IMS Update!

The shipping address has been posted to the IMS Page!

Packages will be due to me by November 19th!


ETA: This is my cousin’s mailing address so I won’t be able to update the packages arrival daily, but I’ll mark them off as they get to me, so please be patient!


6 Responses to “IMS Update!”

  1. Sweet! I’m excited for the makeup exchange! I’m going to be sending in Wet n Wild Coloricon Holiday Pallets!

  2. I’ll be sending mono eyeshadows, but they are pretty big, 3,5 g.

  3. sweeeeeet, I actually forgot the date so I’ll be off to the store tonight and then pop those babies in the post office.

  4. Oh I’m so excited!! I’ve been waiting for you to post the address. YaY!!! I’ll send my products asap. Can’t wait to receive the products!!

  5. I just picked up my stuff – I found some Inglot pigments that were on sale so the next colours could come through. I know so many with to try Inglot and pigments are so multi use. The fun thing is not on sale these are like $25 each!!! So uber products for this thanks to good timing! I might try and send them off tomorrow – I work night in a lab so sometimes hard to hit a post office.