Weekend Roundup

Woke up with morning with no voice.  I had a sore throat the other morning.  The hotel, for all it’s amazing wonderments, had no off switch for the fan in the room so it blew on me all night.  I continue to pay for it today.

Everyone always asks what sort of goodies I get when I’m at Disney, and it’s never much.  I do have a season pass and I’m there a lot, so if you add up what I get all year, then maybe it would be supercool!  As always, you can check out my Twitter to see more pictures!

I’m not one to strip a hotel room when I’m checking out, but when we were leaving the maid asked if I wanted the toiletries, they’d get tossed otherwise, so I tucked them into my bag.  They are adorable, they have little Mickey shaped caps.  I also ended up with my glasses from the Toy Story Midway ride in California Adventure.  I’d slid them up onto my head like a headband and they were there until I looked in a mirror…

I got the usual pins that I collect, the Haunted Mansion 2010 pin, complete with my hero, Jack.  I also got a couple of charms to hang off of my new charm bracelet.  I got Tinkerbell and Belle, along with the castle.

I picked up some candy for my Homie, and then got the little Mickey pumpkin cup in the bakery.  Sure it had something non-vegan in it, but it was quickly devoured by my companion, leaving me with the demitasse cup (ok, THREE of them).

The ears were a must.  Pumpkin Mickey ears?  Yes, please.  I even got them embroidered with my name.  Did you know (and some of you do 😉 ) that Disney will not embroider nicknames on your ears?  I had to whip out my ID.

Oh and PS.  Hung out with Jon Voight.  He is infinity more awesome then his daughter.


12 Responses to “Weekend Roundup”

  1. schweeeeet!! I saw on tv somewhere that hotels actually want you to yoink the toiletries so you remember where you stayed. Yeahhhh, like anyone can ever forget friggin DISNEYLAND!

  2. How close do you live? I imagine it’s very close but I don’t know anything about American geography.

    I’ve only ever been to Disneyland Paris, back when it was called Euro Disney before everyone realised that sounded quite horrible. I’d go every weekend if I lived nearby!

    You don’t need a huge haul every trip, when you can visit so often. Disneyland is like the mall ^-^

    • I’m just over an hour away, so there isn’t an actual need for me to stay in a hotel…

      • :O!

        You should go with fake IDs and see what ridiculous things you can make them embroider on ears. Or try and make a sentence!

        I bet they have that rule so kids don’t get “Poopypants” on their ears, or something similarly inspired.

        • My BFF has a nephew they call Boogie and they NEVER LET HER use that. They are sort of weird about it.

  3. Sounds totally fun! I didn’t mind Jon Voight’s daughter until she stole someone’s husband. Yuck!

  4. I haven’t been to Disneyland since the late 1990 or so. *blink*

  5. If you had posted a photo of your ID, I would’ve thought, “Eh, it’s probably shopped.” Show me your embroidered mouse ears, and I know it’s the truth!