Lady Morte

I made these gorgeous goth cameos on Sunday. I wore one for the first time today and received SO many compliments!

You can make your own for about 3.50$ each!  You can get the resin cameos from Pinky Noodle for about 1$ each  (5.50$ for your choice of five) and then pick a pendant setting.  I ordered mine from GS Boutique for about 2.50$ each (5.00$ for two).

Simply pop a little jewelry glue onto the back of the cameo and set it into the pendant and slide it on your favorite chain!


18 Responses to “Lady Morte”

  1. I’m always surprise how many Etsians charge big bucks for this cameo, even in really simple settings. Viva la DIY!

  2. Wow, the prices for those are amazing! *grabby hands*

  3. Oh, thank you for including your sources- saves me from having to ask where you got those magnificent settings!! Lovely pendants- are they going to be put up for sale, or are they for “personal use” only? 🙂

    • Just for me, no more shop. I had one person keep telling me they didn’t get their stuff, even though the DC# showed it delivered twice. I got tired of replacing and remaking stuff, so I’m done.

  4. Yay! I’m so glad you posted about this after we talked about them. I’m making an order in december for all the supplies. I can’t wait! And thanks for saving me money. Did you have a good experience with those two shops? They were the ones I was thinking of buying from.

    • You’re welcome! They were both great, shipped quickly and everything was packaged safely and well!

  5. Awesome these are so cute! I have made some similar pendants myself. Not with a skeleton lady though, but now I want to!

  6. THANK YOU! I can’t believe I almost bought a ready made one! I love making things myself so I’ll be making myself some and give some to friends 🙂

    Where would I get jewelry glue?

  7. So cute! I really like the black one.

  8. Thanks so much for linking to my shop (I’m a little late.. i know 😦 )
    xoxo Dawn