Mixology – A Follow Up

I realize that I never actually sat down and wrote an intensive review for Mixology before, so this being a Follow Up is a little misnomer.  Stick with me…


Mixology is on Etsy, although they do have a stand alone website.  What attracted me to them the first time I ordered (well over a year ago) when I was first interested in mineral makeup was the hype they have posted about the Beauty Olympics, which for some reason back then seemed like it was something important or major.

To be honest, now that I’ve even googled, I’m not sure what it means.  I can’t tell that these ‘Olympics’ are anything more then a website’s promotion.

I ordered quite a few times and I’m pretty sure nothing was straight repackaged.  The listings are filled with info and include color descriptions but no ingredients.  The listings include pictures of both the color applied and in the jar.

This time around I ordered :

Mix Eco – Era Shadow

Mix Eco – Nylon Shadow

PASTE (TM) Eye Primer – NEW – Vegan Formula

White Girl Sample Pack – Find Your Foundation Shade and End the Trauma

Mix Eco – Never Never Shadow

Mix Eco – Suga – Eyes, Lips, Cheeks


Shipping was $3.25.  I ordered on a Sunday, my order arrived on that Thursday.  From what I remember my orders were always fairly quickly shipped.


Everything was wrapped carefully in a mailer.  Included was a business card, a thank you, and a (very) small sample.


The Shadows

I was so disappointed to see the shadows.  When I ordered previously you got a HUGE jar of a full 3 ounces of shadow.  Now you get a tiny little jar.  It says it’s still a full 3 grams, but I had my doubts.  Simply looking at the volume I can tell you aren’t getting as much.  Sure, yes, I know not all shades will have the same weight.  The new (little) jars were not even completely full. I dumped the original (large) shadow I had out into a baggie and weighed it.  It was just over 3 grams at 3.2 and I’ve used it a bit.  I dumped a new (little) jar out and weighed it.  It was just shy of 2 grams at 1.8.  It was significantly less then the 3 grams labeled on the jar.  The jars are labeled with the company, the color, the weight (which is incorrect) and the ingredients.

As you can see, the old jars were much nicer!  The new ones are very small and the stickers on the top make them look and feel very cheap.

The colors are less then expected.  Era, which used to be a favorite of mine, and Never Never are nearly identical.

Era is a Soft, Matte Taupe color great on eyes or brows, beautiful classic color!

Sometimes happy accidents like this shadow occur. While mixing an old favorite I read 2 of my formulas at the same time and ended up with Never Never, a beautiful rich golden brown. Like the desert sands. Picture pulls more gold, but it is a warm color. More bown gold than Dune which is more beige gold. Depending on skin tone it makes a beautiful lid, mid tone, or highlight color.

From left to right : Era, Never Never, Nylon, and Suga

I’ve been trying to try and review more ‘neutral’ colors, ones that more people would use which proved to be easy to order from Mixology, all of their shades seem to be quite muted and smoky.  It’s not really a problem, I do like dark eyes, but if you’re looking for anything bright or clear colors, you won’t find them here.  They were difficult to swatch, they are fairly sheer.  In the picture the Paste primer is in the top, TFSI in on the bottom.

Nothing looks all that unique, I do like Era, though, and tend to wear it on it’s own often.  Nylon was what I expected, a nice nude shade to use for blending.  Suga was a very light nondescript pink.

The Primer

The first thing that bothered me what that it’s pictured in a nice tube in the listing, giving you the impression you’re getting much more product.  In the actual wording, though, it states you’ll get a snap top pod, as in – a clam shell.

It contains zinc, water, and allatonin.  It’s just a thick substance, although I’m not sure paste is the right word.  Maybe putty?  It applies very difficulty and doesn’t really dry, although it stays sort of sticky and gummy.  It’s completely unusable, in my opinion.  It makes the shadows look greasy, not exactly foiled, just shiny and goopy.  Some shadows, the ones that are more matte, just get patchy and look horrible.

At $14 it was a complete waste of money.

The Foundation

In the past I’ve used their Afterglow Veil and really liked it.  You got a HUGE jar and even after more then a year, it’s still fairly full.  I don’t see that they actually sell full sized foundaitons at all on Etsy, just the samplers.  Full sizes are available on the website for $22.oo for 10 grams of product.

I ordered the ‘White Girl’ sampler and cringed just a little at the name.  I have NO idea what is in the formula, there are no ingredients in the listing or labeled on the samples.  None of the colors worked on me, so it wasn’t a great disappointment since this was only a sampler.  The formula is odd.  It’s a little chalky and clumpy.


Would I order from Mixology again?  No.

  • It seems like the quality of their products have gone down since they downsized their products.
  • The packaging seems cheep.
  • I feel that the weights are inaccurate and you get less then advertised.
  • Two colors I ordered seemed identical (so I guess I really like that shade?), and a little bland.
  • The Paste Primer was a COMPLETE miss and an expensive lesson.
  • Looking over the listings now I’m not crazy about the wording in some of them.  “Your mom called, she wants this.” is in the title of a Gift Certificate listing.
  • They make a very big deal about placing in the mysterious ‘olympics’ and the Emmys and it seems misleading.

Overall: 1/5


24 Responses to “Mixology – A Follow Up”

  1. Wow, that’s so disappointing. I remember when I first tried Mixology like a year and a half ago I liked the colors I tried, but they were all soft – silver, baby pink, white, and a charcoal shade. How awful that they downsized their products and the quality! And that primer! OMG!

    • I was quite disappointed. But this is why I’m following up with a lot of companies I’ve tried in the past.

  2. Holy cow, this was a disappointing read. Not that I’ve ever been that into Mixology or looked more than twice at their website, but it’s always sad to hear about companies who let their standards fall.

  3. What a let down this must have been! I seem to recall you mentioned them briefly before in another review in a more favorable light. It’s too bad the quality has changed. From the picture of the primer, calling it putty looks pretty accurate.

    • It was upsetting. I was hoping they’d be able to stand up to how much I’d supported them in the past, but they don’t.

  4. *points to primer* Dear lord what is that? o.0″

  5. How disappointing, especially that primer! For 14 bucks I would expect something more professional than a tub of gunk. Even NYX’s primer looks more professional and it’s only like 5 bucks

  6. How much primer did you GET for $14? Isn’t UDPP like $16 for 10g or something?

    Hard to tell without knowing the size of the original pot for eyeshadows,but it looks like they swapped from 5g jars with no sifter to 3g jars with no sifters? Not sending the amount it says you’ll get in the listing does it for me, though, I would have asked for my money back on the grounds of the product not being as advertised.

    I also HATE companies that make up BS sales or awards to boost sales.

    • Something like that. It was a risk that I didn’t do so well with.

      They used to be BIG jars, like 10 grams or something and now they are 3 grams.

      Nothing but BS, I’m actually going to contact them today.

  7. That primer is downright scary looking…

  8. 14 friggin dollars? That thing better make me waffles for that price!

  9. That primer! Lawd, did it move? I would have taken a stick and poked it to see if anything was alive in it. It looks downright gross.

    They really downsized with the packaging of the eye shadow. Shame.

    Love your reviews!

  10. Clamshell packaging. Whenever I see it I think of your Shelly Francis review.

  11. OMG, Mixology is the best, HDU! Where is the love? The girl power? You must hate your va-jay-jay, because ALL feminists wear Mixology. Your realm is full of bad makeup and wang. MIXOLOGY FOREVER.

  12. I liked the Paste primer, but I had received my sample before the product was released (so it may have changed since then), and it wasn’t the vegan version.

    On another note, I think the eyeshadows are marked 3g because that’s the size of the (rediculously small) jar, not because they actually made any kind of measurement of what it could hold.

    • This primer was a hot goop mess.

      It actually says ‘Net Wt 3g USA’ which means that’s how much is IN the jar. Very misleading.

  13. I got a sample of the primer I found it dried way to fast to do anything fun on your eyes. In a primer comparison for primer samples mainly from etsy sellers it was the worst contender by a bit for me. It only give minimal colour pay off – better then nothing but nothing special. What was the horrible part about it was for this trial I put a heap of swatches of the same colour over each primer on my arm and slept with it. When I got up all the colour was gone but I was left with a white patch where it was. Ugh can you imagine you colour coming off and just having a white patch on your eyes.

    As for the shadows I liked the samples I got – but she never had a heap of colours I wanted at the time. Now just not really interested much and never went back 😦

  14. I used to be a fan of Mixology. I never tried the primer, I’m dedicated to my Urban Decay Primer. When I reordered an eye color, I couldn’t believe how much smaller the packaging was. Also, the shipping has taken longer than it use too. I’m very disappointed with the consistency of the company.. Not only was the product much better, but so was the customer service and care. That has obviously gone down.