Latherati – A Follow Up

It had been a while since I’d ordered from Latherati and looking at the shop I noticed that they had a few new scents I wanted to try.  It took me a while, and I actually set myself a firm budget.  I ended up ordering :



CURIOUSER Solid Perfume

My order was shipped very quickly and well packaged.  Included was my a business card and two soap samples (I really like their soap formula).  A roll on perfume was sent in place of the solid that I ordered (it was a gift, or I wouldn’t have really minded) and after a quick convo, they sent the replacement solid!

THE SCENT: Barton Cottage – delicate rose with green ivy notes

THE INSPIRATION: Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen

THE QUOTE: “At my time of life opinions are tolerably fixed. It is not likely that I should now see or hear anything to change them.” – Sense & Sensibility

I’m on quite the rose kick (can you tell?) so I really wanted to try this scent, as well as their lotion formula, so this seemed like the best idea.  The scent reminds me of not just roses, but roses in a garden with the myriad of other plants behind it.  It’s a tad strong, not at all overwhelming though.

The lotion is very silky and moisturizing and I like it quite a bit.  The scent lingers a while, so it would be great for layering.  At $7.00 for 4 ounces it’s not all that expensive, and it comes in a VERY nice bottle with a pump you could easily reuse.  The product is labeled with the company, the scent, the weight, and the ingredients and it’s vegan.

THE SCENT: Milquestoast – red clover tea, sweet baby roses and sandalwood.

THE INSPIRATION: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

THE QUOTE: “We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.” –  Fanny Price, Mansfield Park

If it’s by Jane Austen I love it.  Mansfield Park is one of my favorite books ever.  That alone was the reason I wanted to try this perfume, but it was just gorgeous.  It’s somehow dainty.  When you first apply it the sandalwood is almost overwhelming.  In general it takes a bit for sandalwood to mellow, but once it has this is a beautiful rosy scent.

THE SCENT: Curiouser – sweet orange marmalade, white cake, tea and a hint of black pepper

THE INSPIRATION: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

THE QUOTE: “Curiouser and Curiouser” – Alice in Wonderland

I’m not a big Alice fan, but it was the scent that really sounded amazing.  One of my favorite teas is Constant Comment (Earl Grey is above all), which is a lovely sweet orange tea.  I was hoping this scent was reminiscent of that, and it is very much, and then so much better!  I was putting together a tea inspired gift set (with an infuser and leaves and all that yummy stuff) and thought this would work great.  I ended up liking it so much I went back and ordered a few things in this scent for myself.

Right away this smells like cake, but the soft scent of oranges peeks through and the sharp pop of pepper surprises you, although it’s honestly not there every time I smell it.

Would I order from Latherati again?  Yes!

  • Their quality is impressive.
  • The customer service is wonderful.
  • They continue to add scents and products to their collection!

I asked Julie if she would mind if I used the Curiouser Roll On she’d sent on accident as a give-away prize and she agreed!  Head over to Latherati and tell me what scent do you want to try most and why?  One random commenter will be drawn on November 2nd to win!

The winner of the perfume is Rachael from Glass of Win!


46 Responses to “Latherati – A Follow Up”

  1. I would love to try either sugar bones or matchmaker. Both sound so good.

  2. Definitely Barton Cottage…I’m a huge Jane Austen fan( I own a book with all her novels in one). Picking my favorite novel of hers would be like picking my favorite child….I love them all. But if I had to choose I would say “Sense & Sensibility”. I’d pick the Barton Cottage scent for that reason…& I like how you described it too.

  3. Omg, absolutely Alter Ego – The Dr. Jekyll version.

    It sounds delicious:
    “Light and airy with ozone & sea spray notes intermingled with linden blossom”

    And I LOVE the inspiration! I especially love that they made both a Jekyll and a Hyde. Hyde doesn’t sound that appealing to me, but I think I would have to get it anyway, just to have the option of both.

    I’m a little Jekyll obsessed. The BBC did an amazing 6-episode series with James Nesbitt called Jekyll, and it was fantastic. I wish they made longer seasons, I wanted more.

  4. Honestly, Curioser may be my favorite- it sounds soooo yummy! But, lest you thinkni didn’t go to the site, I’d also say Sinister sounds fabulous!

  5. I would actually love to try Curiouser because:
    1. I love Alice in Wonderland, so I love the inspiration for the name.
    2. I love the idea of orange and cake with a tiny bit of pepper.
    In small doses, I can enjoy pepper in a scent

  6. I think I would so want Orchard because of the apple-ness, I can’t resist apple

  7. At first I thought Milquetoast, but as soon as I saw Alter ego: Mr. Hyde, I knew I’d found the one I want to try the most. I cannot resist woodsy-notes.

  8. I love Latherati, their lip balm formula is SO AMAZING. Let’s see here. Of the scents I haven’t yet tried, I think Fanciful sounds interesting – I’ve been mostly wearing sweet fruity scents lately, so a herbal lavender would be something new. ^_^

  9. Many scents I’d like to try from their shop, including Barton Cottage…and btw, is Milquetoast in any way similar to Gloi’s Elevenses? But the one I’d like to try most is Avarice, simply because Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books.

  10. I’ve been lusting after “Gloom” for ages now. It just seems like a warm cozy scent, Honey, hints of Rose and Nag Champa incense. Beautiful… I’m sucker for sweet with a hint of spice. Too bad I’m broke! 😉


  11. I’d like to try:

    THE SCENT: Prairie – Gently swaying stalks of hay touched by the Nebraska sun; golden notes of hay & bergamot with a fruity floral blend of sunflowers, apple, fig and lemon; mellowed by rich undertones of oakmoss, musk, amber and vanilla

    THE INSPIRATION: My Antonia by Willa Cather


    It sounds like an uplifting and golden scent. Plus, it reminds me of one of my favorite aunties. She lives on a farm and loves Willa Cather.

  12. I would like to try LONGBOURN (“sweet honeysuckle with green leafy grass notes smoothly blended with zesty lemon and herbal undertones”) because I’m obsessed with finding my ideal honeysuckle fragrance.

  13. There are a few scents I’d most like to try, Curiouser being one of them, because I’m a big fan of Alice and I like cake. Who doesn’t like cake? 🙂

    Then The Cobb stands out because of the sea spray (I love the ocean) and jasmine, which again I love; clean scent and pretty flowers. Lastly I’d want to try Celebration, because it’s a fun name, I sort of enjoyed reading Gatsby, and I like the idea of the three scents (champagne, orange, and strawberries!)

    Thanks for doing a follow up, they’ve been on my list of things to try since your first review 🙂

  14. Matchmaker and Avarice both sound lovely. Avarice is particularly intriguing: patchouli and raspberry? Can you imagine? Definitely will have to try them out!

  15. Ahhhh enabler! I now have several items in my cart :p

    I want to try Prairie. I grew up in Montana and I am soooo homesick! I think this scent would be perfect with just the right amount of nostalgia.

  16. I love Latherati. My best friend has serious allergy issues when in contact with harsher stuff, and she could use Latherati even when breaking out. It also moisturized her skin that’s pretty damaged by excema, so she loves Latherati too.

    Reminds me that I have to order a few more bottles… :p

  17. Isle of Sky sounds like it would be amazing. Plus I’m a fan of Woolf. Maybe Tara, but I’m not sure about the magnolias…not a huge fan of flowery scents. Beguile sounds like it would be wonderful too. Rosemary is just an amazing herb.

  18. Huh. My comment doesn’t want to seem to go through. If this is a repeat, please delete one.

    I’d love to try Isle of Sky, since I love oceany scents (and Virginia Woolf), maybe Tara (I love the smell of cotton, but magnolia is a bit of a turn off), and maybe Beguile (yay for rosemary).

  19. I bought the Orchard roll-on perfume and that’s all I’ve been wearing since September. That was my first, and so far, only purchase from Latherati but that’s just because I’m trying to be good and use up the soaps I already have. I’ve actually been emailing with a friend who I sent the shop link to and she’s bought just about every scent and says her favorite is Celebration, so that’s the one I’m wanting to try. The scent combination sounds amazing!

  20. The Ciento scent, it looks quite unique pairing bananas with mint.

  21. I’m torn between Longbourn and Blossom. The green notes are intriguing to me, especially with winter soon upon us. I have a feeling I’ll be missing the smell of green.

  22. Jules Noctambule October 29, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    My favourite:

    ‘Ethereal – light and airy orange blossoms & jasmine with bottom notes of musk and cedarwood’

    The flowers are two of the kinds my grandmother grew in her garden (the porch railing was completely overgrown with jasmine; it smelled like heaven), and ceadarwood always reminds me of my grandfather’s aftershave. I don’t have them with me anymore, but I have my memories.

  23. I actually am most drawn to Curioser! I LOVE sweet, foodie scents and anything tea-scented and pepper (especially pink pepper!) notes!
    That said, I was born and live in the South, so I’d also like to try Tara; the magnolia is my state flower and I love lemon balm and spearmint notes. 🙂

  24. Not entering the contest as I already have a roll on of Curiouser – I just wanted to give it some more love, because it’s one of my favourite Latherati scents. So sweet and cakey and gorgeous!

  25. I’d love to try Curiouser. I love tea and cake, what else can I say? ^_^

  26. It’s hard to pick just one, but I think I’d really love to try Curiouser. It sounds so delicious!

  27. They used to have one called Dustbowl that I wanted but I guess it’s either sold out or gonners so next up GLOOM!

    How can I not want to try a perfume called Gloom? Vanilla, rose, honey, nag champa. Yep sounds damn amazing.

  28. Ethereal – this one is very intriguing as I love both orange and musk smells but I’m also interested in Sinister as it seems like a very interesting blend of scents and I’m always open to something new.

  29. Blossom because it’s all 3 of my favorite floral scents: lilac, rose & jasmine ❤

  30. Ooooh I’d love to try Secrets. I’m such a sucker for food scents, and I’d love something that smells like an evening in with cocoa and cuddles.

  31. So many.
    I think I’ve had so many of these sitting in favourites, waiting until I have enough funds to do a big splurge.

    Barton Cottage, Ciento (Mmm. Grown up banana? Yes please), Dairymaid and Gloom sound the nicest to me.

    I’ve been looking for a nice, milky scent. Should get my hands on Dairymaid and give it a try.

  32. They all sound amazing (especially Curiouser!). However, I’ll say Celebration, because champagne, orange and strawberries sounds delightful, and because Gatsby is one of my all-time favorite books!

  33. Hmmm. Either Sinister, Sugar Bones or Beguiled for me. Beguiled because I love that period, and The Other Boleyn Girl (and her other Tudor books) are a slightly guilty pleasure of mine. I love the descriptions of Sinister and Sugar Bones too though. Too many good things to try – thanks for another great find.

  34. Curiouser is a scent I’ve been … Well, curious about for quite a while. But I’d have to say Fanciful. ^_^

  35. Sugar Bones for sure! It sounds very Halloween/fall-ish which is my favorite time of year for scents! 🙂

  36. I would love to try Orchard or Blossom. They both sound so good!

  37. It’s a toss up between Gloom and Milquetoast for me. I did just order three of the balms though–I believe one of them was Gloom! Very excited to try this company out. Thanks for the review!

  38. Just one? Well in that case, I’m going with Prairie!

  39. The one I most want to try is Avarice! I love berry notes, so the raspberry caught my attention right away. But I don’t do well with scents that are overly sweet, floral, or foody (my skin tends to amp those kinds of things until I feel sick), so the patchouli and woodsy notes should balance it out and keep it “grounded.”

  40. I would love to try the scent “Blossom”. I am a sucker for anything floral, and this scent has a whole bunch of my fave florals in there.

  41. I would love to try Curiouser because I am a fan of sweet scents in the fall/winter months, but I don’t like anything too sweet. Curiouser sounds like a nice balance of sweet and fresh. Not to mention I love the scent of tea in bath/perfume products.

  42. I really want to try blossom because I just love lilac and jasmin,together they sound perfect:)

  43. I’d have to say Alter Ego- both scents! (Can I pick them both? I mean, if Jeckle and Hyde were the same person, couldn’t I argue that the scents they inspire are the same as well? XD) Anyways, I’m really big on the duality of human nature- the inner good versus the inner evil, so I’d have a blast playing with these! Wearing the Dr. Jeckle scent when I’m feeling like a good little girl, and the Mr. Hyde one when I feel more devilish… or maybe vice versa, just to be a confounding and confusing contradicition! (That’s a lot of C’s…) It’s totally something I’d do, though! XD

  44. I love that I stumbled upon your blog while googling Tokidoki Makeup information. Now I’m finding all sorts of places I want to buy products from! I think the scents Beguile and Celebration sound wonderful. But the cake aspect to the Curiouser scent, and the Honeysuckle aspect of Longbourn because I love honeysuckle! But Sinister sounds quite intriguing.

  45. I’ve ordered from Latherati before and love several of their scents! The one I most want to try next is Queen Bee, because I am a sucker for honey scents.