Suds N Sass – A Review


The Suds N Sass website is your basic website.  Navigation runs down the left hand side and there is a running cart on the top right hand side.  If you remember, I love websites who have an integrated cart system like that so I can see right away if I’ve gone crazy adding stuff.  The shop is well organized and the products thoroughly described so ordering is easy.

They sell several categories of products from mineral makeup and bath and body stuff to home products like wax tarts.  There is a whole page of just scent descriptions which is a little overwhelming, but in a good way.  On top of having typical ‘one note’ scents they have a selection of custom blends.

I have ordered from SnS a few times before, I never did manage to sit down and write a review.  In the past I ordered bath products, this time around I ordered a variety of things:

Skull Tarts – Circus Peanut
Pumpkin Tarts – Creamy Pumpkin
Mango Bubble Scoops, Large Scoop
Halloween Collection – Gloss Kit
Halloween Collection – Autumn Kit
Candy Crush Bath Bombs, Mini (half of a small)
Sugar Bubbles: Boolicious

One major plus when ordering from SnS is they take credit cards AND Paypal, not just credit cards THROUGH Paypal, meaning no need to mess with Paypal at all.


The website has processing times listed right on the front page, which can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending, some things are no doubt made to order.  Shipping was $10.70 for priority mail, and considering I ordered quite a bit I wasn’t too upset at the shipping cost.  I ordered on the 6th and my package was mailed on the 10th and arrived on the 14th.


Everything was wrapped really well in tissue paper and packaged in a large flat rate box.  Also included was a really nice card, my invoice, a business card, and some little pumpkin soap extras.


The Tarts

These little buggers are so cute I don’t want to melt them.  They come in sets of six in a Halloween cello bag labeled with the scent and directions.  The Circus Peanut skulls smell just like circus peanuts (banana), the Creamy Pumpkin Pumpkin ones smell like pie.  They both make the whole house smell like a bakery and disappoint everyone who comes over that I did not, in fact, bake anything for them.

Sugar Bubbles

This is the cutest product.  One side is one scent and the other is another, split down the side purple and black with little Halloween shapes on the top.  That aside I’ve always liked their sugar scrub.  It’s not greasy and exfoliates well, however the scent washes off with the scrub.

Candy Crush Bath Bomb

Don’t ever hold a bath bomb to your nose and smell it, you’ll burn the heck out of your nostrils and if you’re like me with a septum ring little bits will linger and nail you out of no place when you least expect it.  Burnage aside, I’m not a huge fan of bath bombs, they foam, they smell a little, but in the end they are gone and don’t any value to your bath.  This one oddly added a bit of moisture to the bath and even though I only tried a little one, I would certain order another, probably larger one for next time.

Mango Bubble Scoops

This is the SnS version of a Lush Bubble Bar.  I looove these.  The mango one I got smelled a little odd in the wrapper but in the bath it was fruity and wonderful.  They say that the large one is enough for up to four baths, but for me it’s going to end up enough for two.

Halloween Collection Gloss Kit

Candy Corn Kiss My Sass Gloss: a triple layered gloss in yellow, orange & white (candy corn flavor).
Witch’s Brew Kiss My Sass Gloss: a sheer green with few purple sparkles (chai tea flavor).

I’ve tried SnS’s gloss before and although they do contain beeswax I really like the formula.  It’s not greasy and it wears really well, although it is a tad sheer.  Witches Brew leaves a green halo on your lips and is really fun to wear over lipstick for unexpected depth.  I’m not crazy about the flavor, although the chai really works well with the ‘witches brew’ theme.

Candy Corn is delicious. but I’ve been afraid to use it because I don’t want to mess up the layers.  Each time I’ve worn it it’s been a different color, depending on what shade the wand picked up more of, but in general it’s been a very nice, warm, and shimmery shade.

Each gloss is labeled with the type of gloss, color, flavor, amount, and ingredients and comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator.

Halloween Collection Autumn Kit

Kit Contents:
3 Eye Shadows in 5g jars with sealed sifters
1 Pixie Dust in a 5g jar with a sealed sifter
2 Kiss My Sass Glosses in 5.9mL tubes w/ doe foot applicators
all packaged in a cute plastic pumpkin inside a candy corn cellophane bag

Fall Harvest Eye Shadow: a deep plum/maroon (metallic) – Vegan

Hayride Eye Shadow: an antique gold (metallic) – Vegan

Summers End Eye Shadow: a dark rustic green (metallic) – Vegan

Sparkling Cider Pixie Dust: golden brown with some orange/copper sparks (glitter) – Vegan

Poisoned Apple Kiss My Sass Gloss: a sheer brick red with intense green sparkles (caramel apple flavor)

Pumpkin Pickin’ Kiss My Sass Gloss: a sheer orange with green sparkles (pumpkin cheesecake flavor)

I was a little sad that the Halloween Kit was sold out, even though I’m sure I have a hundred dark shadows, I wanted to try the glosses.  I am glad that I did order this kit, though.  The shadows are very fall and look great with my brown eyes and fair skin and the gold glitter is a nice touch to the kit.  Each shadow is in a sealed 5 gram jar with a silver lid.  Each jar is labeled with the weight, the color name, and the ingredients.  I’m very impressed with the packaging, of not just the shadow but of all the SnS products.

Pumpkin Pickin is my favorite gloss, the orange is very subtle and looks great on its own and I love the pumpkin flavor.  Poisoned Apple was unexpected, it looks a little brighter then I thought it was going to be and I love the green glitter in it.

From top to bottom, left to right : Sparkling Cider, Hayride, Summer’s End, Fall Harvest, Pumpkin Pickin’, Poisoned Apple, Witches Brew, and Candy Corn


Would I order from Suds N Sass again?  Yes, I did while writing this review.

  • Everything is very well made.
  • I love how well things are labeled, some companies don’t label anything.
  • My order shipped quickly and was packaged very well.
  • My order felt very personalized which I appreciate, my order felt special.



3 Responses to “Suds N Sass – A Review”

  1. Fall Harvest is beautiful! ❤

  2. Thanks for the review! I have been stalking their website recently and was considering placing an order!

  3. I was also sad to miss the halloween collection 😦 I wanted those grey shadows!