one of my favorites.

Twilight Character Makeup Kit BE the Vamp

The kit included:

  • 1 3.5g in 20g pot of Twilight foundation
  • 1 1g in 5g pot of Karmic Red
  • 1 1g in 5g pot of Black Steel
  • 1 Vegan Baby Kabuki brush
  • 1 Apple flavored lip balm in deep red color- Bella

You all know in addition to not wanting to dress up like a clown I would be equally adverse to dressing up like anyone/thing from Twilight.  That being said I am a big fan of black and grey shadows worn with red.  I collect red shadows and love that this whole set is vegan.

The foundation is very light, so much so it actually lightens my light skin.  I used it on a few ‘test subjects’ and it did a fairly good job of lightening and if you blended the neck and all that enough it looked fairly realistic and not ‘made up’.  It’s also NOT SHINY because vampires do not glitter.  It looks similar to the White Base from the other kit, but they FEEL and wear much differently.  I’m not sure how wearable it would be for everyday.

Karmic Red is a nice red, it’s very similar to many of the other reds I have, but that’s because there isn’t much of an option for dye free and vegan red formulas.  Black Steel is shot through with amazing silver shimmer.

The gloss was surprising!  It’s vegan but not all soft and oily.  The flavor is great, I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I do.  My complaint is that it has stevia, so although I really like how it looks (like my lips are lightly stained) it gives me an instant headache.  I know a lot of people have sensitives to it and it’s not listed in the ingredients in the actual listing, to keep that in mind.

Top to bottom, left to right : Falcon, Camo, Hollyberry, Golden Gate, Karmic Red, Black Steel, and Bella

I was really happy with the foundation sample.  I had tried a sample in the past, but I couldn’t remember which shade I ended up liking.  I asked to try Chablis and it works really well, so I did in fact order a full size of it to try it out for a while and see how it wears.

All in all I am very happy that I tried Pink Quartz Minerals out again!


12 Responses to “Pink Quartz Minerals – A Follow Up”

  1. I like the Golden Gate color 🙂

  2. I love to see a company that really works with their own products, like the whole “kid safe”-idea! Love that. And the white base sounds awesome, I think I need to order some, and just hope it gets here before Halloween. If not then.. Well, everyday is Halloween. ^_^

    • I really like that they know enough about things to know HOW to formulate kids safe makeup. Not many people churning out MM these days knows much about actual formulation and safety.

  3. I’ll take my steel blue, thank you very much! I glad you did this follow-up; I thought Pink Quartz showed promise, but still had room to grow. Now I’m more than willing to invest in them!

  4. thanks for the awesome reviews! i am always looking for new companies on etsy to try.

    • You should give them a look! Their pictures aren’t the most fancy, but I really hope my reviews teach people what to look for.

  5. The Twilight foundation sounds pretty interesting. Like, maybe useful for lightening a too-dark foundation for every day. I think I’d want to violently scribble out the label, though!

    • You could. It’s a nice formula and not just ‘white’ so it wouldn’t mess it up. If that makes sense.

  6. “vampires do not glitter.”
    The glittering vampires is just one reason Twilight irritates the bejeebus out of me.