…. and I’m back!

Regularly scheduled posts should begin tomorrow!

What did you guys do this weekend!?


12 Responses to “…. and I’m back!”

  1. Let’s see…

    Had a wonderful Friday – got back my midterm and I did super well. Had good conversations with my professors after class. I’m home alone with the boyfriend for the weekend, cooking stuff from the farmer’s market (SO DELICIOUS) and hanging out with the doggy and kitty. Saturday was just lazing around, doing errands and cooking (althought my soup came out tasting weird D: ) and right now, I’m planning to go to the mall tomorrow. Yayness!

  2. I hiked, made terrariums, strolled through a graveyard, and saw a few of my nieces (actually cousins’ kids, oh well). Loved your Disney pics, they helped me get through a horrible day at work!

  3. Honestly? Read your tweets with supreme envy. Never mind I was at Disneyland less than a month ago. I wants a pass again.


    I checked your site 8,000 times and then /headdesk’d over nothing new to read.


  5. Welcome back!! 🙂

    Let’s see… What did I do? Oh, that’s right! I studied ALL WEEKEND for my endocrinology exam (still am, BTW)! Blergh… Hope you had a better time. 😀

  6. I unpacked and set up my shop, stressed a bit about getting back to work, took my daughter to a gay pride celebration, and lounged!

    • “took my daughter to a gay pride celebration”
      You rock.

      World needs more parents like this.

    • isn’t pride the best?

      Which reminds me, I need to buy some stuff from your shop. It sounds great. And I love your look. I watched the movie Freaks last year and I have been super in to circuses since.

      hopefully I can make an order this week 🙂

  7. I made chicken pot pie.


    Less exciting in retrospect.

  8. My friend and her younger brother came over yesterday. We had a strangely long conversation about David Bowie’s penis. She says it not a penis at all but a 3rd leg. lol.

    I’m being Jareth the Goblin King for Halloween, which lead to this conversation.

    Can’t wait for your new posts Grey,

  9. It is raining here in the foothills. I have done some leisurely organizing, chores, have eaten out twice. All in all, a nice relaxing weekend!

  10. I baked a lot for a friend’s open house and then chased away my troubles with a lot of mulled wine and a massage. And grilled pizza. YUM!