10 Under 10$

1 – Meow Dances of Death Coffin Liner – $8

Someone on Twitter (starts with an M, ends with a Y) was raving about this color so I had to try it out.  It is so rich and dimensional, it looks stunning wet lined tight against the lashes.  To me, Meow’s shadows are hit or miss in texture, they seem overly sparkly and sheer sometimes.  Coffin is intense and very opaque.

2 – Meow Dances of Death Haunted Veil in Spectre – $8

It’s not quite as subtle or shear as my all time favorite highlighter, Morgana’s Mysterious Veil, this is more of a brow highlighter, but it’s super interesting.  It sparks green in the right light, so I love pairing it with plums and pinks.

3 – Pink Quartz Minerals Foundation in Chablis – $9.45

You would probably want to get the color that matches you, but I’m really happy with how Chablis matches my skin tone.  The foundation refill comes in a test tube sized package that you can easily dump into whatever jar you prefer.  The formula has a bit of clay in it that makes it great for your oily spots as a touch up.  I’m very glad I took another look at PQM.

4 – Aveeno Positively Ageless Sunblock Lotion – $9.50

Sunblock is a MUST for my arms so that my artwork stays nice and bright and vivid.  I’ve been using this as a daily lotion and I’ve been very pleased with how smooth and soft it’s been keeping my skin and with a SPF of 55 I know I’m protected.  I’ve tried a few sunblocks and this has been the best at not breaking my arms out.  I epilate so that they are smooth and the SPF I was using previously aggravated my skin.

5 – Berry Sweet Stuff Rose Berry perfume oil – $6.50

Although shipping seemed to take a while, when I did receive this perfume I loved the scent.  It’s a perfect blend of rose and sweet strawberry.  Although the shop is on hiatus now, I’m hoping to take a look at a few of their other products when it reopens.

6 – Paintbox Soapworks Vert Set – $6.50

Although I gave this away as a gift, I sat and smelled all the little soaps and they were wonderful.  The company shipped really quickly and it was all well packaged.  I’m not a crazy fan of glycerin soaps, in my past experience most are melt and pour with a little scent, but this company makes a great formula.

7 – Paintbox Soapworks Automme Set – $6.50

This was also supposed to be a gift, but I kept it.  I love the scents in this, they are spicy and earthy and lovely.  My only complaint is that the scent doesn’t linger on the skin, I would love if they made perfume oils.  The soap washed clean with no weird lingering feeling.  The company also makes lotion which I plan on trying out.

8 – ELF Mineral Infused Mascara – $3.00

I picked this up on a whim to get my cart over a certain dollar amount to use a coupon, and I’m glad I did.  I really like the little brush, it’s similar to one I also liked from Rimmel.  For the price it’s a really nice mascara and it did make my lashes look fuller and longer.  It leaves my lashes a little hard, but they didn’t flake.

9 – ELF Studio High Definition Powder – $6.00

Love your MUFE HD powder?  Even though it is basically just silica you would easily get at TKB, this product is also a great alternative, you get quite a bit for the price.  It’s a little smoother and less ‘gritty’ then the MUFE, IMO it’s a nicer product.  I usually wear a bit of this over my SPF if I’m not going to wear a full face just to ‘set’ things.

10 –Shower Treat Laundry Soap  Sampler – $6.00

I’ve been searching around for a nice handmade vegan laundry soap and after ordering from another company and not hearing from them for over a month, I ordered this sampler.  It arrived in days and I really like it.  It gets my clothes nice and clean and I haven’t been using softener.  The scents sort of lingers in the fabrics and I love being able to catch them out of no place throughout the day.  I picked Lily of the Valley, Cinnamon Pumpkin, and Sandalwood.


18 Responses to “10 Under 10$”

  1. #10 seriously looks like a must have…I’m getting sick of Tide. How many loads do the samplers go for?

  2. #2 is amazingly fun- I need to get this in a fullsize ASAP before it’s gone. Perhaps with a sample of #1 thrown in for good measure, eh? 😀

  3. I love this post, fun stuff anyone can afford!

  4. Jules Noctambule October 25, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    I *just* placed my Meow order last night! I’d debated that liner, but I have so many shadows in a similar shade that I can use wet so I decided against it. Now I’m wondering again!

  5. I love your choices for 1, 3, 5, 9 and 10 🙂
    I think I need to try 10.

  6. mmmmm cinnamon pumpkin.

    AND YAY FOR NUMERO UNO!! High five *slap!* 😀 The blue friend Grave Robber sadly isn’t as dreamytasic 😦

  7. I ordered a sample of coffin! *-* Can’t wait to try it!
    Also, those soaps look amazing! Perfect gift-set!

  8. I like this feature! Hope you do more of them on a regular basis… no pressure 😉

    poop. bummed that the laundry soap shop is closed for a bit while she’s in surgery but going to get an email notification when they open up again!

  9. Coffin does sound interesting. Interesting to hear ELF are doing a silica powder now, too (you missed a u in the title if you wanna fix it) and sounds like it’d be a good choice for anyone who wants to try it but doesn’t want to spend the minimum at TKB.

    The mineral foundation looks interesting, too – I always get curious everysooften and try them, but I never get along with them. I just like liquid foundation too much. My complex is too uneven to go with powder alone 😦