I really am not kidding when I say I have dozens of reviews in the works.  Which do you want to hear about first?


16 Responses to “Quick!”

  1. Something you hated! I’m broke so I wanna see what not to buy 😀

  2. Yep, I want to see something you hated, too!

  3. Something you hated/disliked, too! 😀

  4. Something I don’t have to add to my list.

    Also I’m waiting for an address for the IMS.

  5. Another vote here for something you hated.

  6. Harajuku Hunnies, lol.

  7. Something with pretty swatches! I need pretty things to look at since the world’s been making me specially angry this month! XD

    • Agreed. Pretty pictures are fun.

      Though, “something you hated” is fine too, since that’ll be one less thing for me to spend $$ on 😛 And, pretty pictures could always be part of a “something you hated” post.

  8. Ha, the comments are funny. ‘Something you hated, I’m broke’ Love it. Made me laugh aloud. Love the idea of you starting with your least favorite and then working your way up. =)

  9. LoL I think we’re all agreed, a review on something you would not recommend to us.

  10. Harajuku Hunnies/how to spot Private Label, plz.

  11. I agree with everyone on a review of something you disliked or hated, haha. 🙂 I’m trying to go on a no-buy.

  12. God! I hope it’s not me!

  13. LOL at Joanna!
    I’m always happy to read any of your reviews.
    They’re right good!

  14. I really can’t wait to read the post you are going to make about pressing shadows!