GDE Phyrra Stacker

I’ll admit there is something about Glamour Doll Eyes that I don’t like.  I know the owner is as sweet as pie, but I’m not sure I can explain it.  I do not like the ‘guru’ that she had in her header.  She is just this side of intesnly annoying to me and she doesn’t know much about actual application or makeup enough to know that some of the stuff she OMGPUSHES is straight repacked which leads me to beleive one of two things.

  1. She’s bought.
  2. She just doesn’t care.

Either way, don’t like her and her presence so prominently on the site is nearly enough to keep me from ordering.  That being said, when I saw that the Phyrra stacker was on sale and that there were only a couple left (four at that moment) it was enough for me to order.  Seriously, who doesn’t love Phyrra?

Within minutes, literally, of my order I got a shipping notice and in days I was ooohing over the colors.

When GDE does something right, it’s amazingly right.  I love these colors!  Included are:

  • Angel Wings is a very pearly white with a hint of purple sparkle.
  • Phyrra is a bright clear pink with a shock of turquoise glitter.
  • Island Chic is gorgeous blend of green, blue and a touch of gold. This color reminds me of a mermaid.
  • Tattooed is a very unique blend of matte and shimmer. This color includes a bright blue mixed with a gorgeous shimmery purple.

From left to right : Angel Wings, Phyrra, Island Chic, and Tattooed

It’s no longer available on the site, and I can’t seem to find Phyrra now either, or I’d tell you to go get it.  Tattooed is amazing and I can see myself wearing Phyrra a lot!

If I have the chance to design a GDE stacker I’d pick:


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  1. I guess for me it’s just offputting that so many of her best sellers (1/2 of them in fact) are just repackaged mica.

    I feel like although some of the colors are fairly unique her best business is 50% repacked. Counting from her eyeshadow page 18 out of 39 are repackaged

    I like Tattooed and Island Chic but meh

  2. I completely agree with you on this one! I did snatch up a Phyrra tower on sale & it was shipped so quickly to me. I have yet to use it, but the colors are great. The guru in the header is annoying and when I get to the home page, I kind of want to click off the site, lol There should more of a presence of the cosmetics, not the guru. 🙂

    • I’m not too fond of the guru in the header either, I’m sure it’s meant to be artistic and such but I’m just wondering what’s growing in the middle of her lips :X

  3. I agree with Mai above, too. I’m glad that the ones that are unblended have an * asterisk next to the color, so I purchased ones that I knew were blended and not repackaged. I think the Phyrra tower contains all blended pigments or maybe 1 unblended. I’m not sure. I was glad to pick that up.

    I had the unfortunate experience of trusting a business and not realizing the colors I was receiving were all repackaged as a newbie to Indie companies, so I’m glad blogs like this are here.

    • That’s exactly why I started writing. I got ripped off one too many times.

    • I think I must have purchased from them in their transitional stage.

      I remember seeing the whole “What * means”, but none of the names had them next to them. I figured she must have just phased them all out.
      Get my order, and browse again. All the ones I got now had the * next to them, making them repackaged.

      I feel like that sort of update should be something that’s done all at once, ya’know?

      That being said, they’ve pretty much sat in my draw since. The colours I got just don’t stand up against any of my Fyrinnae stuff (I’m such a brand snob sometimes. >>)

      I understand what people mean about the gurus on the site. It almost seems to be selling the gurus rather than the makeup, and that shouldn’t really be what it’s about.

      • I just placed my first Fyrrinae order. They were not taking orders
        for some time. I’m really excited to get some authentic product as it seems so rare with these businesses. The reviews on Fyrrinae are all positive so I can’t wait.
        As for other businesses, some are really taking away from this art of handcrafting and it’s insulting. To me at least. I have a review to write on Glittersniffer, a business good at pulling the wool over customer’s eyes with gurus who my 9 year old can beat at makeup skill.
        Right now, I’m pissed because I ordered from Elohi in the past with good results. I posted a good review. My last order I mailed back because everything from the box the makeup was mailed in, pots of pigment to business cards reaked of cigarettes. The response I got….Her working space is a place where she allows friends to smoke. Gee, well maybe you should NOT be selling and making cosmetics.
        I think so many take this business as a quick buck and the love and desire to put out a quality product is not there. A shame. I love makeup and love to review so I get pissed when owners take this craft and pump out crap shittier than what I can snag at the dollar store sans cigarette odor.

        • “The response I got….Her working space is a place where she allows friends to smoke.”

          Oh, EW. I guess it’s good to know she doesn’t give a toot about her customers’ safety and health.

  4. I don’t like GDE. Nothing to do with the product, but I intensely dislike their ‘sponsorship’ scheme. They evaluate people based on their following (which makes sense) but also say that:

    “You have two months (8 weeks) from the date that you receive your package to do your review. If there is a problem with this, it must be mentioned BEFORE you’re accepted to do a review. If you do not complete your review in the time allotted, you MUST pay for the shadows you received.”

    I can understand why they do it, but I don’t like it. Companies looking for blog coverage submit products for consideration. You don’t buy reviews and impose time limits. It pisses me off, because it feels like they just view bloggers as advertising space, instead of valuing their contribution and their audience.

    It’s a personal thing. Like I said, I understand why they do it, but I still don’t like it, and it makes me never want to try the company or write about their products.

    That said, that’s a really pretty stacker! I think Angel Wings is TKB Hilite Violet repacked though, and the others (‘cept the blue, which is very nice too) look like the new Sugarpill shades, and I don’t hate Sugarpill’s practices, soo…

  5. Which one are you talking about? The xxx lady or xxx? Or a different one? haha seems like there are several ladies featured all over the website. I really like their eyeshadows but I agree with everyone else about the sponsorship stuff. It is a tad off-putting.

    Edited to remove ‘guru’s names.

  6. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that isn’t a fan of GDE. I have not ordered from them, but I’m with Grey on this, the ‘guru’ featured on the site is very annoying. I think I have only browsed the site once or twice, but there is nothing there of interest to me.

  7. Tattooed looks very similar to Zombie Ambrosia by Morgana Cryptoria, by the way, if anyone’s dying to buy it. Perhaps Morgana’s is slightly more purple than blue, but pretty close.

  8. I’m not completely sold on GDE. I ordered once, quite some time ago. I believe I got two sets (with some repackaged shadows in them, which I knew when ordering.) and a twilight sample.

    I’m sure the formulas have improved, but the stuff I got just wasn’t doing it for me. I don’t know how to explain it entirely, but the texture of the shadows turned me off to the company. There’s so many other MMU companies online to order from, who’s shadows are smooth and velvety. (Hi-Fi is one of my favs.)

    I didn’t know the guru’s were sponsored at the time, but I didn’t like how it was all one girls face on the header when I ordered. I didn’t even know she was a guru. :/

  9. XXXX is the one that is hard to watch and listen to. I can’t figure out the accent, but it’s more of “marbles in the mouth.” I.just.can’t.listen. lol

    Edited to remove ‘guru’s name.

  10. I bought 1 stack with the recent sale, the Natasha set. It had 2 re-packs in it but my 2 favs! Gold Trophy Wife and colour changeyness of Dino Spotz.

    This will by my first time trying GDE. I didn’t like that looking for shadows all but 1 of the top 10 were repacks. (clicking on samples sizes or the twi-shadows changes it) Right now the top 7 f/s out of 10 are repacks. It does look like she’s branching out with the new 80’s collection, making new colours. But still. I’m not quite convinced to do another order yet.

    That and I don’t like the girl on the main page bottom right “featured tutorial”.

    When Annabelle had a makeup junkie contest a bit ago there were some complaints (and yeah from me too) that the way Annabelle chose the winners by having the public pick their favs was not the best. That “gurus” were more likely to get the votes because they will be seen by more people.

    Biznatch responds: “I am a YouTube guru and it takes a lot of time, effort, and money into recording and posting videos. I am sorry that not everyone who entered could win. I wish we could, because there were a lot of deserving people.

    BUT, I work very hard and I am not sorry I won. I didn’t win “just because I am a youtube guru” I won because I work damn hard! ”

    Uh, it wasn’t about how much time and effort you put into a friggin video, you’re just supposed to tell the world why you think you’re a makeup junkie.

    wooo! Just turned into a mini rant. Some people just suck. That should be tattooed on me somewhere.

  11. Yay I’m glad you liked the tower I put together 🙂
    I think the colors are pretty. GDE has changed so much (for the better) since they first started.

    • I like how they all seem pretty unique!

      I’m curious to see how much more happens over there.

      • I think that GDE’s owner has gotten braver and been more experimental with the newer shadows she’s put out. She’s been learning through trying new things. I think Oddity and Tattoed are two great examples because I believe she mixed matte colors in with shimmer colors t make those 🙂 It’s been neat to see her go from unblended, to blended, to more complex colors as her skill improves.

        I’m with you, I’m curious about what the future brings 🙂

  12. This post actually made me lose some respect for you Grey. How does xxx have anything to do with the product you’re reviewing? It comes across as shameless bashing. I understand that you may not like her, but really? She doesn’t deserved this abuse on a blog that shouldn’t have anything to do with her. As far as gurus go, she is unique, creative, and one of the most talented I’ve seen. If you really dislike her that much, why not just ignore her and not bother wasting space on your blog about her? Sorry for the rant, I still like your blog:).

    Edited to remove ‘guru’s name.

    • First off, I didn’t name her. Plus, why does this blog have nothing to do with her? It’s my blog, I write about things I like and things I don’t like. I don’t like her videos and I don’t like the way that GDE uses her for advertising, which has everything to do with a site I was reviewing and why I may or may not order from them in the future.

      How it was bashing or abusive, I’m not sure. I’ve asked around, and no one else feels that it was either.

      I DO ignore her, which is why I didn’t bother to *ahem* name her. Just like you coming on here and telling me what YOU don’t like about me, I am allowed to say what I don’t like.

    • Also – everyone else here agreed.

  13. Last I checked there was no abuse. It’s a matter of opinion here. The site header is obnoxious…no matter who the guru is.

  14. There are a dfew websites I never felt like ordering, even with good reviews… Beauty from the earth (though I might order lashes someday… the lack of swatches on the website makes things confusing for me x.x) and GDE (no idea why… o.õ I just… don’t feel like it. It does not catch me. X…)

    There are other companies that I can’t help buying from, though. Like Fyrinnae. HV is becoming one of those.

    Morgana is a company I find amazing, but the order minimum keeps me from ordering! I always forget I can order trough e-mail! >.<
    I love what I have from her, her products are great… but I keep forgetting!! Gaah!

  15. I don’t like GDE. They have the “buy samples, get some money back when you buy the same colour full sized”. I never got my money back, not even when she mailed me months after and said she would refund me. The funny thing was that when I e-mailed her about it when it happened, she ignored my e-mails. But when I posted about it here and Phyrra e-mailed her, she replied. Not sure how I feel about that.

    This may sound harsh but it all feels a bit like GDE wants to be cool so much that it comes off desperate.

  16. It’s shallow, but I’m going to be quite honest… I have never ordered from GDE, or even searched through the site, all because of one persons image that represents them. I don’t believe it’s the same girl as in the site header, but I often see this girl in the banner on Phyrra’s page. She looks EXACTLY like a girl that made my life a living hell for a long while a few years ago, so I’ve steered away from it like the plague. Because of your review though I went and checked out the site to at least give it a chance. I still would not order from them because while they have SOME swatch pictures, most pictures are just of the jar and that’s not enough for me to judge a color.

  17. I find something a bit off with GDE too. Vee seems really nice and I like the samples I bought (even if a lot of them were unblended) but something is just…..weird. I guess it’s partly the sponsorship thing, though I do like the videos of that guru even if I don’t like her personality.

    I also don’t like their new marketing and constant twitter giveaways, it’s becoming like a new brush (and palette) company which comes off really desperate. And I wasn’t really impressed with the video on the new sponsorship rules – the requirements for a blog review went from 250 subscribers to 1000.

    I know she said she wants to reach a bigger base, but honestly how many people in the indie mmu community have those kinds of subscribers. I feel like several quality reviews from people in this community would be better than having one person with 1000 followers do one.

    I had a similar problem to Saila in getting replies to my emails. I wanted to buy the TKB pops on a base from a company so I headed over to GDE, and emailed twice asking for some clarification so I could buy the shades I wanted. I never got a reply, so I figured maybe I was encroaching on proprietary information or something. Regardless, an acknowledgement of my email saying she couldnt disclose that information would have been nice.

    Then one day I made two orders and asked in the checkout comments if I could possibly get them combined, since they’d been placed close together. I think I also tweeted her and maybe emailed her, since I didn’t get a response in the next couple of days. I think I got a response in my shipping notice eventually on how she’d worked it all out, but that was days after and I wondered if she’d even gotten my messages.

  18. GDE’s one I’ve avoided as well. There has never been anything about the company or their products that stick out or seem any kind of unique – again, maybe because they repack so much. And they didn’t even say they were repacking, much less point out which shades were repacked (“primary pigment” is a really generalized, confusing term for it) until crap started hitting the fan with the repacking debate. Caught in the act and didn’t want to look bad, perhaps?

    On that note, is it just me, or does Island Chic look eerily comparable to AL’s Ozone?