Flourish – A Review


This is not the first time I’ve ordered from Flourish.  I’ve ordered from them in the past, but again, totally failed to write a review.

Flourish Bath & Body is on Etsy  What drew me to the shop in the first place was the clean and simple way they clearly photograph their products.  The listings are concise and clear, and they include a listing of the products ingredients, which I really like to know in advance.   Not many of the items are vegan, the balms contain beeswax and many have carmine and the lotions contain silk protein.  Some of the soaps, perfume oils, and sugar scrubs are vegan.

This time I ordered :

Almond Milk Body Lotion
Perfume Samples, I picked Almond Milk, Ginger Ale, and Grapefruit Ginger.
Pomegranate Rose Perfume Oil
Persimmon Glossy Lip Tint

Previously I had ordered :

Azalea Glossy Lip Tint
Ginger Peach Lip Balm
Maraschino Glossy Lip Tint
Mini Soaps – Pick 4, I picked Pomegranate Rose, Berry Lemonade, Woodsmoke, and White Peach.
Coconut Lemongrass Lip Balm


Shipping for my latest order was $4.50, which is very reasonable considering the tub of lotion is heavy.  I ordered on a Friday and my order shipped four days later and it arrived a few days after that.


My order was carefully packed in a little box, wrapped carefully in tissue paper.  Included was a business card with a hand written thank you.


Lip Tints / Balms

Their lip products come in full sized tubes.  The tints are in the oval shapes that I love so much and the balms in the usual round type.  They are sealed and labeled with the company, weight, flavor/shade and ingredients.

I really like these tints.  I ordered from them for the first time when Aromaleigh announced that they would be phasing out their lip products and instantly liked them.  They are very subtle and glossy, very natural looking.  They wear extremely well and don’t smear or go all over since they are very firm and non-oily.  Persimmon has a tiny bit of shimmer to it, but the other shades I have are straight tint.  Azalea is a very light pink and Maraschino is a faint red.

To be honest, I gave the balms to my Aunt as a gift, but I do know she loved them.  She particularly liked the Coconut Lemongrass one and I know she’s personally ordered more.


I ordered the soaps more or less to try the scents.  I liked the formula, but they melted easily, so don’t leave them where they can get wet in the shower (which should actually be said about all soaps).  Some are vegan, but depending on the scent they might actually be goats milk soap.

Woodsmoke Vanilla

Spicy, smoky, resinous, warm and sweet- with notes of frankincense and myrrh, fir needles, balsam and cedar, on a soft base of vanilla and honey. Brings to mind firewood, incense, cold winter nights.

At first this seems like a really smokey scent, but soon it’s sweet and soft.  It’s an odd mix, but it works very well.

Pomegranate Rose

Comme des Garcons makes a perfume that I adore, called “Rose” (in their Red Series) that is a blend of red rose and raspberry. It sounds simple, but the combination is genius. The berries soften the sharp edges of the rose; the rose cuts the sweetness of the berries. This is my take on that concept, blending pomegranate, red berries, and rose petals- with a little lemon zest thrown in to freshen things up. The result is a nice balance between sweet, tart, fruity, and floral.

I loved this scent so much I ended up ordering it in a full sized perfume.  It reminds me somehow of lychees, which is never a bad thing.  It’s got a similar tart fragrance.

Berry Lemonade

Sweet berries meet tart and tangy lemonade- summery, fruity, and refreshing! Made with a natural shea butter soap base (with no added detergents) for a soft and moisturizing lather, and a sprinkling of blueberry seeds for exfoliation.

I wish I could eat this soap, it smells like it would be an amazing tart and sweet candy.

White Peach

Sweet and juicy, this scent smells exactly like fresh-picked peach!

This is one of those literal scents that are dead on.  It’s just like a real ripe peach.


Pomegranate Rose

As I said above, I love this one.  I’m really happy with how clear the rose scent it without it being too cloying and the pom adds a nice snap.

Almond Milk

Soft, sensual, intoxicating: almond, vanilla, musk, a wisp of white chocolate. This fragrance manages to be both a soothing comfort scent and incredibly sexy at the same time (try it- you’ll see what I mean). Sugary perfume haters need not apply, but lovers of all things sweet and gourmand- I think you’ll enjoy this one quite a bit.

I was taking a chance that I would like this, since I also ordered the full sized body lotion in it.  It’s a little sweeter then I imagined it would be, even with the disclaimer.  It is very sexy, though. It’s sightly more vanilla then almond, but I like it.  One day I’ll find an almond perfume that smells like almond extract tastes.

Grapefruit Ginger

Tart and fresh and full of bright citrusy sparkle and zing, this scent combines juicy grapefruit and zesty lime with the spicy kick of ginger. Grapefruit is used in aromatherapy as an energizer and mood-lifter… and I can pretty much guarantee this fragrance will do just that.

This is an amazing scent for first thing in the morning, especially if you’re not looking forward to the day.  It’s another literal scent.  It’s grapefruit, ginger, and a zing of lime.


I’ve been getting a lot of requests for this one, so I’ve decided to add it to the lineup. This fizzy and fresh blend of citrus and ginger smells EXACTLY like a glass of gingerale (you can even smell the bubbles!) Fresh, bright and perfect for summer.

Again, just like ginger ale.  It reminds me of Zazz from Haus of Gloi.  It’s got that zing to it that I love.

Almond Milk Body Lotion

This is a nice emollient and not to thick body lotion that is quickly absorbed into your skin and doesn’t leave it greasy.  At 8.00$ for 4.5oz it might be a tad pricey to use over your whole body.  I like that the jar is nicely labeled with the ingredients as well.  Since it does contain silk protein it’s not vegan.


Would I order from Flourish B&B again?  Yes.

  • The scents are very crisp, clear, and clean.
  • I really like the lip tints, they are nice and subtle and actually moisturize.
  • They ship quickly.

Overall : 4/5


15 Responses to “Flourish – A Review”

  1. Funny that you reviewed them today as I was perusing her shop last night checking out all her new (well, to me) fragrances. I lit up when I spotted the ginger ale one so I was glad to get your take on it. I was looking for something with zing.
    I was also wondering about the woodsmoke vanilla – not sure it would be for me but it intrigues me nonetheless.

  2. I love translucent jelly-like lip tints and Flourish’s lip tints look perfect for me! I want them all. I’m also liking the oval twist-up tubes.

    Do you recommend any other translucent jelly-like lip tints? (For example, I’m not keen on the shimmer/sheen/frost/mica in OHWTO’s lip tints.) I’ve been combing through your reviews and it’s possible I’ve overlooked them.

    Even though I don’t need more lemmings, I really do appreciate all of the reviews you write. 🙂

    • I’ve reviewed a few before, and I have a few more coming up. Give me a bit and I’ll pop back with some links.

  3. I love Ginger Ale…definitely giving that one a try!

  4. Thanks so much for getting the review up quickly. I’m going to place an order now ❤

  5. Thanks for posting this review 🙂 The lotion looks small, but I’ll probably get it because I like the Almond Milk perfume, which is no surprise since I love vanilla. Their Tonic perfume also has that fizz that Haus of Gloi’s Zazz has.

  6. Ooh I must have all the pomegranate stuff. Its my addiction. Ill buy pretty much anything pom at least once.

  7. I think I’d love Berry Lemonade! I have a raspberry lemonade somewhere that I just adore.

  8. I love her vanillas – Woodsmoke & Vanilla, Almond Milk and Vanilla Amber. I just bought full size roll ons of them all recently, and I’ve been pondering whether to also order the body lotions.

  9. Thanks for the review. I placed an order for some of her soaps – the scents sound wonderful!

  10. hi grey. just out of curiosity, do you read chocolate cherries allamanda? because you got samples of the scents that aleathea reviewed. 😀 i think she reads your blog too since she keeps linking you. 🙂 i was just wondering…

    oh and nice review btw. 😉